House Judiciary Committee Set To Hold First Public Meeting | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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    It's all about the defeat of western DEMOCRACY and the 'one world government' oligarchy , by the world's WEALTHIEST . . . …

  2. Question to all americans: are you (still) sure you are governed by "the people", or are you now part of the greater Russian federation?

  3. The aid was approved in February for Ukraine and Trump had it held back until he was caught in September, guilty. Smh

  4. If we don't fight this now, we as Americans will loose the freedoms under a ruler. This is not Hitler's Germany but it will be something else. The poor will increase and get poorer. Whatever happens I'm sure it would be bad.

  5. Trump wont Come because
    He no they may panic an tell.
    Those who obea trump orders
    In the end will go to jail while trump rehire those he fired.
    Trump folks an trump is works are playing tricks again.
    Trump think if he an his folks dont show up for court he will stay in the Whitehouse
    Trump ready think no one can touch him.
    Where is justice department,
    FBI agent Congress, Senate, committee,law enforcement
    Judges cant stop trump.
    Trump must owe this man

  6. Does anyone knows why a delegation of GOP Senators went to Russia on USA independence day a year ago ?..weird isn't

  7. These white men are willing to sell out their own country for what exactly but still try and hold everyone else to a different standard? Imagine if Obama was the one that made the call to Zalenski asking for help. White men are the problem with this country and the world. They think they are kings and everyone else is here to serve them. We have a rude awakening coming and we deserve it.

  8. Clean the swamp!!!! The WH is the dirtiest it's ever been. Draped in a red flag. "Garbage in, garbage out" nothing good can come from this party. They need to clean house completely before they can press reset. Just Get out!

  9. Another chapter of my novel. (Outline how it plays out)> Putin is in a political meltdown the likes of Chernobyl, of the Ukrainian SSR. Rated as the worst disaster of last century—there is a background where Putin blames America for tampering in that disaster. Consider Pelosi issuing an American Constitutional crisis. Declaring Russia tampering with the 2016 Presidential election. Really ugly huh. Tit for tat disaster for disaster both Putin and Trump want to keep power. The formulaic for World War, but, if Trump likes Putin and Putin likes Trump everyone is happy. They both need to stay in power, or they scare the bejesus out of the World. Pelosi, with the Impeachment sticks to the Constitution and Democracy, showing the world, the powerful weapon America has; needed to endure freedom and liberty by political laws of the American Constitution. We the People. Sorry Trump is a looser this time. But, America wins, our heads are spinning. This would be a good chapter in my novel, very dramatic don't you think?

  10. The trolls must have had a meeting in the troll-factory recently, because some of their talking points have changed as well. I've seen a few now trying to change tack, but headed in the same direction

  11. This is going to be good. So dems move the same stupidity from Adam Schiff "Intelligence" Committee, to Jerry Nadler and Judiciary Committee. They wont take a vote in Congress and send it to a real trial. Who else do they have to call? They shot their one stage Estes rocket and it fizzled, so they gonna pump it up and retire the same old used rocket, hoping it will hit the moon. Hilarious!

  12. My husband and I love the movie "A Christmas Story" with "Ralphie" and his weird little brother "Randy" a great movie.

  13. The GOP continues to support Trump because they to are in on the scam !! Putin made sure of that when he invited them to Russia!! Yes they went to Russia!! 🤨😠😡

  14. Hahahahaha it appears that trump’s criminal cohorts all train with some oratory specialist to learn trump speak of gaslighting and talking fast or yelling like gym jordan.
    I still don’t think the senate will vote to remove. Not enough outrage over this lawlessness to change republicans in senate vote

  15. I'm sick to death of hearing these traitorous toadies yap yapping like treasonous auctioneers and I'm not even American. ~ a sympathetic neighbour to the north.

  16. John F. Kennedy warned Russia that if they continued to go with their plan to install missiles on Cuba, we would go to war with them. This John Kennedy and the GOP would allow it.

  17. Logic, reason, truth, nothing will change GOP attitude. They will never give up power. Lies, manipulation and spins are the new normal. The solid evangelical uneducated base loves the reality show and perhaps ready for violence against whoever comes in between Trump and a second term.

  18. Hearing trump say “i will be representing our country” is like hearing Bozo the Clown say “i will be representing our country”
    But its actually worse because Bozo isn’t a pathetic piece of sh/t who literally sucked money out of his daddy’s butth0|e, and cheats America with tax fraud and bank fraud and extortion and literally whatever else he can cheat lie and steal.

  19. For the 25'th time! Release the Unredacted Secret Code Word Server Transcript. C'mon baby hands, clear this up in an hour! I promise I will read it.

  20. Just FYI, the FORMER leadership of Ukraine WAS indeed corrupt. Biden was TOUGH in asking for Shokins removal.
    The BIGGEST corruption in Ukraine was the THEFT of 8-10 Billion (that's with a B) from the Ukrainian state. 
    Of course the Russian oligarch THEFT from the state of Russia is 15 – 25 BILLION (again, that's with a B)
    Do we condone this, OR fight back to keep this evil from USA?

  21. The WH counsel is obviously not following Trump's role in the UK election. Trump jumped in on the first day to help his friend Nigel Farage. In less than an hour he undermined Johnson and helped Labour (he intended to do the opposite) Trump's face is plastered around London on billboards and posters. They are using as a threat to the UK who might insist on the privatization of the NHS in a US/UK trade agreement. Every day Johnson has had to tell reporters it wouldn't happen, but it may do real harm. People attending NATO will just have to look at the posters around London and watch Johnson try to avoid Trump. Johnson has taken the extraordinary measure of publicly asking Trump not to endorse him. The impeachment are tame compared to what they will face in London.

  22. The only reason 98% aren't for impeachment and removal, instead of 50% according to the polls, is because most Americans hate dirty politics. At least 50% of Americans are working 2 or 3 jobs just to survive, and don't want to spend their precious free time trying to keep up with all the crap that goes on in DC.

  23. Trump and his cronies is work for Russia they are all in the payroll of Russia , Hey are all traitors and criminals.They think they re above the law. Judgement will be done. They need to go on a long vacation in jail traitors,

  24. The is where tolerating the republicans 'liberal media' lies has got us.They can say and do anything and as long as Fox is behind them they've got nothing to worry about.

  25. The only way any of this works out, is if the Jedi turn out to actually be evil…

    That is, America and her capitalism have been the source of all global plight, and Russia and her communism are the true answer to human happiness and utopia.

    Its the only way any of this works out well for the entire planet.

  26. "TRUMPANATION" (noun , adjectival verb):

    1.) The act of lying, or a lie made or disinformation given to promote autocratic or authoritarian rule or other anti-democratic outcome, including obtaining a improper or private benefit of the proponent and/or any associates; especially when using means of vilification and/or intimidation of media, opponents or witnesses.

    2. Abuse of powers of an official position and/or of wealth and status to overcome, obstruct or “trump” performance of legal obligations owed to a state or nation and/or to breach its laws to derive a private or political benefit; — [more especially]; by means of lies, bribery, deceit, disinformation, intimidation, vilification and/or propaganda, or bias and manipulation by dispensation or withholding of favor, particularly when against impartial or independent advisement, and/or against established procedure or policy.

    3.) Abuse of a position of power and/or wealth, in order to:

    a): promote autocratic or authoritarian rule, or anti-democratic outcome, and/or self-interest of the abuser and associates, [and/or]

    b): to avoid accountability in government, [and/or]

    c): to frustrate and/or avoid compliance with legal obligations or duties to a state or nation, or otherwise breach the law, especially for financial reasons;

    —-especially by means of lies, bribery, deceit, disinformation, intimidation, vilification and/or propaganda,

    4. The act of accepting, repeating or relying on the lie, deceit, disinformation, or propaganda, intimidation or vilification for any of the purposes of 1, 2, or 3.

  27. Trump is a liar, affiliated with a crime syndicate in Great Britain in the past, committed bribery, committed obstruction of justice many many….times, and is very corrupt. He should be impeached and removed from office.

  28. And we have the traitor snuggling up with our Queen tomorrow, do you want us to extradite him in handcuffs or in a cage! ⟰☃⟰

  29. America has been very good to Ukraine. It would be a shame if something bad happened to Ukraine! Sounds just like what a mob boss would say!

  30. Trump is sincere in his belief that his call to Zelensky was "perfect" because Trump doesn't know how a president talks. Trump doesn't know how an adult talks and thinks because he never made to adulthood. Millions of Americans support Trump because they never made it either. That's why they slurp up the pablum that Murdoch and Putin feed them.

  31. Putin hit Jackpot. Orange buffoon is breaking safety mechanisms and paving the road for the dictatorship state. Next trump will have much firmer grip. This is not a joke folks.

  32. Where do these republicans get off believing Russian Intelligence Service propaganda over US intelligence services? Can they explain how US intelligence got it so wrong? Or do they think the CIA etc. are all just lying? They really need to explain this. But I will not hold my breath.

  33. If you see a crime and know of a crime and support a crime, then you are part of the crime and continue to expand the verbiage on the defense of the crime, then you are aiding and abetting the crime.

  34. R-Collins of Georgia is a servant of a liar. He would rather speak lies to protect his own power than walk in the truth and light. Common Georgia?

  35. Think about where this eventually leads to. If Trump and the Republicans who support him are allowed to retain power, this is basically a hand over of power to Russia and organized criminal organizations. These people are not only traitors, they are actively gutting the country of law, democracy, and independence, and exposing America to great harm.

  36. >why do Republicans support Trump by repeating Putin’s rhetoric?

    Because of two reasons:
    1. Trump is a vicious pig. If they speak out he will drag them publicly and ruin their chances forever.
    2. Despite his bluster he is an incredibly weak leader and will do what he is told by anyone with the promise of money. Thus, the donor classes decide his actions and anyone who speaks out against him or fails to toe the line will not only disadvantage their own campaign funds, but those of their peers. That’s political suicide.

  37. I have heard that Trump will withdraw from NATO and form a
    new and stronger alliance with only 3 other nations.  “This will save the US many billion dollars
    and also form the strongest alliance in the world.  The alliance will be called C.R.A.N.K.  My great friends and President Trump who are
    all strong leaders will head the organization. “, according to an anonymous

    The source also inferred that the nations involved are
    China, Russia, America, and North Korea.

  38. More investigation of WHY Republicans are SO willing to work as Russian assets, is needed? What corrupt strangle-hold does Trump have over them? VOTING them out is key.

    100% of citizens need to register AND definitely vote!!! KEEP every form of PROOF of registration, including taking screenshots on your phone. CALL ACLU Voter Suppression helplines IF anybody tries to deny your Civil Right to PEACEFULLY vote, WITHOUT any fear or intimidation… IGNORE ALL THREATS of "Civil War" etc – That's intimidation, which is wrong!

  39. NB: Since ONLY 24% of people are registered Republican (31% Dems, the rest are Independents & NON-voters) the key to winning is 100% of young people and 100% of ethnic minority citizens, ALL voting for somebody SANE who respects LAWS & The Constitution: Not a failed dunce, crazy Cheetolini!

  40. I would love not to hear these Repugs spouting their BS. Please let's get rid of Republicans and replace them with people who take their jobs seriously.

  41. The comments proves his worshippers or supporters are idiots and facts don’t matter. Don’t forget, 99% of them are white people.


  43. Alot double talk of media news.
    I don't care if u left are right it about the next election trying too confuse the public.
    Do u think the public are seeing the impeachment process no .
    The biggest joke in History both parties.

  44. The Republicans should now be called the Russian Republicans. They are total traitors!! For the Republicans that are brave enough to tell the truth kudos to you.

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