GoPro: HERO4 Session Quick Start – Mounting (Part III)

GoPro: HERO4 Session Quick Start – Mounting (Part III)

With HERO4 Session’s small size, light weight,
and variety of frames and mounts, the mounting options are limited only by your imagination.
The camera comes with two frames. They were both designed for mounting your camera in
the most compact way, no matter where you use it. If you want to minimize the height
of the camera, like when mounting it on the top of a helmet, use the Low Profile Frame.
To minimize the depth of the camera, like when mounting it on a Chesty or on the front
of a helmet, use the Standard Frame. To secure the camera in the frame, open the latch and
slide the camera in. The back of the frame has a slightly raised edge. Be sure the back
of the camera slides in all the way to that edge. Close the latch. If you need to rotate
the camera to get the best shot, you don’t need any extra hardware. Just rotate the camera
and put it back in the frame. The new Ball Joint Buckle lets you level your shot when
mounting at an angle, and twist the camera around to capture different points of view.
It’s never been easier to capture so many angles with a single mount. When you need
a mount that can sit more flush against your mounting surface while offering a wide range
of motion, the Vertical Mounting Buckle is a great choice. Whether you use it with the
Standard Frame on Chesty, or the Low Profile Frame on a flat surface, it lets you tilt
your shot up or down while remaining compact. Use this buckle with the Low Profile Frame
to capture two different points of view without removing it. The Mounting Buckle is a great
go-to to keep on hand. It’s the original GoPro Buckle and the most compact solution for a
variety of mounting scenarios. Rubber locking plugs come with your camera and can be used
to secure the mounting buckle and help reduce vibration. For added protection during an
activity, attach a tether. The Standard Frame has a built-in tether point on the back, and
the Low Profile Frame has a tether point in the lower left corner. Adhesive mounts make
it easy to secure the camera to curved or flat surfaces, such as helmets, vehicles,
and other gear. Always attach adhesive mounts to a smooth, clean surface at least 24 hours
before use. For more information about HERO4 Session, download the user manual at

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  1. ygopro you can give me free GoPro please because I don't have one cuz I made for you so you don't give me the GoPro Hero 4 because I do need one make it for free please for the GoPro 🙁

  2. I only have 1 frame 1 sticky thing and a thingy to keep the go pro in place and thing to put the go pro on a mount and I Handel to hold the go pro on I need the rest of what it came with

  3. 0:47 That really helped. I was thinking about buying a side mount but I dont have to. Cant believe I didn't think of that beforehand.

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