Halloween Props & Decorations at Home Depot

I’m a skeleton Jillian likes them we’re here at Home Depot to look at the
housing decoration so we’re going to look at
let’s go whoa there’s lots of good stuff up there but what we like pressing
buttons right what does this guy do Miska would not like that
That one’s not working her now these guys do something well he never he never
shuts up does he okay press the button again maybe okay
let’s go let’s skip some of this let’s go through the big stuff pretty impressive are you on your phone
while you’re making a video okay okay that is cool okay yo-ho-ho let’s see what’s this
one do that’s it he says he’s got a bottle a um maybe it’s maybe
that’s seven I like him because he has that eye ooh Addie look at this guy are you brave you’re not Addie’s like I am
not what’s he say Jillian likes him whoa wait a minute I have to turn the camera way up
here okay let’s see do it yeah press the button he’s a little quieter this pirate ships
just non-stop noise I guess alright oh what’s this one’s even taller okay
what’s this guy like this well check out this dude he’s creepy oh he’s like a
fortune teller okay dude let’s do another one
it’s us fortunes oh sweet success get it what do you think
well this one’s the huge headless horseman I’m reluctant because I
remember how loud it was but go ahead look at this it’s too big to even like show yeah it’s
too big to show everything oh we got another one all right let’s do it she’s broken it’s going to be broken I
think oh she’s still making clicking noises she’s really creepy oh yeah it’s
going going going gone at least three these three witches boy did this one ever say everything
that one never said anything huh that was pretty cool though the whole
conversation oh this this one is creepy I’m gonna say this one’s creepy okay is it connected to this one okay maybe
it’s not plugged in properly but my guess is this rocks and talks yeah it’s
a shame that one’s not working but that’s okay we’ve had this happen oh
wait a minute these little guys there’s a little
pirate skeleton anything anything at all there we go it’s a little less scary when they’re
they’re cute and short yeah this one that she’s trying really hard to look
scary but okay what’s this dude okay yeah I’m assuming just have
something on the back alright so you got some head stones more head stones a lot of these light up oh these are cute look at these they’re
really nice that’s glass and then of course giant spiders giant spider attack
giant spider attack Jillian some welcoming it alright
tons of cool stuff back here oh and skeletons of course light up eyes bag of
bones okay let’s interact with some of the
oldest banjo guys let’s try this okay coming around the mountain and this guy supposed to be dance and do some ham
bone and there you go Jillian it’s like how does one ham bone
all right oh this this mask is cool what this does I’ll put this back in the dark
is it lights up see pretty cool Jillian’s got some sort of this is a prop chainsaw obviously
plastic completely harmless but makes a nice sound no it’s the let’s go on okay
oh there’s one of those switches where if you try to grab the candy she’s gonna
she’d do something maybe she’s not on wait here we must be motion sensors yeah
and then what’s this frog do says try me all right Cerberus the three-headed dog it’s like Miska I think in a real one
would probably not let you do that oh what’s this
it’s just his eyes I was expecting more and a skeleton cat pretty sure cats
don’t have bones in the ears but just saying was this on a bigger one I guess
you get a giant pack I don’t know do we miss anything
oh my gosh giant pumpkins we got wreaths of course wreaths now
that’s a cool wreath and of course the inflatables you need that wreath in your
life yeah it’s great inflatables probably should come back a little
you know this this angles better you can see all this inflatables a lot better
they’re huge what do we got ooh is very nice but something very cool effect and Oh
try that camera they point it point it at the camera here
go ahead 20 cameras the camera I’m a skeleton yeah there’s a picture of the
Grim Reaper very nice oh and these are cute you know
pictures that light up and mix and yeah we did yeah that’s cool he only appears when you
press the bottom line alright and the which is of course very nice
well that was smoke out of the mouth probably needs all hooked up
skeleton fogging skull ground foggers and look at these guys so big giant
snake Jack Skellington oh yeah baby dragon a ghost awesome yeah cool I think there’s just some minor stuff over here pillows candy more of
these kind these hangings cool there’s a lot of stuff here I mean we’re trying to
go as quickly as you can oh you know this thing right we weed yeah we that
was in stock by pumpkins hashtag go watch it but anyway I think that’s
everything so if you like this click the like button right we’re gonna try to
make more of these Halloween contents people seem to like it we know we like
it right and I think that’s it for the day so bye bye all right

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