Full Panel: What Will The Impeachment Aftermath Look Like? | Meet The Press | NBC News

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100 Replies to “Full Panel: What Will The Impeachment Aftermath Look Like? | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. And who fought for total partisanship no matter what?

    The Democrats………. Obama went into Office and did nothing but milk the race card for 8 years.

  2. trump will become a runaway bully after he is cleared of abuse of power…SHAME ON ENABLERS GOP for supporting a treasonous, corrupt, inept amoral presidency..SHAME

  3. Trump is a traitor and a lying sak of sht. He attempted to tamper with our elections by extorting the Ukriane for dirt on a political opponent. The House is right to impeach. The GOP senate will be punished for covering for him.

  4. If things are so irreconcilable, I am OK with the US being split into two countries. Blue states can form a democratic republic with its capital in New York or California. Red states can form a autocratic dictatorship with its capital in Alabama or Mississippi or Nebraska.

  5. So long as you grossly, hypocritically refuse to acknowledge the invocation of unverified foreign 'intelligence', sponsored by domestic political opposition (Hillary and the DNC), and supported and utilized by standing State Officials, to persecute political opposition which then became the President Elect and Associates, you'll never get that great Right-wing swath to capitulate.

    They know, that a legitimate Investigation of the Russians somehow morphed into an all out attempt to get Trump with the MSM in cahoots. And they know that the multiple Investigations surrounding Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and the Email scandal, as well as the DNC server 'hack/leak', were sham investigations that never remotely received the intensity of scrutiny that Trump has been subjected to. In fact, those 'investigations' reveal a cover-up to protect the Clintons, the Democratic Party, and Obama State Officials, in a conscious effort to hedge against a Republican and Trump Presidency.

  6. Sounds like Chucky's already moving on from impeachment to what he hopes will be the next big bombshell scandal: Lev Parnas! LOL, good luck with that Chuck and good luck in the next election you twerp.

  7. I wonder how many innocent people are sitting in jail today that were put there by the corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc etc etc etc.


  9. oooh.. he will love that… as he is the FIRST ever in the History of the nation violating the primal fear of the Founders … that is why .. he have an amazingly very Great Great TRUMPmendous stable Genius mind

  10. Its a sideshow circus distraction as all life on earth including humans goes extinct in well under a decade, perhaps just a few years. Now who's got popcorn and cold beer?

  11. Centrist, Clay, Conservative, Corporate, Moderate, and Third Way Democrats, I'm sick of all of them from Obama to phony Cloak-a-Child-Killer-Cop Rahm Emanuel. I am ready for a Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang presidency. Elizabeth Warren should Take-a-Seat for not being brave enough to support Bernie Sanders in the last Democratic primary race.

  12. The American public don't care enough to do anything. If they did care, Trump would be dead already. The only violence is coming from the Trump side, and that will continue, and get worse.

  13. Your ‘role’ as the media is completely inconsequential. Your dishonesty over the past many years has rendered you inconsequential.

  14. Civil War happened. World War I and II happened. Don’t worry. All these divisions and anger will also all be forgotten easily and immediately too. Just like how Game of Throne ended or Breaking Bad.

  15. At least this person from Princeton is smart enough to have a mind and not just spouting BS because he hates Trump, and the reporter could see through her hatred that if you were going to bring impeachment charges you should have real evidence to bring a case before the Senate. These other two are both hung up on some idea that they are above the average American because of their education. Stupid can't be fixed, just look at the stupid idiots the Democrats got from Harvard to erase all doubt of their honesty. Parading educated idiots in front of the American people will get you nowhere but placed into political oblivion.

  16. Flip the senate; nothing matters anymore regarding Trump. Stop reporting on anything he does. He needs to be ignored. That would upset him more than anything. His ego cannot handle being ignored. Then fire him; vote for another qualified person.

  17. Hillary paid for the Russian disinformation, which was used for the FISA document, which was used to illegally surveil civilians and The President. Documented.

  18. Why is it if the people don't want believe the "news" talking points then we're not interested or all we hear blah blah blah? NO we are listening and watching every minute, just we're watching it as it happens and we have our own opinion and it's not yours!

  19. Since Republicans will get him off the hook, I’m sure right wing media will portray the outcome as “justice and truth prevailed”, when only partisanship has won the day.

  20. What a stupid question to even discuss! The House will impeach and the Senate will exonerate. Nothing will change except the people will punish the Democrats at the ballot box for their arrogance.

  21. So they are admitting that this was a premeditated impeachment smh…thats why we stand behind Donald J Trump!!….#Trump2020

  22. Guess that's partly because you guys have been screaming impeachment since day 1 of his presidency… You guys abused the word "impeachment" to the point it has almost become a casual word and people could not take it serious anymore as it should have been.

  23. Involvement in our elections is only incidental to a criminal investigation. If there is probable cause to investigate the Biden Crime Family, then, it is severely dishonest to characterize it as election interference. Otherwise, logically, nobody who is running for office could ever be subjected to any sort of criminal investigation.
    Really, Democrats, just how effing stupid do you think people are, for crying out loud?

  24. It's simple. If you overturn a duly elected president on false charges that we the people voted for. It will start a civil war that you will lose. And lose badly. Bear in mind that three-quarters of all soldiers and Armed Forces are conservative constitutional Americans. And don't forget the veterans with a lifetime of military experience. There are more veteran American soldiers than there are standing military in the entire world. Betray the will of the people at your own peril.

  25. I believe the one thing that the three of you are missing here is there was corruption, there was a quid pro quo between Ukraine in the Biden family. Just because Joe Biden is running in a democratic ticket doesn’t make him exempt from investigation

  26. Hères why Dems are impeaching. Look back @ Obama. shipping off youths to wars to b killed maimed ,selling off factories to China, need a wand to bring them back ( Obama) citizens expenses, , , let China in @ fentanyl, killing youths and destroying American families move the embassy, ,millions of illegals taking American jobs .
    BOTOM Line Democrats were on their way on weakening the country & TRADE SO much more Trump abused executive orders to change the country downturn economies & weakening the country.

    Democrats don’t want a prosperous USA

  27. TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT IS A MAJOR EVENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY; it will go on permanent public record in all its sordid detail. Trump’s Senate whores are now publicly conspiring with his WH whores to suppress all evidence at the Senate mock trial, hoping that the sooner the evil deed is done the quicker it will be forgotten. In fact, neither the deed nor the identity of those who betray their solemn oath and our Constitution shall ever be forgotten, nor forgiven.

  28. These loons aren't even on the same planet with the rest of us. They should be talking about how partisan impeachments should never happen, and they will be saying it when the next democrat president is impeached because a republican House doesn't like him/her.

  29. If there is an intern for this show reading comments, please get rid of Chuck Todd. He is absolutely horrible at his job.

  30. This impeachment is smokescreen to cover-up American White House corruption within the Ukraine, particularly from 2008-2016.

  31. It's not the public decisions but the Senate Republicans will determine the result of the impeachment. Republicans isn't looking the evidence but their loyalty to their boss. Republicans wants Trump to be their KING or their President for life, DICTATOR of a BANANA REPUBLIC OF AMERICA.

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  33. I love how these panels are all anti Trump. Clearly there are lots of people who aren’t against him since he was elected president. It just shows how bias the media is. I can’t wait to see these “journalists” and their panelists if he’s re-elected 🤣

  34. Typical woman. Palace intrigue, conjecture and unsupported assertions…

    The track record for Trump in the courts who actually follow the law is 100%. He hasn't lost a case once its finally adjudicated. This record will NOT change. Watch…

  35. Thank you DevilCrats for impeaching President Trump,

    his base is fired up, and he's raising millions of $$$$$$$.
    Trump – Pence 2020 in a landslide.

  36. GITMO is ready to receive the Deepstater's !
    The Coup against our Great Nation is real as you can see.
    These Deepstate Media needs held accountable as well.
    For real news Epoch Times,
    One American news and few others.

  37. 4:22 she just helped me defeat the media should b doing. 1 side wants impeachment the other doesn’t. The media needs to inform the public that one side needs to lose their jobs bcuz they aren’t holding the president accountable

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