House Intel Democrats release impeachment report

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100 Replies to “House Intel Democrats release impeachment report”

  1. Read the transcript all ready!!!!!Phony politicians you have nothing…nothing, only lies lies and lies. May God almighty foregive you!

  2. Democrats are/look so uneducated! They're about to get burned again look like liars, as they always do! He will not be impeached. Clean up your cities and leave Trump alone.

  3. I resent this being called a "press conference"
    It should be called a "P.R. Conference", or a "Strategy Meeting" with the press.

  4. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it……..

    Schiff and Schiff alone stopped the proceedings to advise of Trumps tweet DURING TESTIMONY.
    There is no witness intimidation/tampering if someone finds out something that was said AFTER they testify.
    As i see it, that was totally Schiffs doing.

  5. Making jokes.and demeaning people isnt going to fix our broken government, we need facts. I am ashame that countries around the world are seeing this and the behavior of not only the media but us the commenters. We are shaming our country.

  6. Can someone explain how national security was damaged? No touchy feely stuff, actual damage done expressly to national security.

  7. When the dems get their stuff together, supreme court justice ruth will preside in senate, and when she is forced to retire, Trump will replace her, justice at last.

  8. Trump has, in NO WAY, violated our trust in him. The Left are the ones I don't trust. He doesn't need dirt on Biden to win the next election.

  9. TRUMP is a CROOK! So what! As long as he makes America white again, does it really matter? I mean TRUMP supporters could care less about LAW and ORDER! right?

  10. The Constitution itself absolves President Trump of any wrongdoing entirely. The witch hunt should be shut down immediately. To quote;

    Appointment of Special Advisers 1. (1) The President may from time to time by proclamation in the Gazette appoint any person whom he deems fit, to hold office during the President’s pleasure, as Special Adviser to the President, the Cabinet or any Minister designated by the President.
    Republic of Namibia 2 Annotated Statutes Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Act 6 of 1990 (2) A Special Adviser appointed under subsection (1) shall – (a) advise the President, the Cabinet or the Minister concerned, as the case may be, in relation to any matter which the President, the Cabinet or such Minister refers to him or her for investigation and advice or which such Special Adviser deems necessary;
    (b) subject to the directions of the President, the Cabinet or the Minister concerned, as the case may be, perform such functions and duties as the President, the Cabinet or such Minister may entrust or assign to such Special Adviser.
    (3) A Special Adviser may be invited to attend meetings of the Cabinet, but may not vote at such meetings.
    (4) The conditions of service of a Special Adviser, including conditions as to remuneration and allowances, shall be determined by the President.
    Regional governors 2. (1) The President must in respect of every region appoint a governor who shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.
    (2) The President shall by proclamation give notice in the Gazette of the appointment of every regional governor (3) The terms and conditions of employment of regional governors shall be as determined by the President.
    (4) The functions of a regional governor shall be – (a) to act as the representative of the central Government in the region concerned;
    (b) to investigate and report on any matter relating to the region concerned if he or she has been requested to investigate that matter by the President or the Minister responsible for regional or local government;
    (c) to keep himself or herself informed of all matters relating to the region concerned and to bring any matter to the attention of the President or the relevant Minister of he or she thinks that it is advisable;
    (d) to settle or mediate any dispute or other matter that might arise in the region concerned, and (e) generally, to act as a link between the central Government and the regional council, or any local or traditional authority in the region concerned. (5) The President may in terms of section 1 appoint special advisers to assist the regional governor.
    (6) The regional governor shall be assisted by such staff members in the Public Service in the Ministry responsible for the Regional Government as may be appointed for that purpose.
    [Section 2 is deleted by Act 22 of 1992 and inserted by Act 15 of 2010. Republic of Namibia 3 Annotated Statutes Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Act 6 of 1990 The deletion of section 2 by section 45(1) of Act 22 of 1992 was effective as of 30 November 1992. GN 117/1992, which brought Act 22 of 1992 into force, states that “the provisions of that Act shall come into operation on 31 August 1992, except the provisions of subsection (1) of section 45 thereof which shall come into operation on the date fixed in terms of Article 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution”. Section 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution states: “Elections for Regional Councils shall be held on a date to be fixed by the President by Proclamation, which shall be a date within one (1) month of the date of the elections referred to in Sub-Article (5) hereof, or within one (1) month of the date on which the legislation referred to in Article 106 (3) hereof has been enacted, whichever is the later: provided that the National Assembly may by resolution and for good cause extend the period within which such elections shall be held.” Proc. 39/1992 (GG 502) fixed “30 November, 1 December, 2 December and 3 December 1992 as the dates for the holding of elections for Regional Councils”.]

  11. Collusion isnt a legal statute and neither is Quid Pro Quo ! And both times the Anti Trump Establishment has had Obstruction charges waiting around the corner. But you cant Obstruct Injustice, which is what these Entrapment Operations are .. .

  12. The report only implicates Trump, VP, Nunes, Pompeo, Barr, WH Lawyers, Gulianni, and a dozen other characters. No not implicate, slam dunk easy indictment had this been areal mechanism for the truth. Seems one man can corrupt a nation. Just look at the only major news organization refusing to show the trial of a century, the Impeachment process, because it would make trump angry.

  13. An utter waste of paper and ink. As for demonrats being earth-friendly, this puts the lie, yet another nail in their coffin, to that.

  14. Adam Schiff is a prime example of a sore loser; because ever since they lefties lost the election, they have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to use against Trump, but have failed every time. I hope Trump wins again in 2020 to keep America out of the hands of those marxis socialistic slobs!

  15. Tired of this whole thing….it's a circus designed to distract us.
    I don't think Trump will be impeached or removed, I'm starting to think the Horowitz report, Barr, Durham…arnt going to do anything as well.
    I don't think anyone is going to be held accountable or go to prison.
    I don't think the dems are going to EVER answer for this abuse of power and lies.
    That's why they are so bold. They know it's just a game, the way Washington conducts business….just seems like flagrant fouls to the American people because it's the age of internet, cameras and independent jornalistreporters and we see behind the curtain a little more than times past. But they know it's nothing unusual happening…it's always been this way.

  16. Trump promised he would be tough in negotiations with foreign leaders. Do you really think Trump voters are upset over this Ukraine thing? Please.

  17. I just love how these Demonrats act like they are so concerned for the 🇺🇸People and must protect us from Trump,they have been trying everything they can come up with to keep the focus off the BEST JOBS NUMBERS ACROSS THE BOARD,STOCK MARKET REACHING UNTHINKABLE HIGHS AND THE GREATEST ECONOMIC NUMBERS THE COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN AND MUCH MORE.If the Demonrat Party cared for the people of this country President Trump wouldn’t have had to fix everytrade deal or pull outta NAFTA,or Paris climate accord,or Iran nuke Deal.If they had a clue how to run a country our economy jobs numbers and markets would have been booming like this under OBAMA They don’t want the success we want they were one election away from tanking the country and ushering in their new world order destroying USA.Look at this ADam guy he is nothing but a liar a snake 🐍 and a bad con man.

  18. The Dims don't like the fact that Joe Biteme (their best chance in 2020 has been put under scrutiny for his crimes. So noe they go under attack to defend the brain dead perfect puppet the want in the oval office.
    Fact is that none of their front runners can even fill a school auditorium and Trump has ten times their numbers with thousands outside who can't get in because of a packed house.
    As the Democraps keep saying on TV "We have to impeach Trump or he will win another term." Pretty sad reason for impeachment, and a great reason to dump the Craps in 2020!

  19. This is like the blue gold dress, people just see different things no matter what u tell them. Mostly hate for trump makes people irrational.

  20. The Democraps are the sick criminals. I was a democrat all my life. I will never ever vote for another one of those sick deranged SOBS!!!!!!

  21. WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH TRUMP: Jeff Sessions first senator to support Trump for president, Humiliated and resigned. First representative who supported Trump for president, Chris Collins indicted and pleaded guilty. 2nd representative who supported Trump for president, Duncan Hunter indicted and pleaded guilty. Paul Manafort, In jail, Rick Gates, indicted awaiting sentencing. Michael Flynn awaiting sentencing. Roger Stone awaiting sentencing. Michael Cohen, in jail. George Papadopoulos spent time in jail. Richard Pinedo, 6 months in jail. Jeffrey Epstein, committed suicide YEAH RIGHT! Thomas Bowers Former Deutsche Bank Exec Connected to Trump Loans committed suicide last week YEAH RIGHT! Stay Tuned more to come!!!

  22. This is just like the Kavanaugh Hearing, “Russian Probe”, and now this what a sham. They can’t stand Trump and I think it’s funny.

  23. The Democrats have earned their name, jealous pitiful nothing burger. Stupid people are scrambling cause their all guilty.

  24. What absolute poppycock. Why do the demoncrap's continue to try and treat the American Citizens as if they have no common sense and treat them as they are moron's! Like i have said and will continue to state that it doesn't matter what they have tried to coundger up nor does it matter how many people shift and nancy and nadlar can threaten or call in favour's owning or who are very close to obumer (he is behind this, in his mansion just down the road from the White House,by the way was paid for by you that he had stolen), it counts for nothing because there has to be a crime to start with and this is the one thing that they don't have, when they don't have and can't get, well no problem they just do what hasain obumer has always done and that is to rewrite the rules or a word so that it allows them to move forward in their act of high treason , and for that one act should have them publicly decapitated using the ghillotines that they had bought to use on you, that will be a fair and just resault. Who made them believe that they have the power or do They truly believe that the American Citizens are that stupid !, and mean while …….
    They(shift &co) have decided to rewrite part of the constitution that your four fathers had put in place and the likes of Nancy, shift and nadlar have no authority to rewrite it. If someone doesn't stop them your right's will not exist!, go over to the lisa haven channel and watch her post about the fact that the demoncrap's have put in a legislation to take away your right to hold arm's they are slipping that one under the door.

  25. What a F in Joke. There is nothing legitimate about this. It's a continuation of Barack Obama's narcissism and coruuption

  26. The democraps and thier propaganda wing mainstream media are mentally ill and suffer from TDS or maybe thier untreated syphlis has consumed thier brains 🧠

  27. Adam Schiff is the one that has damaged our National Security undermined the integrity of our Election System and Adam Schiff's own office. President Trump did nothing wrong at all. These evil Democrat Politicians have damaged out American Election Process by Adam Schiff's Illegal Actions with this lie against the President of the United States and against the people of the United States.

  28. Haha. Now it's nothing to do with the PHONE CALL because they lied… now its about WITHHOLDING THE MEETING 🤣 MAKE UP YOUR MIND DEMODUMMIES

  29. We the people that voted Donald J. Trump into office know that this impeachment is a lie and being done under false pretenses and we will not exept any so-called Impeachment from this Kangarue Court which is all a lie from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff as well as the rest of these lying Democrat Politicians.

  30. The US government seems to be operating like the government of some third world countries where the rulers who are dictators are acting like a bunch of mafioso psychos because of the Democrats who happened to be the majority in Congress.

    A no case here. A quid pro quo means Zelensky is the victim. But Zelensky said there's no quid pro quo and I don't know if he's going to have to sing a song titled " No Quid Pro Quo " before these corporate lunatics called the anti-Trump Democrats will give up on this circus. So who are they fighting for? For Zelensky who said he's not at war with nobody or fighting against the President because they hate him?
    And you have the whole of America watching this circus and no one is stopping these people. A BLM style protest on Adam Schiff and Pelosi besieging their homes would be good for Christmas. A night vigil needs to be held with the homes of these liars surrounded with prayers unto God to cause their teeth to fall off when they wake up in the morning for harassing the president on a daily basis for about 3 years and for wasting taxpayers money harassing an American and lying on TV about this whole gang up while they're getting paid. Adam Schiff needs to wake up blind with his teeth fallen off so he can be busy looking for them to keep him away from wickedness.
    These people are crazy.
    I hope their teeth can fall off soon enough so they can be really busy.

  31. So what's the punishment for godless Leftist Democrats and media to conspire to falsely impeach and slander my president, like they did patriot and war hero Sen. Joseph McCarthy! I think the conspirators should be hanged on White House lawn! After a quickie trial with Kavanagh or Thomas as judge & jury!

  32. YEP!! The DemoNAZIS released the report on their FAKE NEWS and IMAGINARY INVESTIGATION about President Trump – – WHILE THE PRESIDENT IS OUT OF THE COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The whole process was ILLEGAL!…None of this one sided circus has any legal standing… I cannot believe anyone believes any part of this kangaroo court was legal or ethical…Because it wasn`t.

  34. This is not impeachment. Only an inquiry. It is shameful the wasted time and tax money. More important is fixing the infrastructure of our entire country's roads, highways, and bridges. Trade deal with Canada and Mexico is still on Pelosi's desk. What the hell! Anybody here think you would get fired for receiving a salary and doing nothing?

  35. The Democrats have damaged the Reputation of the American People, not the President I have followed this from the beginning.If the Democrats were running this country I would be ready for war! They are destroying the country and it`s long overdue to get these professional politicians out of our government.

  36. RD ; Can't wait till we get to possibly see the " First Act of Violence " against this Deep Hole State " in our government !

  37. The Democrats are angry because they had their kickbacks and Pay for Play all set up and were megging from dishonesty and Trump upset this.I might say that there are billionaire globalists funding some of this illicit activity in our government. The American corporations also have their part to play because they want a global environment that arises from their greed.There is an oligarchy at the top attempting to engineer this change and Trump has gotten in the way.They say we are conspiracy theorists but I say where there is smoke there is fire.I read comments on videos from other countries and many say that they wish that they had a Trump in their country.There are also some Republicans and many in our agencies involved.

  38. So…..the "obstruction" is not impeachaable…..get it??? Trump would FIRST have to do something WRONG…….that was grounds for impeachment….which he didn't….so now they are grasping at anything! And anyway there was more obstruction against the republicans in the process!

  39. How is no one talking about hairy legs???? He called black kids "cockroaches"!!!!! He is insane!! And he is STILL the frontrunner???!!!!!

  40. The ones that needs to be impeached is pencil neck Shifty Shift. Along with all the Demoncraps who are supporting this coup against a duly elected president.

  41. Another nail in the coffin of the communist democratic party.💀 MAY YOU TRAITORS BURN IN HELL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO AMERICA. 🔥

  42. Tune in Weds 12/04/19 at 10 AM eastern for constitutional law experts for historical basis for impeachment, that is unless your an expert.


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