Gingrich: ‘Desperate’ Nadler will finally get to shine in impeachment hearings

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100 Replies to “Gingrich: ‘Desperate’ Nadler will finally get to shine in impeachment hearings”

  1. She is crazy! My mother said “If you can’t say something good about them don’t say anything at all!” Here is my good. “She’s a good liar!”

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  3. If these radical Dems had really had something, it would have been out 3 years ago with all the leaking going on. They wouldn't have been able to contain their joy and would have jumped on it in an instant. No, they don't have anything. They are desperate and are fishing, fishing, fishing, hoping to find something, anything they can use while trying to keep any more of their crazy base from abandoning ship.

  4. nadler really does look like some sort of creep , just something about him , can you imagine him in his Tighty whities walking down the halls of congress , man , what a gross thought and I apologize for putting it out there , Horrible thought , Yikes !

  5. Obama destroyed the Democrat Party by taking off the moderate mask and showing that they are truly socialists, allowing President Trump to win over Crooked Hillary. Thank you Barry.

  6. Can anyone even imagine what would happen to the status of the country if Butigeige was elected? A "first man"? So much for respect on the international scene. The respect for our country would be in the toilet.

  7. Do they allow it on an air plane , food and sweet potato ? She's specialand part of the group above the law and rule of common sense,so just maybe she can. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  8. Impeaching theater for the Billionärs in Epstein Case to forgotten. Is a Show for Dershowitz, Andrew and Co.

  9. I cannot grasp the fact that democrats watch Joe Biden clearly on a video sporting his quid pro quo and they say nothing but want to manufacture evidence against Donald Trump.
    I don't think they care if they do have evidence or not for this shampeachment.

  10. Lawrence is a not so smart HACK!! They are sickening I watched every min of the inquisition if you say it proves anything but sedition your a HACK AND STUPID IF YOU THINK WE ARE REALLY GOING TO LET YOU ZEALOTS TAKE AWAY OUR VOTE YOUR NUTTIER THAN I THOUGHT we will not let this happen can you say CIVIL WAR YOU IDIOT YA LOST DEAL WITH IT OR 63 MILLION AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE THAT MINDLESS HACK

  11. Trump is a grifter and a criminal. Trumps FAKE veterans charity was shut down after he lost the New York lawsuit. It was concluded that trump used the charity as a personal piggy bank. Trump stole from our nations veterans and should be impeached on that alone.

  12. I believe Pelosi folded to the extremists of her party because she knows she is almost done. 80 years old and tired of the nonsense within her party. So she folded so she can have her, "I told you so" moment. BUT at the same time she is also taking the risk because she knows that Trump left alone will win in 2020. With these impeachment hearings she was hoping to sway the independents in the hope to give the democrat candidate a fighting chance. It will backfire

  13. The Democrat standard for impeachment is, if you don't like Trump, then impeach him. They intended to impeach him when they had no reason and they still don't have one.

  14. "This president must have some accountability for his actions", according to some loonie demonRAT woman from that state up north. Okay, I agree with that. He has supercharged the economy, has built many miles of the wall he promised, reduced government intrusion into people's lives and more. None of these things, just like the tripe the demonRATS brought up in the hearings, constitutes an impeachable act.

  15. If you use your Cell Phone more than 3 times a day, you are brain dead. When you stop thinking then AI thinks for you; information is useless if you don't know what to do with it. AI tells you what, when and why to think, replacing your mind's ability to under, over, inner-stand.
    You become unconscious; not awake to REALITY…

  16. Typical DEMOCRAT they have NO VOICE & ONLY DO AS THEIR LEADER TELLS Them they can not think for them selves they only do as they are told!!!

  17. The IG says it did not find any evidence that the FBI spied on the president's campaign in 2016, contradicting claims made by the the president and his supporters, who argued that the FBI had informants inside his campaign and that former president Barack Obama was tapping his phones.

  18. Wow? No evidence the phone transcript say it all then we have the witnesses whom by the way they all work for Trump. The question here should be those republicans in the senate believe in the constitutions? And remove Trump.

  19. Pete will not get the votes for President if he makes the final cut. He has no experience. He also is bringing some personal issues with him. His mayor job performance has been dismal.

  20. They will change the collusion to be with the Turks. They can’t win with UKRAINE. Check out the Dan Bongino show

  21. I remember when Nancy Pelosi said no impeachment until she had the support of democrats and republican's. So far there's zero support from the republican's and she's loosing support from her own party.

  22. All the Republicans should vote YES for impeachment and send it to the Senate Trial. There, we will have the trial of the century.

  23. I used to be Republican and listen to Hannity back in 2000-2006. Now I am fine with socialism simply because I hate Trump so much.

  24. I live in Michigan, I am going to help to Re-Elect President Trump on November 3rd, 2020 and flip the house, Straight Republican ticket!!!!

  25. Buttlicker is NEVER going to be President….neither is Camela Harris…neither is Pocahontas….neither Bernie the Dinossaur…..Joe Biden is DEAD…..this whole thing is going HORRIBLE for leftcunts !

  26. Nadler has a personal vendetta against President Trump from years ago (regarding land?)I also believe that our Society is fed a bunch of lies, I also believe that a lot of people are being paid to Protest everywhere. Hell, I don't believe, I know we are. We are all being fed a bunch of BS. The only difference is, one side is so BRAINWASHED, AND THE OTHER SIDE SEE'S IT FOR WHAT IT IS. People are selling their soles for a few bucks or more.

  27. This is rich coming from Newt. Newt had been disgraced so many times during his rule in Congress, that he will never be allowed in Congress again. Deceit is Newt's speciality.

  28. The democrats are dumb. Get ready for four more years of Trump. Biden, Warren or Pete dont have what it takes. Bernie v Trump is the best chance. When one party moves all the way to the right the other party can't stay middle left. Gotta move all the way over or the scale tips. When the scale tips one way or the other END OF DEMOCRACY.

  29. The Democrats have this crazy notion that if they impeach President Trump, that will hide their crimes. I think not! 🤣
    Nothing can stop it, NOTHING!

  30. I can't blame Trump for moving to Florida no taxes I would do the same thing why stay in New York pay high taxes after they treated him so badly I mean all the officials there

  31. Who but a demon could vote to impeach God’s chosen one? Devin is Whistleblower.Judge tells Trump he's not a king, The Trump Presidency is my favorite comedy show.?
    What will we watch if there is no Trump. Keep Trump he is so funny. Fox News loves Trump.

  32. Why would she think she can scold our duly elected President as though he were back in grade school, this Presidents accomplishments far outweigh any accomplishments of the Democrat party

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