House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. BILL CLINTON CLEARS PRESIDENT TRUMP ON UKRAINE! signed by bill clinton in 1998 Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and the 2001 updated version

  2. So asking a nation to continue an investigation into the Bidens and the 2016 election in exchange for removing an ambassador which he has the legal right to do is bribery. Joy someone is hacking your brian.

  3. Treason and bribery….he is obviously guilty of both. We need Bolton to testify and we need millions protesting in the streets.

  4. You have no credibility the journalist have ratted all of you out you protected a child molester for three years get off the air

  5. MSDNC still employs this disgusting homophobic propagandist? Pathetic. She's lucky that the SJW left is a complete joke with zero actual principles.

  6. I feel like either they are somehow watching different hearings than the rest of America or they are absolutely lying in an effort to color popular opinion. From what I have seen so far, the Dems are looking kinda of FAIL on this whole thing. I mean, it is actually making me wonder why they are trying so hard to make sure that Trump gets re-elected?

  7. No facts just a bunch of guessing. So if the white house is holding the 1st hand listeners, why are their still having impeachment hearings? Boy, MSNBC sure know how to stretch bs

  8. Folks, you're being gaslit big time. Here is Tucker Carlson on Fox, if you consider yourself open-minded and not weak-minded. I dare you :

  9. Isn't this the person that laughed like a fool at Ann Coulter when Ann suggested Trump had the best chance of winning the election among Republican candidates?

  10. No first hand witnesses because Trump won't let them testify…and their defense is that there's no first hand knowledge. Gee, that's not suspicious at all. How can any American be ok with this farce?

  11. “The bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake investigation into the elections — that’s bribery,” she said.

    There was no offer to hold military assistance. If the party of the second part has no idea of something being withheld then there could not have been an offer to withhold it !

  12. Republicans saying Trump did nothing wrong are merely using hearsay information. Somehow when they do it isn't as bad as when others do.

  13. Based on their reasoning alot of convicted people should be let go. Someone should call out Jordan and say is that why you didn't do anything at Ohio?

  14. Just a suggestion for MSNBC. If you are going to allow the DNC to dictate your agenda then perhaps you should at least put it in your own words. And it is the height of laziness to just put the talking points on the screen and make your viewers read them directly. How about doing a little investigating of your own and check out BOTH sides. If you are told something has been debunked or discredited, then ask by whom and share that with your listeners. Or you can stay in your “Safe” place and report what you are told.

  15. what happened to the paid for fake dossier of Russia collusion ? the whores that was proved to be paid for by the dems to smear Trump, nothing there , but the dems keep trying to fabricate a crime of what ever kind they can, they will never stop, we will have to put up with this for 4 more years.

  16. Not one shred of proof that Trump did a single thing wrong or illegal, What is fact is that Biden, while VP, did the exact this that they claim Trump did. Thus proving this entire thing is a joke, just like the Mueller report. Spin it all you want, Trump will not be impeached and will be POTUS for the next 5 years

  17. To all of the Rusian Pupet supporters , in case you don't understand he has meet both crimes criteria
    BRIBERY AND TREASON , one with Ukraine and the other with Russia

  18. America has been losing since 1920 when they allowed women to vote… now look at our government talkin about feelings and smearing making America look weak… women dont belong in leadership positions

  19. Dems, you guys are pathetic. First its Russian collusion, then hookers, then tax evasion, then quid pro quo, now its bribery. A complete sham. TRUMP will win again in 2020 by a landslide. Then Don Jr 8 years.

  20. Trump has got Schiff's Team of Trained Monkeys jumping thru Flaming Hoops & Bringing him the Cash Box! That Feel When Everything you do is so Obviously Wrong & you just can't get out of that Muddy Rut.

  21. So…the deponent is off the hook? He/ she doesn't face any repercussions; it's just tacked on to another article of impeachment? How is that holding the individual accountable by just passing it off by saying they are not to blame? They're adults, aren't they?

  22. They will spin this today.
    Nobody watches news on Sat.
    Then the talking heads shows on Sun. generate next weeks “news” cycle.

  23. Doesn't any one listen to their own words when defending trump.When they claim that proper protocols were not followed they are living a double standard because the Ukraine military request trump says talk to Rudy Giuliani and not go threw proper channels.It seems in every word of any defense of trump are the crimes that republicans themselves are or have committed.The more the republicans disobey the law the more higher people of the party I feel are looking like the ones actually committing the crimes and their just putting it on trump .Abuse of power should be charged against trump and top GOP senators and staff.We The People Can Clearly See Obstruction Of Justice Against trump,gram,mc Connell Paul,and so on.We The People Will Never Forget What has been done by republicans to destroy our constitution and our country.Republicans have severely damaged the party and those of us that used to be in that party.Disgusted by their lack of common sense when it comes to how clearly they themselves are making the Republican Party look,how they are showing their true colors when it comes to their supporters, like life long supporters in their defense arguments.Gram made it quit clear the he thinks we are too stupid to understand what quid pro quo really means,too stupid really Gram let's see how stupid we really are when we vote BLUE instead of RED Come NOVEMBER 2020! Im just exhausted of the crime laden white house,the lies,the gibberish defenses,THE LIES,
    THE LIES,THE LIES!! It's crystal clear what needs to be done to end the his train wreck of a president and save what's left of the country we once were So Proud Of!!!! Impeach Donald Trump!

  24. The day will come, when we all shout in the face of Donald Trump and company……………
    He is nothing, but an……
    " A P P R E N T I C E "

  25. THIS IS LIKE THE CIVIL CASE OF OJ SIMPSON WHO MURDERED HIS WIFE! Yes he was Guilty of Murder by Circumstance and had to Pay 26 Million Dollars for the Murder of his wife and her friend.

  26. poor vindman….if trump wins…he will never make general 1 day, any day. And how humiliating that he has to obey ,take his marching orders…from a draft dodging stinky fingered creep. I wonder if any females fans of trump secretly wish for said treatment of ''stinky''?

  27. Corroborated testimony proved:
    Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation, and
    committed the impeachable acts of bribery, extortion, abuse of power,
    and obstruction of justice. Any president having done so must be impeached and should be REMOVED

  28. So now it's bribery?
    Democrats are really grasping at straws!
    I'm no Trump fan.
    But this whole thing is so obvious…the Democrats are just trying to get rid of Trump – or damage him going into 2020!
    What he said on the Ukraine phone call did not rise to the level of "treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors"!
    Let the American people decide in 11 months and two weeks!

  29. MSDNC you people are ridiculous… 90 percent negative coverage of our president, we have the transcript we dont need a trial because nowhere did Trump say investigate or your not getting money

  30. The DNC and the Fake news Industrial Complex have lost their minds.

    This is all Fake news, big spin, little facts.

    The president investigating the corruption that started the Russia Collusion hoax and the Bidens' conduct in Ukraine cannot be illegal.

    Clearly the swamp's fake news media does not want the conduct of Vice-president Joe Biden investigated but here is some real news for the fake news media like MSNBC.

    The fact that the Ukrainian prosecutor was corrupt does not mean that he was not investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden and does not mean that Joe Biden did not have that in mind when he sought to remove him from office.
    In fact Rudy Giuliani has indicated that Hunter Biden's lawyers indicated to the new Ukrainian prosecutor that the US had embellished the claims about the corruption of the fired prosecutor.

    Did the US mission do so because he was a threat to Biden's son ? Was the opinion that other western governments and the IMF had of the fired prosecutor substanially due to the US embellishing claims of his corruption ?
    These are important questions that the swamp's fake news media like MSNBC do not want asked or answered.

    The attempt at impeachment is a corrupt partisan sham by corrupt politicians and corrupt media houses like MSNBC who are seeking to protect the swamp.
    As they say "follow the money" and the Chinese putting 1.5 billion dollars in a company associated with Hunter Biden is putting a lot of money in the swamp.
    No fret the co-conspirators in the Russia collusion hoax including members of the DNC, FBI, CIA and the swamp's fake news media are going to be exposed

  31. Yeah but, can't The Senate just arbitrarily say "no" despite whatever incriminating evidence there is?
    Can anyone confirm this for me?
    I'm hoping that isn't true.

  32. Do her hair, shirt colour, ear rings etc relate to any particular country? (Ghana is a wild guess but I have no idea)
    Looks awesome.

  33. There haven't been any first hand witnesses because Trump has ordered them to NOT testify and ordered the State department to withhold their notes and phones!
    When Republicans only defense is to obstruct the witnesses and evidence, then complain about not having those first hand witnesses and evidence, they are sunk.
    The Republicans can refuse to do their constitutional duties, but We The People will, come election day 2020.

  34. They don't want them to testify because we all know around the world cuz we know about American politics more than the Americans know them themselves and that's a fact. You can tell that fact by the 52% of Americans who want them to be replaced as president cuz if the facts are true any democracy on this planet would removed a person like Donald Trump a long time ago. They don't want them to testify is because they cannot plead the Fifth. You can claim the 5th if no one else knows about the conversation but the problem that the Republicans have is that there are multiple witnesses to those conversations. Which means that they have to answer the question our face jail time.

  35. Jim Jordan knows very well it was a culmination of events that led Taylor to his understanding of what was being ask of Ukraine. Vote these lying fricks out of office.

  36. YIKES!!..OMG…Well I tried being an open minded viewer & switch to a little NBC for a change. I click the link and OMG! …this loud baboon of a she male news caster in a clown outfit ambushed my ears & eyes!

  37. For Trump wrong doing is the total opposite, because a white supremacist will always think he/she is right about everything. He does not remember that his role model Hitler died like a dog whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. Most white supremacists die this way.

  38. All the administration is guilty of obstruction of justice. All are treaters to the USA. Explain what they gains to do that. Defending the criminal president. After this impeachment and remove president. Everyone must be indicted for treason again their country.

  39. Trump, the Republican administration and the Republican Party itself, are foreign owned assets. They are working against American interests.

  40. Trump is guilty, he will throw any person in his administration under the bus. This is not about Democrat and Republican, this about securing the safety of this country at any cost and I believe Trump is using the country like a scratch off to see what he can get away with and what he can't. If you had nothing to hide you wouldn't care about a witness telling a lie.

  41. Come on libs, what did trump do that constitutes “Bribery”? Be specific. Can you?

    When the “Bribery” accusation doesn’t pan out, what will be the next charge tomorrow? On n on n on.. Keep throwing stuff at the wall, maybe you will get something to stick. Nope, the media keeps setting you up for disappointment and you keep believing them.

    Is it even possible for you to acknowledge any of the good things, Trump has made happen? Can you say just one thing positive?

    Habitual liars eventually get caught. Time and truth are not on Schiff’s side..

    If this is clearly an open and shut case, why did your boy Schiff feel he needed to lie about what was said in the “phonecall”? Why did he feel he needed to make stuff up that was not there?? When he was called out for blatant lying, he says it was just a funny “parody”, not a lie. So, that means he has to lie about the lie. You say everyone should testify. Then why wont Schiff testify about him setting up this mess just like when he supposedly had info on collusion with russia? Because you are tards. You are too lazy to do your own dam research and keep relying on the fake news media that keeps getting you all excited that maybe you “have Trump this time”! He’s going to jail for sure this time! And big fat zeros. More disappointment for you libs time and time again. You are saps for the news media and are so worked by them you don’t know what is real and what isn’t anymore. read the transcript.. dont be so lazy that you get your info from commentators on video all the time. lazy do nothing dems. lazy lazy lazy, but you know everything! amazing…

    Why keep testifying in fraudulent cases? It requires hiring expensive lawyers, every time, out of their own pockets. You can blame the Mueller fiasco for no more playing along.. Everyone asked, everyone around the president testified and most testified on numerous occasions. After a while, no one is going to participate in this harassment. The sky is falling tards.

    Read the transcript folks. Your hate for trump will lead you down the road to disappointment again, you superiorily tolerant, loving democrats.

    Again, where is the bribery? Be specific pls..

  42. Trump was kind enough to offer a first-person real time sample of his character during the testimony today! Hey, Thanks, Prez!

  43. Wonder why the Jeff Epstein murder investigation has been forgotten? 1000 names in his black book…498 members in congress. How many republicans are on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort? And didn't Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks get a hold of the videos and photos of all those people with those little girls and boys? And thus Trump and anybody else, especially republican congressmen (I doubt Pelosi is on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort) are being secretly extorted and blackmailed by Russia?

  44. The Americans better get rid of Trump or get use to living under dictatorship and start dismantling the the Statue of Liberty seeing there will be no Liberty🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  45. Trump will want someone like Jordan to become President after him to stop any federal investigations on Trump and his family. If the Democrats get in then Trump will be judged and maybe Jordan and the Ohio incident may be investigated properly.

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