GoPro Hero 5 Microphone Mount – Sugru Hack  (How-to)

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34 Replies to “GoPro Hero 5 Microphone Mount – Sugru Hack (How-to)”

  1. Don't you think is useless to have stupid GOPRO when little point and shoot camera does the same job without buying extra $50 adaptor, mount and Sugru, and not able to use gimbal, GOPRO SUCK!!!

  2. Yesterday I got all the products, let it dry, and it worked! I really appreciate this video and I will be sure to shout you out in my next video.

  3. dude, dont copy Casey Neistat on the way he talks and vlogs please…it will be better for you to develop your own style! it's so obvious that you are copying him.

  4. Nice, however doesn't the deadcat show in your video? I was going to do the same setup until I saw another vlogger post the same thing.

  5. Now much was the mic and adapter
    Ps it was a great video
    You r a great youtuber and deserve more subs I love ur vids
    Could u sub to my channel cause I am editing my first vid I am gonna do GoPro vids like you

  6. after seeing this, it makes me want to upgrade from the Hero 4 Silver now because i thought the mic adapter would be heavy and cause the slack to go down. but it seems just fine in the faced up position.

  7. Thank you very much for the idea, dose anybody have an good idea how to use a external mic with the hero 5 + and the gimbal g5 ?

  8. Its cool that you gave some credit to TheAdamBlack in the description, but you probably should have mentioned it in the video…

  9. I'm in trouble between buying a Hero 5 + Karma or a DJI Osmo +

    Hero 5 : Photo Raws
    Osmo : Zoom

    Hero 5 : Flat colours
    Osmo : No photos

  10. Helpful video

    Quick question: How strong is the sugru once dried/set?

    I feel it takes a bit of oomph to get the case open, and i worry that over-time it isn't going to be able to handle it.


  11. Hi there! Did you research & come up with optimal microphone settings on the GoPro side once this set-up is in place? What should be the configuration on the camera?

  12. Ah crap, so I watched your video and then ordered the Sugru. I've had it for a few days and today got around to doing it. Like an idiot I didn't review your video before I attached the cold shoe and just washed the gopro case but didn't scuff it up with sand paper. Hope it works. . .

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