GOP Tries To Distract On Ukraine But Evidence Mounts | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “GOP Tries To Distract On Ukraine But Evidence Mounts | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Way to go democrats, you are a bunch of sick people, between killing babies at birth, being the KKK, fake Russia stories and all the hate you have for whites and the law of the land, you elect crap like this, that have nazi tattoos At least you are honest as to who your party has become. You want to take all our freedoms away, you want to CONTROL our health care, what cars we can drive, get rid of air travel, get rid of free speech (1st amendment) get rid of our guns 2nd amendment, and you will come in and take them 4th amendment, deprive one of life (abortion) 5th amendment, and now Calif is talking about restricting the ability of being able to vote Republican in primaries, that is also taking away 14th amendment and the 19th amendment, there is not even a flag at your debates for fear of offending someone, are you kidding me ????? Then you have this fake impeachment that has NEVER been voted on, all behind closed doors where they can come out and tell you all the B.S. they want, it is all hearsay, All of us have read the transcript between Ukraine and Trump, and there is NOTHING there at all, but your lying news reads into to things that are not even there. These are the kinds of people you want running our country??? Well, be prepared to cough up every penny you earn for open borders and free medical and free college for every illegal that steps foot here and parks their butts. What has congress done for you in the last couple of years???? They have worked hard for illegals, and hard to keep that border open, but yet they want us to guard the Syrian border with our children that are serving in our military, what is wrong with the democrats?

  2. Hey MSNBC'ers, you can go back to May 10, 2019 and check out Giuliani's tweets about getting Ukrain to investigate the Bidens – Congressman Chis Murphy responds and there is NYtimes link.

  3. The stunt the GOP congressmen pulled yesterday, crashing the hearing, is being labelled a distraction. I do not agree. It is a strategy to get disinformation out to the public via media outlets other than the usual right wing propaganda machines. By calling this an attempt to overturn the election of 2016, they are throwing red meat to the infamous Trump Base. They fear that all this damning information, and impeachment proceeding, will weaken the base they cling to so desperately.

    Here is the danger – The Trump base is energized, and weaponized, with hate speech, disinformation and out and out lies. By the lawmakers making such audacious statements, they are increasing the weaponization of the base and, subsequently, the likelihood of violence. If Trump resigns, or is successfully removed from office, or loses the 2020 election, then all these types of stunts, plus Trump's rallies, will make a peaceful transition of power all that more hard to achieve.

  4. I could be wrong but it if Turkey has a bug in the Saudi embassy, what do you think the CIA (or similar) has in various embassies around the world?

  5. No defense, so distract. Its a bad sign when Trump cult members, just whine about the process. Trying to pretend an inquiry is the same as a trial.

  6. What is MOST STUPID: The Reps would have a better chance of winning 2020 if they helped get the schmuck out and put ANYONE ELSE in, beginning with Pence…It is DJokeTramp who is directly jeopardizing their party's future… (But, shhhh. Don't tell anyone !) M

  7. It amazes me that you lib tards believe all this crapp. If the mainstream media told you that we just run out of oxygen you would fall over screening you were Suffocating! You're like a massive cluster of Bivlave's.

  8. We should hire Mueller to investigate this quid pro quo!!!!!!!

    Remember when Mueller found the Russian collusion and indicted Trump??

    Wait….. That was just a liberal dream.

    Keep dreaming libs. Keep dreaming.

  9. It looks like the phonies are winning. Of the ten participating journalists in a segment panel discussion on Morning Joe, that included, Mika and Joe, only two do not dye their hair, and I don’t mind admitting that the two looked like the odd balls in that picture…

  10. Stop putting onscreen the nonsense and the lies. It is playing into Trump's propaganda media designs; His minions speak with such ferocity that a viewer is duped. The media, without giving the plain truth, goes ahead with commentary that turns people off, Just rebuff with the truth. If they repeat the lies, repeat the truth. That's duty, right?

  11. The gop are pathetic, they looked ridiculous and only made it harder for trump to remain in office to further putin's agenda……trump is getting impeached and removed from office and rightfully so, the whiner has brought all this on himself, the rest of us the 65% who do not support trump should not have to suffer because of stupid trump…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the gop thugs!

  12. MSNBC is bought and paid for by the dnc the Democrats don't have the votes and if there evidence was so good they would have a public trial. Not leak information to MSNBC and CNN.

  13. Republicans know what's going down, they know Trump will be found guilty, so what is the game plan? Are the Republicans stalling for time?

  14. WHAT! WAIT 24 TO 48 HRS! These fool democrats have been on the treasonous witch hunt for over three years. The democrats are distracting the investigation going towards them. Get over it KIDS! Let the election take care of this matter.

  15. This is not a impeachment ~this is a coup ~they know Trump will be re-elected ~they don’t want the American citizens to decide …democracy is not their agenda …

  16. Turns out giuliani was right…. He will be an American hero…. Just not exactly in the way he envisioned. 🤣😂😅

  17. Our POS POTUS here admits there was a "quid" and "pro", but claims there was no "quo", despite categorical evidence to the contrary. There is no doubt that a criminal lives in the White House and he must be dragged out and brought to justice!

  18. I wonder did he really give them the money, if he did he, peek himself and his boys off some millions, come on know he set his boys in place so he can do just what he's doing, steal, our president is a thief to. Stealing from his own goverment , ripping us all off. His con is going as planned.

  19. *Heads up folks* The reps just pushed through another unqualified federal judge:

  20. As for the NYT article, if you read to the end the article, it says that in August the Ukrainians did NOT know that any hold of military money was associated with anything having to do with a Biden investigation, so no quid pro quo. As for Ambassador Taylor, he did not provide testimony that the Ukrainian President was "aware."  What he said was "it became clear to me."  That's OPINION and BIASED conclusions not poof. Biased because there never was a meeting of the minds, as stated  by Ukrainian Pres. so no quid pro quo.  Give us news,  MSNBC not propaganda!


  22. No evidence
    The dnc is definitely crooked. The whole dnc should be eliminated. I will never vote Democratic. I make sure i teach my children not to be stupid.

  23. Your right Donnie if anyone of them were my father brother husband sister or mother I would be so ashamed of them I am embarrassed for them such sissies

  24. These so called “journalists” are freaking morons! I’ve literally never, in a million years, thought I’d see the media THIS bad!!! Anyone who watches this rubbish, my heart truly goes out to you

  25. Why do these hacks consistently project toward Putin every single time lol 😂 We’re literally watching these hacks destroy themselves in real time and all it took was for a outsider to disrupt the old guard in DC to expose them for who they are! I’m disgusted by it all & completely ashamed to have voted Democrat my whole life! Never again!

  26. Fox is why trump thinks his tweets are good ideas, Fox is essentially state run propaganda media now, there is no news. And even when some one like a JUDGE on fox tells them every thing the impeachment committee has done is above board they ignore him and continue with the state ran propaganda. These are scary times.
    Also again No Quid Pro Quo is needed!!!! Simply soliciting information about a political rival from a foreign actor is in and of itself a impeachable act.

  27. The phrase "quid pro quo" is being repeated hundreds of times: — "there was no "quid pro quo", – yes, there was "quid pro quo" — no, there was not "quid pro quo"; on and on…. It is assumed, that every American knows what the phrase ":quid pro quo ' means, because I never heard any one to explain its meaning.

    I doubt that EVERYONE knows its meaning, and I that's why I think, that it should be explained more than once, if it ever has been explained at all. I'm not certain if I'm absolutely correct, but I understand, that "quid" – means "something", and "pro quo" – means "for what". (Please correct me if I'm wrong).
    Therefore, according to my understanding, there is no doubt, that there WAS "quid pro quo"! The "quid" the "something"- was the 4 million dollars aid which Trump suspended, and he said, that it would only be paid to Ukrainians in exchange for the "pro quo" – meaning "for what", and that "what" was Zelensky's public announcement, that he started investigating Biden and his son.
    Therefore, yes Donny, no matter how many times you will deny it, there WAS quid pro quo — 4 million dollars military aid, for starting investigating Biden.

  28. Republicans trying to distract us from Trump’s corruption and possible criminal liabilities as much as the democrat party establishment and their friends on msnbc and the corporate media are distracting us from joe and hunter biden’s Corruption and possible criminal liabilities. And you wonder why over 100 million registered eligible voters didn’t turnout at all to vote for either trump or Hillary in 2016? America’s corporate owned democrat/ republican two party dictatorship are really just one party that serves the deep state intel national security surveillance state community, the military industrial profiteering war machine, big business, and Wall Street

  29. 24/7 of free airtime for Trump by the corporate media in 2016 vs the 2019/ 2020 corporate media blackout of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign run. Msnbc and the corporate media who they labeled trump as a national security threat and a hostile Russian foreign agent for Putin in the last 3 years due to mueller/ russiagate conspiracy theory would rather see that same Trump win re election and order the US military to bomb Iran for their oil than see Bernie Sanders be president.

  30. Where is the new edition of Morning Ho, I want to see how they spin that, The Durham Investigation, is now a Criminal Investigation.

  31. Why doesn't the news media just ask republicans to ask Trump for the release of the taped conversation. Problem solved.

  32. I am so SICK of these republicans who cannot for the life of them tell the TRUTH! Answer the efen question without going back to OBAMA. BUT since they want to go there . . . . It was so blissful that during 8 years in office NOT ONE DAY of scandal of either his behavior or his family!! This despite the despicable racist and obstructionist behavior of these allegedly moral majority. These open sieves of “truth” are risking national security to protect their interest. I am not a Pence fandom, but, at least he knows how to govern and act when he leaves the house!!

  33. The TRUTH shall sear their souls and leave a scar such thst the world shall know them for whst they are. Only the vile prosper in the dark. Truth will out and purify all. IMPEACH.

  34. See the MASSIVE cowds Trump still draws to his rallies!!!
    Americans are angry at Washington!!!
    GOP Senators see that too and know they would be committing political suicide if they ever voted to convict Trump in an impeachment trial!!!

  35. Only reason 'evidence is mounting' is because you are seeing only the parts of the testimony Democrats want you to see.

  36. How many countries are getting military aid to fight their wars on top of the billions we spend to fight with them. No wonder we have three digit trillions of debt. It’s just crazy.

  37. Trump is still going on about the whistle blower. This situation is far, far beyond that now so as to make the need for the whistle blower redundant.

  38. Quid Pro Quo =QPQ according to SCOTUS its PERSONAL
    if Joe committed a crime in 2014 and the DON investigates the crime in 2018 with his own Private Investigator there is no law broken and surely not A QPQ as its not NOT personal ??? like Joe and hunter agreement ???? BARR will explain ????

  39. I noticed, when Joe is not off, the whole show becomes unwatchable. Zero information, just ranting and raving of stupid libs, level of analysis is zero

  40. I would not be surprised if predatory lenders and scam artists scrape the republican voter rolls for ledes. They will believe anything, are easily distracted by shiny objects, and are too “patriotic” to look at the minion frantically pulling levers behind the curtain.

  41. Leftist media in full panic, full obfuscation mode. Criminal investigation underway, Grand Jury imminent. They've pinned their hopes on loathsome, baldfaced-liar Adam Schiff.

  42. I really like them having the real Capitol behind them, and it's dark, the way it really is at 6am. I wish they could replace those still pictures in the studio with a large screen TV with live video from the Capitol or the White House in the background.

  43. What evidence? Where is it? Like the Russia evidence? Like the Russian Oligarch Evidence? (Thanks Larry O.D.!) Like the whistleblower eviden…(oops, even Schiff withdrew on that!) Where are the FACTS???? We NEVER get ANY!!! Nobody has ever been able to answer this question other than just speculation and talking points from the media.

  44. Speaking of diverting, what’s the latest on Hunter Biden and Romania? Which DOJ investigation cleared Biden and son of shady dealings with Ukraine, China and Romania? Fact: There was no DOJ investigation into the Bidens, so STOP saying there’s no proof of wrongdoing when there has been no investigation and when the proof is right in front of our eyes.

  45. So? Only one crooked other than the bidens are the clintons. No dead girls found in his home yet unlike the mancunts sitting beside that want to be female.

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