Full Panel: Democrats Worry If Biden Is ‘Hillary 2.0’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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100 Replies to “Full Panel: Democrats Worry If Biden Is ‘Hillary 2.0’ | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. Creepy Uncle Joe is $Hillary Clinton 3.5! Progressive are SCREAMING #BernieSanders or #ElizabethWarren for a reason! They are the only 2 candidates that ARE NOT IN THE POCKET OF CORPORATIONS! And you can believe them when they say #MedicareForAll #TuitionFreeCollege #FightFor15 #ClimateChange! If you want to lose pick, Joe Biden.

  2. Biden, Warren, Bernie will all be in their 80s or close to it if they win and complete a second term. This is the most stressful job in the world. Did anyone notice how Obama aged during his terms. I don’t think they can complete the job to our satisfaction at this age. If hat is ageism then call me guilty. By the way I am retired and in my late sixties.

  3. Uncle joe is hillary 2.0 and 3.0 please remove him from the equation, stop talking about people that don’t matter, let us talk about senator Sanders and warren , the future belongs to the woke people.

  4. Biden IS Hillary 2.0. The Dems need to stop obsessing on Trump and focus on the real issues. They need to focus their efforts and develop a platform.

  5. Kasie Hunt is the worst on the panel; Obama Trump voters don’t care about your personalities, they care about policies that benefit them and it’s interesting they never discussed about a single policy the candidates are running on. Keep deluding yourselves you out of touch corporatists.

  6. WOW !!! LIBERALS eating their own !!!
    30 LOOSERS ALL with NO Chance against TRUMP !!
    Free Medical For all ILLEGALS ????
    The Rush to our borders will be BIBLICAL…
    Remember NOTHING IS FREE !!!!!!

  7. God I hate that expression, " thread that needle". Can't people just speak normally instead of these cliched comments. "Married her chops—–blah blah blah, oh STFU

  8. You are not going to win an election by playing the race card. It just incites Trump supporters even more. If that was Kamala’s “moment” then it was the moment Trump won re-election.

  9. Why would they worry unless they're going to straight up anoint him like Hilary for the primary? I thought these democratic debates were held for a reason. Bernie 2020! ✊

  10. Biden is almost senile, cant put a coherent sentence together again due to brain surgery. The guy is 76, come on. If the democrats are sensible they go all in with Yang.

  11. It is clear now to everyone that Biden seems to have a problem with his age and brain. Now Infowars mentioned this already months ago which was the reason why Infowars was removed from Instagram. Now most democrats say the same as Infowars 😭😂🤣

  12. Racism within the Democratic Party; and that's why they'll lose again! Bussing has nothing to do with the conversation of 2019. Is Joe advocating segregation? Is he trying to resend the policies of bussing? By bringing it up she was simply trying to paint Joe Biden as a racist to get an edge. Hence that is what people are now talking about.

    What are her policy ideas? What does she stand for? What are her accomplishments?


  13. They need to worry, they have no one running who is worth anything, all buffoons! Biden is Hillary, Harris will loose if she win demo vote.

  14. Biden wouldn't lose to Trump but he doesn't have a sure shot at the nomination. Thats all that should be gleaned from the debate. He has to work harder and make new policies more clear to earn the vote

  15. Ok chucky…..tell david brooks, both elizabeth warren and bernie beats trump comfortably currently in the polls…Also medicare for all, free college etc are over 60% popular with the general population, not only democrats

    So there is no dilemma, brooks is trying to create a dilemma because center democrats are dead….

  16. Kamala convinced millions of middle white males she hates white men. Kamala never passes up a chance call a white man a racist.

  17. Harris is the female Obama… Sanders offer something new… Sanders and Harris can be a great team… Biden should pass the torch…

  18. This has less to do about Kamala,, and more about the obvious deficiencies of Joe Biden. Kamala has many shortcomings, and will not motivate progressive voters. In the end, Bernie Sanders 2020

  19. Tulsi G is the only one with true character and maybe anle to take on Trump. The rest will get eaten alive!

  20. It's funny listening to them talk about the primaries like it's a boxing match. Not a single candidate offered a single policy stance that could possibly work. Just one big appeal to the feelings of small groups… "I was the little girl on the bus." If the Democrats want a chance they need to come up with policies and platform to run on. Currently the only real policies are Bernie and Warren saying vote for me and I'll give you free stuff, but not realizing they've already promised out 3 times as much money as the entire New York Stock Exchange is worth.

    It's sad that any of these candidates call themselves politicians. You have to have policies to be a politician!

  21. How about you talk about someone who can actually pull red votes which you need to win. Yang2020!!! From a career Red

  22. Kamala Harris is not an African-American, she is a Jamaican-Indian. Leftist dems have decided to finish Joe Biden and he is so delusional that he can not see that.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  23. Eh, I think 90% of them are Hillary 2.0. Then there's Bernie the socialist, and Tulsi Gabbard.
    Tulsi 2020 is a win for the Dems, but they won't give her the stage. The only woman they'll possibly give the stage to is Kamala Harris who's the ethnic version of Hillary.

  24. They told the truth that Trump would win. The Democrats have nothing. Pocahontas or crazy Bernie is also Hillary 2.0

  25. Great video For So-call Black People:Taj Tarik Bey inalienable Rights abridges Last 150 years ((look it up so-call black people and save your babies!!!)))We are Awake!!!

  26. Definition of America in 1828: AMERICAN noun A Native America Originally applied to the aboriginals COPPER-COLORS RACES Found here by the Europeans colonizing immigrants squatters!!! You see so-call Black People,,the COPPER-COLORS RACES,,WE were already here when the Europeans colonizing immigrants squatters came off the boat to Ellis Island!!!! ((Great Video:: Ellis Island-History of IMMIGRATION to the United States/1890-1920/Award Winning documentary))((Great Video: Forgotten Ellis island))((Great Video;The Children who Build Victorian Britain Part 1of 4)))((Great Video Victorian Crime and Punishment))((Great Video:1800 Child Labor in United States))((Great Book to READ: White Cargo))((Great Video::Taj Tarik Bey inalienable Rights abridges Last 150 years)))((UNITED STATES Isn't a Country It's a Corporation 1871)))

  27. Biden won't win the nomination and if he does, he'd lose to Trump. White people as Democrat presidential candidates are unelectable. The last white Democratic president was Bill Clinton, who was elected more than 20 years ago in 1996. Ever since, no white Democrat candidate has ever been able to win the presidency. John Kerry, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and the white Democrat presidential candidates of 2008 all failed. So, the days of whites leading the Democratic party are long gone. It will be lead by non-whites from now on in my opinion. This is why I believe Kamala Harris will win the nomination.

  28. Hopefully Trump will get a crack at Kamala Harris.
    After defeating the first female Presidential nominee and then follow that up with
    defeating the first African American female nominee, it doesn't get better than that.
    Let the Liberal tears flow again.

  29. So tired of people pandering to race, gender, sexual preference, so tired of identity politics. A fractious path to greater division leading to tribalism and conflict, really bad for the country.

  30. Wow what a panel of losers…. it doesn't matter who gets the nomination.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤪 Trump

  31. He is. Worse than that, If he were to become president he'd be in his 80s or possibly mid-to-late eighties by the time he finished his one or two terms. There's plenty of good candidates out there that are more age-appropriate and have energy and motivation to work hard. Joe Biden served his country well in his own way but now it's time to let others Take the Lead. I think it's selfish and egotistical of him to stay in the race. Besides Donald Trump will rip him to shreds.

  32. BS Democratic Illegals get free medical and US Veterans ! kick to the Curb ! I need help getting health care from VA as a 29 year veteran He tell his Senator !

  33. As a matter of fact, I read plenty books and research on Politics and Sociology. But must of all I am a fair person and have a an extraordinary wisdom that you lack of. And no I don't wish that Trump will win, I despise his actions. But I am very disappointed at the Democratic Media. They are biased and honesty fools to the core. And you for your comment that I don't read books, you made a very ignorant comment!!

  34. None of these people know anything; period!! At this time before the 2016 election, every single pundit on both sides of the aisle was talking about Jeb Bush meeting HRC, and Jeb was 1 of 17 running in the GOP primaries.

  35. Democrats worrying Joe Biden would be Hillary 2.0, I do agree! While Joe Biden is in the race, he has no vision for the future of our country and would only help Trump get re-elected. So disappointed that he still can’t admit that he made a mistake back then and I’m glad that I am NOT supporting him! I demand our former VP to drop out of the race and vote Bernie Sanders! He has a clear platform and vision for our country for both the people and our nation to where I will be voting for him! #Bernie2020 #EnoughisEnough

  36. Let's be clear when you're talkin about the middle the middle is not the majority of Americans. The majority of Americans don't identify with left right or middle they identify with everyday life any issues that they face. People that look at life as left right or middle in most cases don't really live where most American do. Most Americans aren't even registered to vote. In order to win a campaign you need to coordinate dependence and the Green party. That is not the middle.I would suggest that the green party's even farther than the progressive left and that most independence are fed up with the establishment and corporate parties. That has nothing to do with the middle. I would suggest that there's a very small number that identify as left-leaning Republicans or right-leaning Democrats. It's a false flag intended to pull away from the Democratic party separating itself from corporate control. Politicians have gotten lazy and they would prefer to court major donations by going to a few dinners his speaking engagements rather than doing the hard work I'm connecting with the individual donations that come from the people themselves. That laziness is what will be the end of the corporate wing of the Democratic party. Corporate donations will be the flag that indicates these politicians are for sale. That's why the media is so against Bernie Sanders. If all the politicians followed his leadership and example there would be no reason for corporations the spend advertising money with these media outlets. Bernie Sanders is a threat to Media outlet advertising revenue.

  37. Buden v Trump would be a repeat of Hillary v Trump. BUT – he would wilt confronted with the street smart brains of Kamala.

  38. Democrats pooping in their own bed; yet again. From day one Biden was not the messiah. The guy is 1950's vintage and from where I sit, just not up to it! Get one of them young, females who are firebrands and get on with it!

  39. Joe Biden is not nearly the divisive character that Hillary was. Half the electorate HATES Hillary, but couldn't muster any feeling towards Joe.

  40. YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND / $1,000 per mo per adult. BIG TECH…doesn't pay TAXES. Let's get our deserved FREEDOM DIVIDEND.

  41. If either of the establishment picks (Biden or Harris) win the primary, Trump will win the general election
    Bernie probably has the best chance at beating Trump

  42. "Young people"? What does that mean, anyone under 40 years old? Millennials are almost 40 years old, you old cranky dinosaurs. You are OLD. Stubborn. And wrong. Deal with it.

  43. We need Bernie stop pushing everybody else as a front runner but I would eye Harris as vice president to join the party

  44. We know DEM's can't keep any of these 2020 unaffordable Socialist promise; and DEM's also know they can't keep them so why do they make them unless they think we're stupid?

  45. DEM's would take USA to a place where abortion is expanded to included infanticide and a place where marriage is continued to be defined as the polar-opposite of how the God of the Bible whom created marriage defined it and a place where the form of government is atheistic Socialism?

    Keep America Great! Vote Trump / Pence 2020! 4 More Years! 4 More Years!

  46. Haha Jesus dems are fighting on who's the most racist. I am women. I am black. I am old. I am brown. Good god. Stop wanting to go back to the past. Nobody in their right mind want to go backwards. You backwards a$$ group

  47. I have never heard of Al Cardenas before but he’s oranger than Trump & more plastic than Biden.

  48. Are we really so anxious to make history that we will actually allow Kamala Harris to be President? I don’t trust her to make me a baloney sandwich. I’m more worried about her prosecuting record than making her the first woman President.

  49. Our president is putting children in cages. And they want a "middle" candidate. Okay out of touch millionaires.

  50. Biden or Harris or Booker nomination equal Trump re-election. Warren is a progressive decoy to undermine the progressive base and also leads to Trumps re-election. We need Sanders now more than ever!

  51. “No change” and stay the neoliberal course is not a position we can embrace. We can only win with a true revolutionary change, otherwise we stay home on Election Day 2020.

  52. Be practical millions of voters are there for the taking why put so much emphasis on those wo voted for Trump

  53. hmmmmmm who do young people love, and appeals to working class people in the rust belt. thread that needle. populaar among young people, appeals to Michigan and Wisconsin? who? who????? bernie. it's bernie. put aside the optics of socialism. bernie is absolutely electable by ur own standards.

  54. There are some people that have a public life, perceive some
    advantage in dying their hair, thinking it increases their ‘box office’ by
    appearing younger than they are, even though in this age of the internet,
    research is just a click away, actors and politicians are big self-promoters, appearance
    deceit can be understandable from their point of reference. Which leads me to
    journalists, what amount of hair dye, used in self-promotion can entice someone
    to watch them on television reading the news to us? During the Rachel Maddow
    Show, NBC, the parent of MSNBC twice ran a promo praising Lester Holt, now here’s
    a quote, “The most trusted TV news anchor in America”, what? that can’t be true,
    during his NBC Nightly news broadcast, this sixty-year-old, showed just how
    much trust we should place in him, him that dyes his hair…the only trust being
    generated is he will be appearing in his next broadcast well dressed in hair
    dye…and if its ‘box office’ is his reasoning, how about the validity of some of
    his news reports, raising fudging or hedging a real possibility…or, what’s
    next, will he have to show a little ankle for more ‘box office’ too…

  55. Which Democrat can win over Trump voters? That is THE CRUCIAL question. We don't need to win over Democrats. We need to bring over Trump voters.

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