House Committee Takes Up Articles Of Impeachment For First Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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80 Replies to “House Committee Takes Up Articles Of Impeachment For First Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Our president did nothing wrong and this is all driven by Democrats and media who have suffered an emotional and mental break down over the Mr. Trump winning office and then just being alive.

  2. Nothing there no crimes committed they have lost this coup attempt he will be acquitted and Dems will be criminally charged they are screwed!!!

  3. Trump is so obviously guilty as charged. He complains about the process, but refuses to participate in the process. He refuses to provide ANY information, exculpatory or otherwise. He has admitted to extorting the Ukrainian president for dirt on Biden by withholding military aid. There is no choice but to vote for the articles of impeachment.

  4. Republican claim Democrats have been playing politic sides yet Republicans then say they do not care what the evidence shows they find him innocent…Taking a page out of Barr's play book

  5. “Trump has not learned from impeachment. Trump has not learned from the Special Counsel investigation. Trump is a clear and PRESENT danger to our national security and to free and fair elections.” – Paul Butler, former federal prosecutor. Trump MUST be REMOVED.

  6. We can stop the racist immoral administration from ever making it to the finish line once and for all . We will not vote for a traitorous president and trump has shown America his true nature.

  7. This is TNN …
    – Today we celebrate the Dow gaining 10,000 pts since President Trump took office. That is a 54% gain for pension funds, and 401k's, As well as investment that our companies use to expand our astounding economic growth!
    -Real clear politics, latest combined polling, shows the people now favor NOT removing the President from office. Approval hovers around where Obama was before his second term. Congratulations Americans!
    -President Trump meets with Guatemalan Pres. Jimmy Morales today to discuss immigration. Pres. Morales was an entertainer, and comic, turned politician. He is Guatemala's 50'th President.
    This has been TNN ….now back to more hate, here is Msnbc…..

  8. An innocent person does not do everything in his power to BLOCK investigations and ORDER witnesses to NOT appear to testify .. And Trump would have testified when "invited" to do so . IF he was innocent he would do everything in his power to cooperate .

  9. All roads lead back to the criminal Hussein (Obama) White House. However, I believe that this goes much deeper than just him.We must find out who traitor Hussein was working for & indict them as well. So far, from my research, I'm finding the Muslim Brotherhood, George Soros, & the Nazi Bilderberger bunch that runs the UN. Does anyone else have anything to add to this list.?
    if Hussein is merely a puppet for these tremendously bad actors, then it will be easy for them to find more Manchurian candidates to fill Hussein's shoes & try to take down America again for their sick NWO agenda. Also, how many more "Husseins" are there in other countries that are working for the dirty NWO bstrds.?
    All of the bad actors worldwide must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (as well as those that rear their ugly heads in the future) to ensure that this whole shenanigan scam of their NWO stops dead in it's tracks & people worldwide can find life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness… FREEDOM.!!

  10. another thing happening in Arkansas is The Court needing Hunter Bidens Financial records and Biden filing for it to be confidential.

  11. A Democrat in Congress, who is Anti-Impeachment, meeting with President Trump about switching Parties! It's happening!

  12. MSNBCannibals on the hunt very soon!! Be sure you all wel stocked up with your AntiMSNBCannibal products such as; MSNBCannibalDefenseShield , Andrea chainsaw defense spray , etc etc

  13. And no one deserves IMPEACHMENT more than tRump.
    He is a horrendous individual that doesn't even deserve the oxygen he breathes.

  14. Obama had ALL his presidential records sealed & pardoned himself
    Hillary & all their cronies, up to & including the day he left office!!
    I'm sure Trump had a party unsealing them !

  15. A Dem leaving the quagmire and becoming a patriot ?
    Could this start a mass migration to the Republicans ? Wouldn't it be incredible if the Republicans took over the entire house, without ever having a vote ?Oh my, so many questions and so many possibilities.
    God Bless the Patriots !

  16. Horowitz was an Obama appointee and Holder and Susan Yates kept him from investigating Obama. Susan Yates and Holder are up to their necks in treason which is why Holder is squawking now.

  17. Another House of Representative Democrat Collin Peterson is voting no on impeachment

  18. Watching it.
    The GOP are so full of bull****.
    All angry ranting and not a shred of defense for Trump.
    Thank the heavens for the fact-checker in the room correcting the lying Republicans in real-time.
    Really satisfying.

  19. Yes the females I know of sufficient, twenty question agency. The swift azure of the Templar, family man family plan. The Tinker of the Templar, official fashion accessory annoying. Shiny objects what not "We don't need no stinking badgers" Yeah OK whatever. Mean gurlz sufficient and insufficient of agency. Libertas literacy he he he

  20. republicans like to complain that Trump has been hounded since he took office, well it didn't start with his claim of crowd size, it started with inauguration donations, this from the Guardian ; Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners, illegal according to the constitution.. USA today ;'Phony.' Donald Trump mocks 'emoluments' clause of U.S. Constitution that bans foreign gifts, another constitutional violation, violation after violation of the constitution, violating the oversight of the House

  21. This is a TNN news update….

    – Today's USA Today poll now shows President Trump leading all Democratic contenders, and with the Dow heading towards a 5th straight day of green, we can understand why Americans are standing up for President Trump!

    This has been a TNN news update…now back to more activism disguised as news, here is Msnbc…

  22. Find where the impeach and remove event is near you and join in! Happening Tuesday evening 12/17 wherever you live!

  23. The impeachment is a coverup operation of systemic Democrat corruption in Ukraine. Mitt Romney's hands are just as dirty as Biden's, Pelosi's and Kerry's.
    Justice comes
    PAIN D5

  24. Trump's historical legacy is now in ruins… laughed at & humiliated in front of the whole world… a pitiful old bigot who will NEVER outdo President Obama's character… a sad pathetic man-child who was obviously never properly disciplined by his parents… a false Christian and war-coward who purchased his faked sense of patriotism…. a two-faced con-artist mobster real-estate developer from NYC… I'm a real Republican in the classic sense, not part of the Tea-Party bigots and racists that support this garbage of a man.

  25. I would stop giving Republican's the platform to spin this narritive. Democrats have nobody like Collins to sway the needed electorate.

  26. American public show your power peacefully by not allowing Moscow Mitch gram hanidy and Ingram to attend office till they resign a give a path for fair trail

  27. After listening to both Democrats and Republican party, Vote to remove Trump from office.Trump been corrupted before he took office. Trump Corrupted the American Presidency in Every Imaginable Way.

  28. Trump…walked in on naked women during the America pageants. Minimum age 18…would you let an old man walk into a room where your 18 year old daughter is changing…republicans would….and then there is Roy Moore who republicans love.

  29. real bad news …(FISA)Federal surveillance judge orders FBI to answer for ‘misleading’ courts & omitting key evidence in effort to spy on Trump campaign ..

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