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Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News

39 Replies to “Full Brennan: Republican Senators Are ‘Running Scared’ | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. What morons Chuck and Brennan are, the reason all this rubbish is happening is because the democrats are running scared and are trying anything to stop him exposing them and the criminal activities.


  3. Hillary started the birther thing. Ask Brennan why John Durham would ask for more agents. Ask Brennan why he has Michael Isikoff on speed dial?!

  4. I just now could see the suppressed gayness in Chuck Todd. Thats why him and Cooper get ear to ear grins when they see each other.

  5. NBC are censoring the President, they are like the Chinese Government
    Chuck Todd refused to play clip of rally, be careful of anyone who attempts to silence and censor

  6. Trump wants to avoid bankruptcy and prison. I wonder how much Trump Tower Istanbul and the hope of Trump Tower Moscow weighed into his decision to betray the Kurds and reboot ISIS.

  7. This whole process would go a lot faster if Adam Schiff would stop jerking off and hand over the Pee tapes. He's obstructing justice.

  8. Reading all these comments below makes me wonder don't people see what going on in this country? Trump took the troops that help us fight ISIS and Turkey attacks the Kurds which was condemned by most of the western nations in the UN but not us Trump sided with Russia. Think about that just for a second and listen to Reagan roll over in his grave. The party that once claimed to be so tough on these dictators are now in bed with them and if that doesn't concern you you might as well consider yourself a traitor to this country as well.

  9. Headline: Hunter Biden decides to step down from board of Chinese firm.

    Reality: Chinese firm kicks Hunters sorry a**, tell him, Youre useless to us now.

  10. lied in the first 30 seconds! Hillary Clinton began the obama Birther thing! Oh and by the way, its going to be proven very soon!

  11. I am glad Brennan pushes back on traitor Trump's lies. Trump is a bully, a coward, and a liar. We all need to stand up for the truth and the Constitution if we want to maintain our belief system. If we don't trust our intelligence community, we have already fallen to Putin.

  12. Nice spin, but why don't you talk about the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella? Or the court case in Ukraine that proves you're all lying? hahaa
    Yes, some of us are 10 steps ahead of you corrupt worms

  13. A solid 30% of Americans are ignorant beyond belief (and that's being generous)… The rest owe it to our country to vote the grifters out of office…we have a precious democracy that demands our participation in order to preserve it. Trump should've been impeached within his first year, but for the kowtowing of many Republicans who simply want to keep their jobs. Add to that the keystone-cops incompetency of the the Democrats and you have the slow-roll of our country into a third world banana republic…we get the government we deserve.

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