How do you help a new employee to understand the culture of your company? With David Brear

How do you help a new employee to understand the culture of your company? With David Brear

you know, this is this has been a really interesting thing. And actually, we’re in the midst of sort of evolving how we do this because, I mean, when we were five people sat around a table then, like culture and values were something instinctive. They want something that actually you needed to think about and document. You know, I’d really question any start up that under 20 people have to write down what their culture is and what their values is on. Because if it’s not instinctive with those 1st 20 people, then you’ve got the wrong 20 people. But when you get over 100 people and you’re scaling and you’re bringing more more people into the organization, then I mean really defining not only what you stand for, whether when it comes to your your values, but fundamentally, what is the vision of the company? Where you going? You know, what is the mission? How you’re actually gonna make that happen on and then looking for opportunities to really sort of reinforce that. So for us, the values that we’ve set out, how do we reinforce them in the way in which manages air? Having conversation with people. How do we use a tool called 15 5? Which actually allows us to to sort of tap into, ah, kind of a pulse check of the business on a weekly basis? And and actually the ways in which people say thank you to other people for good work that they’ve done through high fives through things like 15 5 then starting toe align those to the values of the organization? Any time any of the executive of standing up in front of anybody, we’re doing it with that framework in mind and even down to If I’m honest, you like the values that we have, you know, things like passion. Things like positivity turn into vory quickly stickers and T shirts and all these times things which, actually, when people buy into the values when they buy into the company of things that they’re proud to wear on day, that’s, um, you know, for us, it’s almost using to the point of morality earlier on. For customers, you have to work as hard to make sure that you’re your employees were believing. The thing that you’re doing it is you do your end consumers because they’re gonna be the people who are ultimately you’re gonna be dealing with those customers you’re reading customers on a day to day basis. Andi, I’ve worked in a few organizations where I didn’t quite believe in the product. And if you don’t believe in the product, you’ll never gonna be able to get other people to believe.

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