How High Is Mount Everest?

How High Is Mount Everest?

just how high is Mount Everest Mount
Everest is located on the border between Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan
mountain range in 1921 the first ever climb of Everest was attempted since
then there have been 4469 different people to complete the journey and 282
people did not make it back off the mountain the deadly terrain and high
altitude certainly makes Mount Everest extremely difficult to climb but just
how high is it at 6 feet tall we get the average human height if we took the
length of the largest animal on earth the blue whale we would get up to 80
feet the tallest trees in the world the Sequoia redwood can easily reach heights
of 300 feet at 455 feet we get the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza and
that’s not even scratching the surface almost six times higher than the Great
Pyramid the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa will get us to
2,700 seventeen feet in the early days of aviation
Ralph Johnstone the first American to die while piloting an airplane set an
American flight altitude record at 8,000 471 feet in 1910 which would get us 1/3
of the way up bald eagles can reach heights of up to 10,000 feet while
slogging out to pray surpassing that the white stork can reach altitudes of
16,000 feet while migrating ad 1700 feet to that and he would finally reach base
camp at 17,000 700 feet this is where climbers prepare for the treacherous
journey ahead the denali which is located in Alaska is
the highest mountain peak in North America and it will top out at 20,000
310 feet at about 21,000 feet you reach the valley of death which will take
climbers to camps to conquer just to get to the face of Everest around 25,000
feet up we would get the maximum altitude for a standard helicopter the
death zone which is the final camp before summiting Mount Everest starts at
26,000 feet and this part of the climb has claimed many lives throughout
history at 29,029 feet we would finally reach the top of Mount Everest the
interesting thing is Mount Everest grows by about a quarter of an inch every year
due to tectonic plates pushing up against each other so year after year
Everest will continue to stand taller than ever before did you realize just how high mount everest is tell us in the comments below

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33 Replies to “How High Is Mount Everest?”

  1. I didnt ask how tall a 6ft person was. I simply asked how tall that mountain was…phuck…had to go through shiterroo of to get the answer

  2. 0.25 inches per year X 109 years = 27.25 inches

    27.25 inches in cm is 69.215 CM

    69.215 CM in Meters is 0.69215 M

    Since 1910, 109 years ago, it just grew 0.69Meters

  3. Not sure if any of you ever stood atop the old WTC, but if you did, it seemed like the highest place in the world. And this mountain is 28,000 feet higher than that????? Thats just unbelievable to me.

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