House Intel Member: New Parnas Documents ‘Require Another Investigation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “House Intel Member: New Parnas Documents ‘Require Another Investigation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Where is your outrage over who ordered the surveillance of a presidential candidate? The documents from Mr Parnas will be examined by law enforcement to determine if they are first credible and second if there were any crimes committed. This rush to judgement remind me of the Steal dossier, everyone overreact and then it was revealed that it was all BS.

  2. Hey evangelicals are you still supporting the White House criminal?no matter what!a freaking criminal !who do you pray to Satan? because for sure no Christian God will listen to your prayer! Shame on you!

  3. All this treachery lies corruption obstruction and betrayal backed by the ends justify the means apostate Evangelicals mockers of God's righteousness and justice,

  4. Marie Yovanovitch was personally working with the state department to deny visas for people willing to testify against Hunter Biden and Burisma.
    Marie Yovanovitch had asked the prosecutor that replaced Shokin (the prosecutor Biden had removed) to stop investigating three individuals. Marie Yovanovitch lied about this under oath according to that prosecutor.
    Shokin had notified NABU that he was investigating Hunter Biden under suspicion of money laundering and asked for their help.
    NABU is founded by George Kent and controlled by the U. S embassy. George Kent was the Deputy Chief of Mission to Ukraine under the Obama administration while Joe Biden was the point man to Ukraine. NABU failed to respond to Shokin, and instead immediately opened investigations on him and his family members.
    President Poroshenko had asked Shokin to slow down his work on Burisma at the alleged request of Joe Biden. There are documents proving NABU and therefore Joe Biden where aware of investigations regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma. George Kent suggested that Shokin be removed for failing to produce sufficient results on corruption in regards to a prosecutor who was accepting large repayments in exchange for holding back criminal charges.
    Biden then threatened president Poroshenko to have Shokin removed and told him "If he isn't gone in 6 hours, you're not getting the billion dollars". Poroshenko told Biden he wasn't the president, and so he didn't have to listen to him.
    Biden told him to go ahead and call Obama who he claimed would back him up. As a response, Poroshenko asked Shokin to step down at the demand Joe Biden. Poroshenko told Shokin, "I need you to do this, we are a country at war, and we need the money, if you are a patriot you will step down."
    This is why Giuliani forced out Yovanovitch and why he was investigating the Bidens.
    Giuliani was investigating the Bidens 6 months before Biden announced his run for office and Trump can be seen on FOX talking about it before Biden announced his campaign.
    Asking Poroshenko to investigate would be akin to asking him to investigate himself, Trump asked president Zielinski to investigate Burisma and the Bidens 3 months after he took office.

  5. Money and connections to people with money. That's all that matters in the Republic of America. This will be the end of our democracy. Trump will get away with it. Nothing will happen to him. Republicans really do not care about the Constitution. It's all about 'winning' to them. Don't ever forget that. The Trump Administration, and the Republicans, have been the ultimate test of the laws of our Constitution. It so far has failed. Our Constitution means very little at this point.
    The Republicans love to applaud for the Constitution.
    Trump: "I sit on a gold toilet seat and wipe my crack with the Constitution."
    Republicans: CLAP CLAP CLAP

  6. Unfortunately After this president is out of office,the Dotards that support him will still be the same people..What are you idiots defending?My energy ran out trying to figure your idiocracy out.keep up the good work dumbasses👍🖕😂🤣

  7. How did Lev conclude her laptop and cell phone were ‘off’?

    Rudy’s phone records are going to be FIRE!!!

  8. Even if trump slips this indictment trump will continue to break the law and we will have investigations and impeachment proceedings as long as the Democrats have the will and trump draws breath.

    I think it took three trials to finally convict John Gotti. Everyone knew he was guilty but they just couldn't get the evidence to bring him down. Trump is guilty as well but it may take more digging to find the silver bullet that will put him behind bars.

  9. I love you Jill..I have been crying listening to Nancy Pelosi and now smiling for the first time in days just viewing you. Please speak out often.

  10. Writers in Hollywood have plenty of movies here. They don't even have to be creative. I see a long trilogy, nine hours, like Lord of the Rings.
    The second chapter should be called "Lev and Igor". Mysterious title, wonderful characters.

  11. Get her fired? Sounds a little more sinister than fired. She wasn’t being overly dramatic when she testified she was afraid for her life, poor woman.

  12. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE is a CRIME in itself. In fact it is the crime that Clinton was impeached for . Extortion is ALSO a crime- which is what Trump did by withholding congressionally approved aid to Ukraine

  13. Whom ever told her she needed to return home should testify. They had enough information to tell her she was in danger

  14. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler what a team. The only reason I'll watch is to thank God that I am not them two clowns.

  15. They need a force of reckoning so they will understand that they all are not above the law, or else every criminal will do the same as they are doing!

  16. the republican party seems to be a criminal organisation and barr and other cronies seem to be part of this criminal organisation.. just – WOW – … the usa needs good men and women to get to removing these people and putting the lot of them behind bars

  17. Look, trump and Rudy were just taking advantage of the corruption still going on in the Ukraine. Any good businessman and his lawyer would do the same given the opportunity.

  18. Treason, if they refuse to look at the truth, the evidence or judge! GOP, GREED OVER PEOPLE PARTY would line up for a steaming cup of his sh-t. These are sick dudes! they care nothing for our Democracy! They are satan's minions. Satan always is a trickster.

  19. What would they have done to this women if he had not stepped down and left ? Maybe had her bumped off or something? Wow!!! Whose side is Donnie on anyway?

  20. Guliani is an attorney looking into the corruption in Ukraine. No more , no less. He , as well any and every attorney in the world can investigate questionable people and possibly illegal actions. You and I can hire a P.I. and have anybody we want followed. Its common sense people. This is just trying to blow it completely out of proportion. ( as usual )

  21. ok…so who is investigating all this right now besides Rachel? Sounds like more bloviating about conspiracies that go nowhere.

  22. I can't imagine how it feels to be Marie Yovanovitch. When I heard this, it was alarming to me! Which is saying a lot given what trump and his regime have done over the last 3 years. This whole fiasco is alarming! And if you can't see it, you are either lacking in intelligence or you are listening to nothing but the false narratives and propaganda the trump regime is spewing forth.

  23. 'The Expendables IV' trailer…voiced by Arnold S.: "Will beleaguered American ambassadors, diplomats and intelligence personnel survive the hungry Russian Wolfhounds of Cadet Bonespurs?…….Will TRUTH & JUSTICE triumph?….Or will a hypnotized GOP sign, seal & deliver the shreds of American democracy to Papa Vlad?…..Happening NOW in the United States of America…limited engagement…not all discounts apply…"

  24. When Ambassador V testified, no wonder she appeared so scared! A brave civil servant, thankfully this came to light before her death and a successful cover-up.

  25. If this is about finding the truth you allow all relevant documents and witnesses. If you try to block the truth from coming out it strongly suggests your guilty.

  26. I have one question if they were tracked the way she was and they knew what when your phone is off and your laptop is powered down this is not just a tracking this is trying to set up something. The mention of her security detail kind of sheds the light on what. Can't read into that it is like me putting on here the president security team and when they are active. She did work for the state department right but yet had her own person detail. Tell you anything she thought it was coming from in house. Her only threat was to one person.

  27. …"If HillaryClinton is Elected there will be Investigation After Investigation.Resources of the Federal gov. would be Needed to defend her….
    -The Con Artist and CriminalTrump

  28. Trump is a gangster. remember other women complained that someone threatened her. so is Trump threatening senators as a gangster?

  29. As I listen , The Republican representatives seem to rant
    and their words are hollow.
    Dems are calm , composed and
    speak in full sentences that are thought through and carry force.

  30. So if the present Ukraine government knew of this they shouldn't get anymore aid.but if trump got dirt on them before he asked the favor so everyone looks dirty. What a scammer


  32. Bar is looking the other way because he is involved in the surveillance of the U.S. ambassador. What would they have done if she had refused to leave her position in Ukraine?

  33. The House must start a new investigation. Jamie Raskin can conduct the new hearing in the Judiciary committee. The next ranking Democrat can do it in Intelligence since Schiff is a manager in the Senate.

  34. If this is not enough to make republicans rethink there stance on this unhinged lunatic then i truly believe that there is a serious danger they will allow this man to walk free with no accountable at all and continue to run the white house as a criminal syndicate

  35. I don't know where he got the 72 percent statistic and I don't care. If an overwhelming majority of Americans can't pull their heads out of their crack on this one then something is drastically wrong. Obstruction of the rule of law is to be smeared all over those Republicans lacking a back bone.

  36. Almost on a weekly basis I wonder how Trump can commit any more crimes.He never ceases to amaze me.This is by far the most disturbed,corrupt president in known history.If you made a movie just like this no one would watch.It would be crazy,stupid and debase it would be too fictional.

  37. The President can replace an Ambassador if he wants. But he cannot violate laws that act as restraints on abuse of Presidential powers.

    Trump appears to have had intentions to do more than replace an Ambassador.

    He was caught withholding assistance and is now caught intentionally demeaning the person in the job most able to catch corrupt actions and say something.

    It is fair and just to ask why. Why soil this particular Ambassador? Why intimidate her?

    The obvious answer is Trump wanted to squash her ability to correct his assertions the Russians did not throw the election his way. He needed to remove anyone who would be able to contradict him. And in fairness again, this time to citizens and to Congress, it is crucial to consider if Trump intended to withhold the financial assistance completely, hamstringing Ukrainian negotiations for a peaceful settlement to the war initiated against it by Russia. Trump may have had a grandiose dream of winning the War against ISIL, removing Troops from Syria, taking big cuts from the oil produced by Iraq, bombing Iran into dust and walking away from Ukraine as the necessary chit to Putin for orchestrating all of the above.

  38. Attorney general Barr must be investigated for breach of office, oath of office, malfeasance among other other RICO violations of law.

  39. USA is a decent law abiding democracy… in the movies. If the republicans save Trump them the US can never claim international moral high ground ever again.

  40. Read Hunter S. Thompsons "Fear and loathing on the Campaign Trail"…. its a nearly 50 year old book that explains Trumps entire presidency!

  41. If orange wanted his own personal lawyer to represent Parnass maybe to steal all the evidence incriminating orange and or tamper wth them. Seems like a long life gangster.

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