Full Panel: How Long Will The Buttigieg Surge Last? | Meet The Press | NBC News

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83 Replies to “Full Panel: How Long Will The Buttigieg Surge Last? | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. This election has only one answer whose name is Bernie Sandres, we fight with you nasty establishment up to last person in the revolution, #Bernie2020 #BernieorBust

  2. The Donald Trump is a mirror reflected back to Americans. Everyone sorta acts like it’s the Democrats railing to impeachment but just maybe the Republicans want to run Pence 2020,…thinking that he will be easier if he is in office. The low ball aggressive politics fuel hatred. Independent voters and women and minority’s voters and the end to Gerrymandering is a political millennial game changer. If folks were surprised 😮 President Obama was two terms, the leading private fund raiser may have reached his win.

  3. People are low key homophobic, even liberals. Buttigieg could be the best candidate ever and America still wouldn't go for it.

  4. How can he surge with NO black support. Bootygig and Biden have over inflated support from the MSM. Biden can't get grassroots support and Bootygig cant get black support.

  5. Pete does well with small crowds and he is doing plenty of travelling and getting himself out there, people tune out ads, most have cable. Pete doesn't talk like a politician, he actually listens to the questions and answers them.

  6. The only way Bloomberg can buy my vote is if he buys Fox "News," fires their prime time line up, and replaces them with Joe Scarborough, Stephanie Ruhle, and Nicole Wallace.

  7. Ok. What does some bigoted black man's thought's on Buttwedge have to do with anything and why is it on meet the press? The most indicative comment of racism against whites i've seen yet and Chuck Todd takes it seriously. Which clown world are we living in?

  8. I love how people keep underestimating Pete! He's polling the same or closely to Booker and Harris with the black vote nationally. The reason he is not polling better is because he is the least known of the candidates so at least he has an excuse. What is the excuse for Booker and Harris? Not to mention nobody (according to the polls) has the black vote locked in the bag but Biden…..they all have work to do!

  9. Minute 4 and they managed to not mention Sanders but mentioned Klobuchar or whatever her name is. NBC, ministers of disinformation

  10. EXTREMELY DISGUSTING! They name low tier candidates like Bloomberg and Klobuckar but they they DON'T MENTION BERNIE WHO'S IN SECOND PLACE????!!!!

  11. Pete will last as long until his money runs out..He has no message other than apologize for all his miserable decisions..Simple !!

  12. Sanders is so popular with the people. Howcome he never get mentioned on the news? Because even democratic news channels are owned by billionairs.

  13. Pete 2020! He is the real deal and exactly what our country needs right now. He is amazing! I’m a person of color and he has my vote for sure!

  14. Of course not- just the lipstick looked totally smeared and doubled the size of her mouth. Sorry, I couldn’t watch her, but I listened to all she said .

  15. Do these people rehearse their lines from a scripts or are they just ad libbing from crib notes or are they really like this in real life?

  16. POLLS need to be ignored. Polls are NOT of importance…they are FALSE CARROTS that lead impressionable voters to be confused, NOT INFORMED. IMO this discussion is worthless. STUDY THE CANDIDATES AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. RE: THE ROOT… a less than good journal. It's a waste of time.

  17. Kumar and Cardenas sounded weak warnings re Buttigieg. Brooks accurately pointed out the reasons for his growing state-by-state popularity.

  18. Ever since Chuck Todd bentle meet the press it's been full of s***he is a right-wing hack from the University of Miaminot if you're not from South Florida got done to stand there two cultures there's a um football team and then they are all the doctors and politicians that are white that don't even ascribe to what we believe in

  19. I wish they'd all stop analyzing abstracts – deal with what the candidates are saying – Pete's "surge" is because of hard well organized work -because he answers questions and listens in a thoughtful and complete way and there are, surprise, plenty of Americans who like that. And that number, if we are lucky, will grow and grow – on all fronts. His message and his way of approaching and remedying problems are universal.

  20. Buttigieg represents normalcy? That statement would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Democrats try every day to change the definition of normal so it includes them and their perverted values.

  21. Hey Chuck Todd: That article by Harriot was written in bad faith. However, I admire him and Pete Buttigieg for talking to each other at length. Take a look at the insightful commentary by John McWhorter https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/11/attack-mayor-pete/602755/ . BY THE WAY, Buttigieg isn't doing any worse with Black and Latinx than Warren or Sanders. The only person who is polling above single digits with these groups is Biden. @ChuckTodd @nytdavidbrooks @MariaTeresa1 @woodruffbets #PeteForPresident #PeteForAmerica #WinTheEra

  22. Buttugieg is great, however at his gatherings I see no black or brown faces. He needs those faces if he has any chance of winning! Inclusion of everyone is what the candidate needs…someone who can unite a divided nation!

  23. Buttigieg is at 7% among black voters in the latest Emerson poll, Kamala Harris is 2 points below him at 5%, and Cory Booker is at 0% while Biden is at 42%. Buttigieg is at 4% among black voters in the latest Quinnipiac Poll. Kamala Harris is at 5% with black voters, and Cory Booker is at 3%, Warren at 6%. Biden is at 43% and is the only one doing well with black voters so far.

    So Buttigieg is doing no worse among black voters than Kamala Harris and is doing better than Cory Booker. That should tell you something. Remember this anytime someone tells you that Buttigieg is getting zero percent with black voters. He's the only candidate right now actually growing his black support. All other candidates are dropping or staying the same with black support.



    Not only that, but Buttigieg has done more Iowa stops than any other candidate, and he has done more than double the speeches and town halls as Biden. He's also done more stops in New Hampshire than all other candidates including Bernie Sanders according to the trackers. He has the most staff on the ground too in both states. You win by organizing. Other candidates just aren't as well organized, except for Warren. Biden's campaign organization is a joke. Just ask anyone in the early states. He's only riding high because he has name recognition and support of almost half of black voters. If he didn't have black voters, he'd be at 15% in the polls right now. Pete will win Iowa and New Hampshire and if he picks up some support, he can do well enough in Nevada and South Carolina to survive and do well on Super Tuesday. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  24. MSM ignores Bernie who is polling on top in NH and I believe he'll take Iowa. Keep ignoring him, because if you thought Trump rocked your world and wait until Bernie wins the nominee. These Corporate Dems have their wealthy donors but Bernie has the people. Screw you all it's time to eat the rich. No more Socialism for the rich it's time to pay your share of taxes. The Revolution is coming so talk crap about your new golden boy Pete this mofo flip flops like Warren and Kamala well she's done. They are beholden to their donors and are telling the average person what they can't have. Klobachar was on the Sunday shows Miss 2% she's another one who tells everyone what they can't have. You see we're not asking anymore, we're just taking it.

  25. Did they mention Sanders once? Once? No not even once. As if the 20% of the Democratic electorate means nothing! Incredible bias CNN.

  26. Peter Butt-i-guess Mayor of South Bend Over, Indiana… Thank U 4 your service. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uc_6CcX79w

  27. I've never shown up in the primaries. I'm showing up this time for the first candidate who's ever received a donation from me: Andrew Yang. #yanggang

  28. Don't care. I don't give af who people from Iowa want. These traditions, are as bad as, everything else they care about and it's not people like me. They're more about their lives than mine.

  29. POLLS are GARBAGE!!!!! They only serve to give the MEDIA something to entice viewers without risk. They speak as if polls conclude an issue when it does nothing more than fuel the media machine. Laws should prevent news organizations from being propaganda organizations, as separate as church and state.

  30. Black Voters will never vote for Buttigieg because he is so perfect that he seems in genuine, they do not trust him, and he is from ultra conservative Indiana, the Midwest's Hanging State and Home of the Klu Klux Klan. Honestly, what has Buttigieg done for Black folks?

  31. This clip made me puke. This panel is paid to say whatever the establishment wants them to say. Nothing more, nothing less.

  32. your december 1st show I had to turn it that Klobach lady is irritating she has no factual basis for almost everything she says —if you would redirect her answers back at her maybe she wouldnt be such a blowhard

  33. "How Long Will The Buttigieg Surge Last? " Our jaded media thinks of nothing but its own ability to predict thoughts, feelings and outcomes, even if it lacks any substance on which to base its ramblings.

  34. "How Long Will The Buttigieg Surge Last? " Our jaded media thinks of nothing but its own ability to predict thoughts, feelings and outcomes, even if it lacks any substance on which to base its ramblings.

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