GOTHAM Panel At Comic-Con 2017 | Season 4 | GOTHAM

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51 Replies to “GOTHAM Panel At Comic-Con 2017 | Season 4 | GOTHAM”

  1. The Alfred Gough and Miles Millar rule of no tights no flights rule they are applying for Bruce Wayne.

  2. This should be very interesting I think Tabitha's going to have a big role this season. I don't know why but I just like the idea of her teaming up with Jim.

  3. ONLY 4 minutes from the Official GOTHAM YouTube channel???
    Wasn't the panel about 50 minutes?
    Give or take…..
    HELLO FOX…….
    Give the fans the rest of the panel.

  4. I love gotham SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much it just means so much to me and the cast seem like really good people and it is by far the best show

  5. Please upload season 4 on Netflix because I can only watch gotham on Netflix and that is because I live in the UK so I don't have Fox. All I'm trying to ask is will you be uploading season 4 on netflix?

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