Free Overwatch Twitch Panel Maker

Free Overwatch Twitch Panel Maker

Hey everyone, it’s Derek with Nerd or Die,
and I’m very excited to bring you our newest free resource – an overwatch themed Twitch
panel maker. In this video I’m going to show you how to create and save your own customized
panels – all of which only requires a web browser. Let’s get right into. Before we get started, I want to say thanks
to all my Patrons and members of Discord that helped us beta test this maker. We designed
this with our Animated Overwatch Overlay and custom notifications in mind, so if you’re
using those – it should fit in nicely with your stream design. To get started let’s
head over to – the direct link is available in the description below. If we scroll down just a bit we’ll see the
panel maker. If you’ve used our previous panel maker, this should feel very similar
– however it has some major improvements. The first thing we can do is customize the
icon color. Simply click inside the color selector, then you can try out some of the
pallette colors on the left, or on the right you can use the color slider boxes on the
right to get a more unique color. You can also use the input box below to enter in an
exact color hex code if you’d like. Next, is the text color. This works just like
the icon color. I typically recommended choosing a color that has some contrast with the background,
to make it easier to read. Let’s move on to the background color. This
is a simple drop down that allows you to select different background panel designs. Currently
we only have a few color options, but we plan on adding more in the future. So, let us know
what colors you’d like to see in the comments below. The badge color allows you to choose a color
for the area surrounding the icon. Again, there is only a few options here – so make
sure to check back for any updates to this if the color you’d like to see isn’t added
just yet. The panel text input box allows you to set
what the text says – when designing panels I usually recommended starting with the longest
word, in order to keep text sizes uniform. That of course isn’t required – but a tip
I like to recommend. So, let’s pretend we want to make a panel that links to our Twitter
account. I’ll enter “Twitter” into the text box. I want to quickly note that some
fonts only use capital letters, regardless of your input – but we’ll talk about customizing
your fonts in just a bit. Next, in the icon dropdown, I can simply select
the Twitter, and it will swap in the Twitter icon. You’ll probably notice a list of icons
– but please let me know if you think we left any out that are important to streamers. I
made sure to put in a “blank” icon – for all of you that use Photoshop, Gimp, or similar,
and want to take this design to the next level. We also included a Nerd or Die icon in the
list – in case you’d like to credit our site or YouTube channel in anyway, we always
appreciate that. Anyways, with the Twitter icon selected it’s
time to choose a font. You’ll see the font Oswald is entered here. The cool thing about
this section is that you can enter in any font name you have installed on your PC, and
it will use that. For example – Overwatch uses the font Big Noodle Titling – let’s
say we want to use that in our design. First, we need to make sure we download and install
the font on our system. The download link is in the description below – you can find
it on, which is a great resource for finding your perfect font. Once it’s installed you might need to refresh
or reopen your browser. Anyways, let’s type Big Noodle Titling into the box. We’ll see
that using spaces causes the font to not work properly. So, I’m going to remove the spaces
and everything should load fine. In the description I’ll have exactly how I typed this font
name available for copy and paste, in case you’re having trouble with this part. As I mentioned, you should be able to use
almost any font you have installed in this box. Typically I’ve font the most success
with entering fonts without spaces. Sometimes the names are slightly different as well.
To make this easier, we might change how this box works in the future. The next dropdown allows you to select a style
for your font – remember that not all fonts have italic or bold styles, for this instance
I’m going to leave it on italic. Let’s move on to the range sliders. These
are very straight forward. The first one, text size, increases or decreases your text
size. Text Horizontal Align changes the horizontal
positioning, or left and right positioning of the text. By default it’s set to 130px,
but with italic text, I sometimes bump it down just a bit. Text Vertical Align does the same thing, but
for the vertical, or up and down, positioning of the text. Once everything is looking fine and dandy,
you can save the file by entering a filename in this last text box, and then hitting download.
So, I’ll type in Twitter here, and hit download – and we’ll have our twitter.png saved on
our computer, and ready to be uploaded to Twitch! If for some reason the download button
isn’t working – you can also right click the panel, and click “save image as…”
but of course using the button with the filename is recommended. Well, at the time of this video, this wraps
up all the options we have. As I mentioned I really want to add more to this in the future
and improve it even further, but I couldn’t wait any longer to get it out to you all.
We have some really awesome new resources coming out in the future, so make sure to
follow us on Twitter to hear about the updates to those. Again, a huge thank you to my Patrons and
members of beta test members of the discord server. We just changed up our Patreon rewards
a bit, so if you’d like to support more content like this, make sure to check that
out. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more great streaming and video
game related content. And, if you have any questions about this video or how to use the
panel maker, leave those in the comments below. Thanks for watching.

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51 Replies to “Free Overwatch Twitch Panel Maker”

  1. Nerd or Die, please help my obs will not notice my voice, I watched your best settings video. Im on a mac so things are different. Im starting my yt channel very soon and NEED HELP. I'm using earbuds because I don't have a headset and when I click the volume up button on the wire thing It makes a clicking sound and ons picks that up but NOT MY VOICE!!!!!!!!! HELP

  2. You guys are champions. This content needs to reach a larger audience. Thanks for the great resources. I'll be glad to put your icon on my twitch profile when I set up my new panels.

  3. Very professional as usual , can't wait to see this channel skyrocket.

    With videos like this i think it won't take so long , keep them coming!

  4. I usually dont purchase stuff cause ppl make the simpliest things and put the price way up. Im brazilian so the prices are really much worse for us. But you make so many free stuff tutorials that im going to purchase your animated package, even thou i dont need it, you deserve it. Thank you alot. Starting to stream overwatch on my channel "Nephraw" and im going to set a button for you there. Keep the good work

  5. Hey man! I use your Twitch panels on my channel and I love them! Is there anyway you could make a tutorial on how to make a pre-steam 'hype' video. I already have a countdown that says the stream will begin soon with music but I'm looking for something that I can play a minute or so before my stream that has maximum hype level. If you can help, that'd be awesome!

  6. Hey do you plan on adding more icons to your total! It would be cool to see stuff like chat bot icons (Nightbot/Moobot/Revlobot) in there or even the option to use transparent logos would be sick! Thanks so much for doing this btw this was amazing

  7. Hello i downloaded OBS studio yesterday but when i tried snip the shape changed for the leght of the song name can you please make a tutorial about IT<3

  8. I used a iPad instead of a pc and for the last part it said I need a file and then I need to download it? When I was finished

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