House Intelligence Committee Releases Impeachment Report | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “House Intelligence Committee Releases Impeachment Report | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. He’s guilty af and we all know why he tried to do it( re-election dirt) but he never said It was for his re-election. That might be the orange clown’s out

  2. I really hope this pig gets impeached. My family and I got deported because of him, after living almost my whole life in the States (5-27). I was a DACA holder, but couldn't renew it after he ordered DACA to be cancelled for everyone who had qualified before.

  3. This was SO pathetic… WOW. Add the fact that Democrats are racist and sexist because they did not support Kamala harris … go ahead and eat your own… #Cinton2020 LMFAO

  4. I was just thinking, as Schiff spoke competently and completely about the extraordinary remedy of impeachment, how very, very long and circuitous the trail of linguistic puree would be had Trump attempted to convey anything of similar importance and significance. There would have been a dizzying spaghetti-bowl of braggardly asides and, 'by the way's and long mental merry-go-rounds as Trump's brain got stuck in whirling eddys of circular self-aggrandizement.

    Then again, I realized that Trump never DOES attempt to convey anything of real importance or significance.

  5. Get over it Schitz head, Lie, cheat, you need to be locked up making up your on words in place of the President's true words. You are a disgrace, you have been a sniffing dog after our President from day one. You need Imprisoned for Treason liar Mr. Bug eye.

  6. Wow! I have NEVER voted in my life but I definitely will this 2020. I AM and will always be on the side of TRUTH and you Liberals, Democraps, Lying Demons can be as HATEFUL as you want but Trump WILL win again. You people are NAZI'S!

  7. What you actually have here is an argument between the opinions… "the president believes based upon Ukrainian statements… they where corrupt and also interfered in the election"… VS… "BS those Ukrainians are corrupt according to the new Ukrainians… so there opinion is not to be trusted".. do you trust the new gov?… LOL they are spinning a circle… #Clintion2020

  8. This is so unbelievable and, so sad that this Corruption is happening in our Government at the highest level the President of the United States 🇺🇸 of America!!!!!

  9. we all who are sane see whats going on here so let me go ahead and peer into the future: The republicans are going to start, especially after the next election, attempting to "investigate" major democratic politicians literally to give their cultishly brain dead followers more feed for cognitive dissonance. It's gonna be left and right, defaming every congress member who travels, conspiracy theories about AOC, Pelosi, and WHoever wins the nomination. It is gonna be bad. I pray the republicans dont yank us into civil war

  10. WE need to drain the current swamp in the Senate and White House or start handing out umbrellas for bourbon cocktails in this Banana Republic of the United States…

  11. Not only isTrump using the powers of the Presidency to advance his end but he is being assisted by government officials using THEIR positions of power (Barr, Pompeo, Nunez, etc.) to perpetuate corruption.

  12. There is a lot of uneducated people who doesn’t understand nothing about law nor politics including the reason and the meaning of the constitution there for Trump is targeting those folks to divide them from the ones that do. They are dangerous!!!!!

  13. So many sound bytes mentioned in this "news" and comment section. But not actually showing the full speeches . I used to be dem now I'm independent. Seriously thinking about jumping in with republicans when Democrats accept partial convos as truth now. Don't want to be surrounded by people who don't look things up and just believe the powers that be.

  14. Unfortunately the t
    Republicans won't remove him,they don't care about the law,they only look after their portfolio.

  15. Trump is such a blithering idiot…I think this could be the one though…if not State crimes should put him away in the Southern District of New York…There has to be accountability

  16. Schiff had it right about the Republicans, corrupt to the core, incapable of standing up for America, traitors to their oaths of office and the US Constitution. Their duty as it were, is to do the right thing, but they're all cowards, every single one of them. Americans will never forget this betrayal.

  17. We have to protect our Country, from the person residing in the WH and all of his cohorts, then and only then we will get over it.

  18. In the crime family that is the trump family. Nunes is the dirty cop making sure to try and corrupt any investigation into THEIR crimes.

  19. You know when judges make an exampl6of a criminal to show anyone thinking of doing the same thing in the future what they can look forward to?
    Make an example of Trump, Rudy and Nunes so future politicians see that there is still law and it applies to them too.

  20. Nadler Schift pelosi are dishonest to their core .they lie for their own self interests.They can't stop their lies..misleading the public .
    We the people need to know who is the spy from Dem's ?? President Trump,does not need to encourage any thing for the next election..or encourage new voters! He has Millions of voters ..even some Dems have moved to Trumps side.. there is proof on a video.that president is 100% guilt ,or any problems ..Nadler just exaggerated and it is still another ***Nothing burger***…We need to get over your lies Schif pelosi and Nadler .. We cant wait, to see you go and take your lies with you.. Nadler had nothing No evidence!! waste of time and taxpayers money..we are sick of your obsessions ..
    BTW this is not about Rudy ,or anyone else .. President is innocent.. and this is what this is all about.. no he is not running anything in the white house, this statement is Misleading the public.ThankQ Dems you will be paying for this false farce empty court case., So nice of you all..saying as you are all so desperate !!

  21. At this point, I imagine that Nunes will blame his "Twitter Cow" (whom he is suing) for the calls…. along with anything and everything else that is going to come out in the wash.

  22. Not to impeach is to make Congress impotent! That surely will be the death of American Democracy and a victory for putin with his assets: trump and the GOP!

  23. So you are reporting that you are still spying on the President? Something is so wrong with releasing phone records of the WH. PERIOD!!!! You guys are so screwed!!!

  24. in the next congressional inquiry when Nunez turn to speak he will say I yield all of my time to Jim Jordan no thx Jordan replies. "well there must be a witch hunt or a hoax against us?? maybe?? could be?? I rest my case, I guess!!? Donald Trump who???Nunez looks lost. 😯🤒🤐 😉😁😁😁😉

  25. This is bigger than “just” the impeachment of the President! This is about a criminal conspiracy, which will rope in a lot of Republican congressmen !!!

  26. I cannot believe that will all of this evidence Chairman Schiff has to now break it down Barney Style to get trumps base to actually understand the importance of all this to the security of protecting our country. Smdh… bunch of stupid idiots.

  27. ‘Donald Trump is dishonest at his core’. Never a truer word was spoken. I’m British and could not believe that he was elected.

  28. The truth has came to the light the Mob is being run out of the white house and Trump seems to be the boss and Giuliani looks to be his number #1 Top General and the GOP as his Soldiers and the American tax payers are his Bank.

  29. People ABOVE THE LAW: Bill Barr, Devin Nunes, Mike Pence, Sean Hannity, Jim Jordan??? These people have ALL been involved in the conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. Will they all get off with NO punishment?

  30. This is completely… U N A C C E P T A B L E !!!
    Our president Trump… is… and always has been… a liar and a cheat!
    The American people deserve much better than a self serving clown.

  31. I know this is off topic but did you see the interview with nut job Laura Ingrahm, I believe was May 2019…Rudy dyed his hair & eyebrows?!?! Wonder if he & Stephen Miller got a 2-4-1 deal, when Stephen dyed his scalp?!?! lmaooooooo

  32. Nunes is looking very "Bus Worthy." What was happening at West Point when so many of its alumni turned out to be corrupt and crooks? The USSR successfully infiltrated some of the most prestigious colleges in the UK & USA. These reaped enormous leaps in technology and counter espionage. This didn't stop when the USSR collapsed; it increased. Putin owns Trump and the Trump party. He has defeated the sole super-power with a few keyboards.

  33. What Trump is, and what he does, is clear to everyone. The fact that his supporters are okay with what he is, and what he has done, tells me that it would be okay for them to behave in the same way, and that goes for the Evangelical Christians that support him. That means that Trump's supporters are every bit as dishonest, criminal, and disgusting in their manners and behavior as Trump is whenever push comes to shove. They'll hide that normally, but at root, they are the same, else they would not find Trump and his actions acceptable. They are disgusting people.


  35. No Truth At All…Here We Go Again…There Was Nothing There With The Calls…People In The Government Have To Talk…You Really Think They Are This Stupid…Just The Left Media.

  36. How much of the $400,000,000 the US gave to Ukraine will make its way into the pockets of Trump, Giuliani & their corrupt associates s a result of their dirty dealings?

  37. No Chance for Dems to recover from this Manufactured TURD of a Hoax . Its all over for Fake News peddlers & leftist progadandists everywhere . ADMIT IT you were wrong & Got duped ! Trump did nothing Wrong , he has the Right to do foreign politics AS HE pleases , As the POTUS of America . End of story , period

  38. As Paulie said in Goodfellas…."don't talk on the phone" !!! And these days…anyone can hack into a cell phone call !!!

  39. Don't forget in that call…Told them to talk to Giuliani and Barr…Barr is just as dirty as Giuliani and Nunes !!!

  40. If Trump's kleptocracy continues they'll become more outrageous. Trump undermines the democratic process by investigating/ threatening to incarcerate political opponents. Russia helped Trump in 2016 without consequence; Trump intended to duplicate the 2016 strategy using Ukraine, upon discovery; the GOP is substituted for Ukraine. The GOP is discrediting Democrats/Biden for 2020, insisting Biden is corrupt/impeachment lacks credibility. Graham announced a Biden investigation/Barr indicated the 2016 investigations involved criminal/partisan activity. If Trump isn't restrained, by 2024 he'll cancel future elections.

  41. Hm. So Putin spread this theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 US election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Did Baby Trump get jealous and say, "I don't just want Russian interference, I want Ukraine to help me, too," and start the process to pressure Zelensky?

  42. Let's see what Sarah Sanders would do to twist this pretzel back in shape lol. Everyone in his cabinet is wasting tax payers money and is not doing their job whatsoever. Going to work with trump as the boss everyone is having an early day off.

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