High Ticket Mindsets: The Most Profitable Video You’ll Ever Watch – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 14

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100 Replies to “High Ticket Mindsets: The Most Profitable Video You’ll Ever Watch – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 14”

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  2. Shifu Dan?

    I specialise in Facebook ads and have some experience from Ecommerce dropshipping (I used to run a few shopify stores very good experience)

    I've now decided to start a social media marketing agency due to the opportunities I've spotted in my local area and have a potential client in my first 3 days of launching

    Without having previous client results, how would I close? and should I really charge 2k/month instead of 1k?

    The numbers work out at almost a 3x ROI for my client (if I charge 2k a month) but the lack of actual results is intimidating me into saying 1k a month.

  3. It's amazing how we limit ourselves. Our prosperity and success are heavily influenced by how we think. A poor mindset= scarcity

  4. What about the risk of losing clients? If you have 50k clients you won't bother about losing some. If you have only a few, one or two clients less means much more impact on your revenue.

  5. Hello Dan! I love your videos and your ideas and I'd like to ask you something. I live in Greece and I work as a freelance social media manager. My rates and my competitors' rates range from 150 € to 450 €. What would you do in a bad economy such as Greece's economy?

    My clients are top Greek singers with a lot of connections but it's still hard for me to get more clients.

    Any help from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  6. Soo powerful, i continue to work on my mindset ,abandone scarcity thinking and i have it. I am all in.watched a second time and making more sense. Thanks Sifu

  7. Tank you again sifu dan lok, amazing and inlightning outbrain inshightI think its more about the value you bring in to your offer such as apromis to increas the sales in more than 50% if you beleave that .you reali can make it possiable

  8. Found Dan from Bruce Lee videos… Turns out Dan is a Master in his own way. My life is better. Very thankful for this man.

  9. Dan Lok is the truth and I'm glad to see some one from another culture and ethnicity thrive in a So called white male dominant society here in America.

  10. Change your offer, Change your life.
    You know what? this hit home for me.
    I help people make over $50k per transaction from a $5k investment.
    Even though it's a no-brainer and i have proven the success, I still find myself dealing with people who are sceptical of everything. They are the wrong clients. Secondly, I have not been charging enough.
    Your video has given me the clarity to target higher-earning clients.
    We will see how i do.
    Thanks for the video and keep on smiling brother.

  11. Bad typing, I am in your HTC course and in the real world and at work there is so little accountability, please excuse the poor typing in the earlier comment……..I must proof read….thanks again

  12. Hey Dan! I am super convinced, that u are true. My mentor is exactly showing me this model at the moment. I just can see advantages: you can help a few people but therefore they will have the best results I can imagine. "Change your offer. Change your life" and the comparison to McDonalds are really badass inspirational quotes! Greets from Berlin Germany!:)

    This is really one of the most inspirational due to this topic, I have ever seen. Thank u man!

  13. Dan, please let me understand what industry sells high ticket. My industry is in the healthcare. I don't own a business but has dreams of having one someday. I am working on it. The thing is i don't see an area in healthcare that you could sell high. I am an amateur when it comes to business but I want to learn more.

  14. Everyone should know there value we need to stop selling working hours we need to start selling a full package. Work smart not hard:))

  15. Hi Dan. Would you consider the ability to recapture a photo realistically in black and white pencil, a high income skill? For the correct market of course…

  16. Dan I'm very bignner and I have just finished my school and entered into college please let me know what is high ticket closing. What does it means of helping someone to cross the finish line.
    Please do let me know. I'm glad to become your student.

  17. Is the High Ticket Closer (HTC) programme suitable for people who have no experiance at all in closing deals and sales? Do you get taught the very basic concepts and principles before going onto learning more advance topics or is there a minimum skill requirement needed prior to starting the programme? Thank you.

  18. I am so glad that I chose you as a mentor or the content chose me. Look at the published date
    Published on 16 Jan 2018 and I see this now. Learning as much as possible. Like you said a lot of people jump from one thing to another and fail as they don't understand or take the time to understand if it is a business or just a money maker! bigups thanks my daily

  19. How would you go about prospecting for these high ticket buyers? I sell SEO to contractors and I sell them at $1000 a month, I am doing a little over the 10k per month now so looking to double or tripple my price (Average client makes 8x their investment). Tips on prospecting?

  20. I justed wanted to say a big thank you for all your videos. You have a great understanding of the trapped or stuck feeling. I'm so glad I found your channel.

  21. my learning from this video of Shifu Dan-
    -its not selling what you are, its selling whon you are &
    -change your offer and change your

  22. You have really help me position narrow, I can't thank you enough, you have been a blessing to me and my generation.

  23. .Love this video! Dan is so real and I appreciate how he is constantly helping people to "connect the dots" david from london uk

  24. That has always been my dream – to sell high ticket packages. I believe I will be able to do that once I go thru your HTC program. It's just a matter of time . . .

  25. 5CF: Enter into your industry as the highest price but make sure you offer transformation not information. Change who you sell to. Don't sell to the people that don't have money. Qualify as quickly as you can. Offer your price with conviction. You deserve it.

  26. I would like to express my gratitude to you, Dan, because you brought missing knowledge to my strategy and encouraged to stand up and face challenge.

  27. I learned that I have to Take more Action and work with the people that I want to spend the most time with. Also believe that valuable enough for my price.

  28. That exact thing with a freak about the prize I saw you have another video up with a live call I believe it's Tavon who's doing the closing and I love the information you gave him about the statement if Dan was too double the net to your company what does it matter if Dan charges you fifty thousand seventy-five thousand fuck even a hundred thousand what does it matter he is taking your business and doubling the profit margin from 3 million to 6 million I love that thank you for that video that the other live call with you closing that is huge huge learning I have watched both of those videos over 25 times each.

  29. Thank you Dan for this video. Please I want to ask how to change my offer as you advised in your video? You ended the presentation there without explaining that. How can I change it please? Thank you.

  30. I've seen more than 100 movies on youtube and I still want to see 100, plus I read the F.U. MONEY and all this inspires me, and it motivates me more to get where I wanted a baby. I write these lines to motivate the others who are at the first film, because they have to win if they will see more, I THANK YOU MORE THAN THIS OPPORTUNITY DAN LOK (translation is made by google translation from romana to english maybe does not represent 100% my English words)

  31. Dear Dan,
    thank you so much for your time and energy! πŸ™
    You show very clearly that you truly CARE and want to spread the great news all over the world.
    I was always wondering how it's possible to feel stuck and unhappy in spite of having something I imagined to be a high IQ 😁
    After watching some of your videos I thought "Wow, perhaps my IQ went down fast and I am now dumb…how come I didn't think of it?!" Your ideas are simple and I can't thank you enough for sharing them with us!
    Thank you for your hard work, for your beauty, generosity, success and, most importantly for your sense of humor.
    Even when we think we are intelligent, we might often not notice how our limiting beliefs turn us into the dumbest person on earth. Thank you again for all you do.
    I LOVE your content and am going to share it everywhere 🎡
    Keep shining, the world needs you! ❀️

  32. I think the story about the room full of millionaires wanting to buy from each other is missing a vital factor of consideration; they're all proven to be good. The worry about their ability to get results is removed.

  33. Excelent info Dan, Thanks. My Lesson from this video: Trully believing in the value I can bring to people has affected the way I offer my services to my clients and how i present myself. Thank you for making that clear to me.
    One Question: How do you manage 42 clients. How many times do you talk to them during a month and for how much time/client?
    Your videos are very usefull to me. Thank you.

  34. My question is… is there enough clients in that top 4 percent to make a good living? Since most people shop on price, can you really close high ticket sales often?

  35. Hi Dan! I am an artist and a crafter and really struggling to sell my products on a high ticket.. But your video really helped me to change my mindset. It actually matters whom you are selling than what you are selling!

  36. Thank you Dan Lok for doing what you do I'm 54 years old starting my life over again in i believe in my self more now than ever before I'm hungrier now than ever before thanks again..Keith Berryhill aka The Business [email protected]

  37. Self doubt is one of our biggest enemies. I wish there was a love button instead of just a like button. I am so glad I watched this video. Thank you Sifu!

  38. I was cheap before I was watching your videos and now I have increase my price and I am amazed how happily people pay me for my services because I increase the value of my service.

  39. I used to make B to C model in my business but when I used B to B with high ticket I have bought a house and gain loyal customers.

  40. Changing the What to Who…
    I have put handbills on doors in neighborhoods in my city for 4 and a half years. I thought I had collected a lot of data on which were "good neighborhoods" to canvas in. But, it occurred to me yesterday that my data was actually skewed. It occurred to me that I would have gotten more customers then if I knew then what I know now about high ticket sales, addressing objections before potential customers bring them up, and better flier copy.
    It is like I have a whole new city to explore now! So exciting!

  41. First of all thanks for providing value to us in form of this teaching:

    Main points for me:
    – With high-ticket clients I can have less clients and provide more value through a better service to fewer clients
    – Especially relevant for me: its important to be completly authentic and open with what kind of value and transformation I am providing. And who has responsibility for what? (What end of the bargain does the client have to provide vs. what do I provide)

  42. So many aha moments. I’ve been watching your videos day and night and reading your book F.U. Money for 2 weeks. After watching you I slowed down and was able focus. I began practicing my presentation and writing down my live-streams for Facebook and practicing that as well. More engagement on Facebook and someone reached out to me. I changed my packages to just two high ticket offers. That was HARD to do. But I decided to be coachable and just do it. Basically, I started my business over from scratch. I’m ordering your Closing Script Package this week and for the first time I’m actually taking the time to prepare and practice instead of running full speed ahead. So excited and looking forward to qualifying to work with you one day soon. Thank you Dan.

  43. Awesome content. I applied some of your techniques to become effective Closer and the response from my Affluent Clients are positive.

    Thanks for the teaching.

  44. My parents don’t see the value in it but I’m going to save up for the course and make it happen I need to get to get out of this environment if I want to grow

  45. I am a master hypnotherapist and I’m just wondering how I could target high paying clients with a skill like that. I’m very good at what I do and have a great track record but I’m not very marketing savvy. Can anyone offer me some advice? πŸ™πŸ™

  46. This video is just amazing, It really opened my eyes. I will rise my prices just to see what it is like and gain experience dealing with that.

  47. i have watched over 100 of your vdeos. Without a doubt this one was the most valueble and impactful. Thank you for changing my life. I promised i willmeet you when i make it. so prepare to book a time.

  48. High Ticket model is a genius model. Directly linked to growth on the entrepreneur and then his business. Unique value. Great appreciation of your teachings . I can finally link authentic full potential with increasing income together. Before hearing about High Ticket Income, i couldn't link financial wealth with the authentic self. I function on heart based values and I use to be in the workforce in law enforcement making comfortable income inside the Matrix and it came also with its limitations on growth and freedom with time repeating the same cycle. And the High Ticket Model finally made sense. Precious Value. Thank You Sifu.

  49. You have to believe you have something of value to offer. Until you make that shift, you will struggle your entire life as a wanna be entrepreneur. Well said.

  50. Thanks Dan, your content has changed my life. Still shifting, letting go of the old business model, embracing the new and trying not to freak out in the process! It really works, I'm really shifting and I'm very grateful, thanks again, Dan….from Australia πŸ™Œ

  51. I don't give discount to my clients . I don't discount myself in business or in relationship . Ask from 10$ K directly & keep increasing in few months your fees .
    If you are interesting person , he will anyways buy your product or service. And bonus is if you are good communicator and best product or service, u can read your prospects and quote more .

    He or she will give you happily and I love my clients.

  52. So what i got from this video is. Go for high value to get people that are serious about what they need and have the money for it. And be confident in that value so it radiates and you get more customers. If you stay low and not sure in your value you are a entrupanure wannabe and you will get people that can't even afford it

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