How High Rollers Are Pampered On Cruise Ships Plus Saturday Live Trivia

How High Rollers Are Pampered On Cruise Ships Plus Saturday Live Trivia

see what’s going on hangouts on the air
okay we are now trying a second time to go live as I now key into my own channel
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richer sea could could be the Russians messing with Bruce’s speed you don’t
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Emma’s here hi everyone can’t believe that it is August Laurie Melanie I can’t
believe it either I just I can’t I just saying this is the
4th of August my goodness crazy cuckoo the cookie stuff yeah
amazing fall Wilgus laughing I love Richard Tracy Dunlop all my richer see
that sounds like something Robert would say Rob Sutter matome Henry I’m a truck
driver and trying to take my brakes on Bruce is on Ridgeway Ontario is home
however way to go Rob Rob and I were talking earlier today on our baby I was
talking to another viewer today about the video I did the other day about the
high-end Suites and that we were anything back and forth and it’s always
interesting conversation I love it Paul with us is saying Robert is being
good a rich receipt racing enough mg tow made me say it
the Debbie manual says says will be 95 again today with Hayes in Chico that’s
what the weatherman is saying in Chico Northern California Debbie hang in there
and stay out of that smoky air if you can Tom Henry we should have a memory
party who are the first 100 and where are they today I think ten of the
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it’s all good Matt Shanahan hey Bruce what’s going on
a Matt how you doing buddy welcome back to the show Nina hi Bruce and hope you
all as well folks so warm here it’s incredible it’s so hot it’s hot the hot
spell up there all of continental Europe is roasting it’s unbelievable chasey
don’t laugh laughing out loud or Richard cat yes hang in there Robert Brandt I’m
in a foreign country so I know I have to be a good boy there you go Robert you
know what to do you know to good ed dhalsim Jr hello everyone muggy and
lightly raining in the Bronx they welcome it welcome like silver up the 23
viewers was now fantastic guys welcome back I did I did hear about how well the
heat in Europe is affecting River Cruises and Robert I was thinking about
you I know I know getting ready to go on here a few days some of the rivers in
Europe are running quite low and of course nowadays they have they have
water controls in place through most of European the European continent for
river flow but I guess in sometimes certain times during the day in certain
areas of Europe certain some of the rivers are running quite low and it’s so
low that they’re having to some of the big barges that are floating
through there they have to get them through certain hours of the day or
evening and the rest of the time they can’t be in certain sections of the
river because they’ll be grounded river boats are having a bit of an issue as
well but not quite as bad and they have been very of course a riverboat cruise
it’s very flexible the riverboat cruise can now can you know stop in one area
and stay there for two days and then just continue on what some of the revert
lines are doing is they’re they’re literally they are quite literally they
have one boat going this way on the river they have another one going this
way and they know that in this section in the middle the two cannot go because
the river level one or level is going to be too low so what they have is they
have this boat stop at a at a town or city here they’ve got this one stop at a
town or city here and there might be a 20 mile 30 mile whatever distance five
miles I don’t know where you can’t neither can go so the passengers get off
of this boat they get off of this boat they get on luxury buses the staff takes
care of all the baggage one they’ll unload the bags perm on the buses get
the folks on the buses and drive them to each other’s ship and continue on and
they just do the switcher the two ships turn around where they are and head this
way and the cruise continues and quite imaginative than quite orchestrated and
you know minimal disruption if at all possible and if they can do it in such a
way that the bags go on one bus to the ship what to the boat each direction but
the passengers go on a day trip at or they’re off touring and they end up at
these two ships in the evening like five hours six hours later in time for lunch
or dinner probably get it and they’re in the same room they were in before it’s
the same ashamed same boat each boat is identical to the other so they stock the
same book just get a new room key and there other where the Baggett’s are
already in the room waiting for them they’re good to go it’s the best you can
do with what you got I think it’s brilliant and it’s a very organised
thing to do I read that the other day and I thought that was an interesting
little lot interesting little dilemma that some of these ships are having on
these riverboat tours what are you gonna do excuse me
other news that I came up with that’s going to talk to you about just can
double check my messages make sure I’m update everybody here there we go here
we go Richard C Singh just printed my boarding
pass from a cruise I booked yesterday way to go Richard Tom Henry Robert do
you have a dinner cruise on one of the canal boats oh you’re gonna have a
dinner cruise in Amsterdam Tom Henry what are you what are you doing Richard
it’s almost I know what cruise you going on see keeper hi Bruce and all
ninety-two and muggy here storm on the way nice to see you back thumbs up
everyone those river cruises have very shallow drafts yeah and and even as
shallow as they are some of them can’t get through some of these spots Robert
Brandt in a rental apartment for the weekend here near the Rembrandt Museum
cruise begins on Monday fantastic cruise to burr Hey Bruce 84 and partly
cloudy in Charlotte and Tony Tony is here from elite look Tony I see your
your picture on the avatar there and that’s how I saw you know of course at
the end you see Tony how you doing there buddy hope you’re not working too hard
but you probably are I know I’m working too hard I feel it
but I’m doing my shows right now from Calgary Alberta here where my daughter
lives gonna be back in Creston day after tomorrow we’re driving back tomorrow and
my day off Jennifer and I and back on the air Monday life as usual how are you
doing buddy hope all is well with you Debbie
Manuel’s saying hi Tony Richard see they showed a river in Germany that is used
for river cruises it only had 42 centimeters of water running no traffic
allowed they give you an idea what that means 42 centimeters 100 centimeters is
a meter which is a little over three feet
this means the river is a one and a half feet depth you’re not going to run even
a river cruise through that because you’ve got rocks on the bottom and you
know not a smooth bottom you may have undulations so that
is a low low running river and that’s what I’m talking about in some sections
in Germany and others Krista Toni saying hey Debbie Rob Sauter Hey Bruce where’s
the one-eyed cat the cats are here and a built as like we say like we like to say
in Canada they’re there you tan de beauté they’re run around the house like
crazy this morning they were tearing up the place but I have a feeling that the
afternoon nap time was kicking in for these guys and they’re gonna start their
12-hour nap time until midnight when they’re ready to go
but we put two of them in the basement every night which is typical that’s
their normal pattern they run to the basement when it’s time to go down and
they hang out there because it’s nice and cool we beat them down there and we
get the sleep upstairs and they don’t harass us the one guy mr. stinky who you
met yesterday just ever so briefly he’s very calm and he’s the mature one and he
likes to hang out with us and he’s here somewhere
sleeping as well let’s see your Drew’s dude were saying hi mg Joe I you go on a
river cruise to go on a river cruise I don’t want to pack and unpack otherwise
I just go on all inclusive lentor mg I’m with you but if you major your
reservations six months ago or eight months ago you know he didn’t know the
cruise line didn’t know that that leak that you’re going to be on the ship
we’ve got low water levels we’ve got to have high record temperatures that first
like I think the other day they were saying that Athens Greece is going to
hit the highest temperature since 77 the highest daily high temperatures in 1977
we’re talking about temperatures in Spain to give you an idea of the talk
and 45 Celsius that would put that would put
temperatures if I got my max going fast enough 115 degrees in Spain with parts
of Spain Germany is under heat advisories Portugal Spain state of
emergencies in many counties communities France very hot UK we’ve been hearing
about that terribly hot in UK so what are you gonna do Richard see Tom at Tom
Henry Eastern Caribbean $600 per person for 10 days that’s a cruise he’s booked
on fantastic all hey Tony oMG Joe and the land tours you
need to be very careful about some some like globos every tour is optional and
expensive it depends on the life I know that I think Robert says he very here he
is he says we will be on the Viking longship Modi in Roberts case all shore
excursions I believe are included or at least a shore excursion and every stop
is included and you know he’s just gonna have a blast it’s gonna be great Tom
Henry sounds good Richard Cruise tuber hey today Paul Richard C is giving
thumbs ups here and Kat rose wow this is fantastic Tom Henry happy Saturday w e
cruise – we’re doing well moving one of our kids back to school tomorrow
enjoying a little downtime you deserve that you’ve earned it my friend I know
you’ve worked hard those of you don’t know Tony and his lovely wife Jenny they
have a channel called Lolita loca on YouTube they love talking about cruise
ships they go on cruises we’ve done collaborations together now a couple of
times and they’re just a blast that I have a live they have a live show every
Tuesday what time is your show on Tony on Tuesday nights what time do you live
I I forgotten we’re gonna broadcast that to everybody
I find that folks watch my trivia show Tuesday night and then they head over to
Lolita loca sometimes I joined over and say hi and Tony’s always giving me a
shout-out it’s fantastic I see keeper 42 centimeters 16 and a half inches of
water what’s next rafting cruises through Europe I don’t
think Sobers it’ll just be a little inflatable pool inner tube there we go
inner tube cruising in Europe up like that that’s all we can handle
my Jim Thomas hello everyone 98 here in Anderson California today Jim how you
doing buddy I hope your knee is getting better I know you’ve been doing the
officio and hopefully the strength is coming back at flexibility welcome back
buddy Debbie is saying hi Thomas hoping the same for you a Debbie Manuel hi Jim
recap of saying again Wow Stephen farmer I’m going on a deliverance kayak trip
wish me luck a deliverance kayak trip now what does that actually mean uh
what’s that from the movie deliverance which I can’t I can’t recall top my head
but it’s you know I know of the movie but cat Rose going yuck I think she’s
talking about the river being so low Paul Lucas at Stephen farmer where are
you going Richard see yes a co-worker did river
cruise water was too low to cruise they bust him all the way he was not happy no
refund Sykes that’s not good yeah that’s that’s a tough one
Robert Brandt had traveling with Bruce yes all short trips planned by the line
included and I’m sure there are some other option one optional ones as well
yeah I believe you’re right Robert richer see that’s why an ocean cruise is
probably better a small chance of low water level yeah likely Rob cutter
Stephen farmer don’t wear a speedo 9 p.m. Tuesday for lalito look out there
we go yep there it is Tuesday 9 p.m. Eastern
Time thanks you guys don’t eat right behind Robert Brandt Roberts is plugged
in Lolita loca before dawn again fantastic
I’ll probably get you guys on Tuesday for sure and say idea as well Paul we’ll
just laughing out loud ruff Robert Brandt’s cruise to / hi Toni Kroos – BRR
thanks Robert Stephen farmers laughing at la cruz –
BRR what’s up buddy Robert Brent start a two-week river cruise on Monday there
you are 14 days on the river on Viking this is gonna be nice really Robert I
hope you’re able to upload some photos to my Facebook page those of you who
don’t know we have a group page for traveling with Bruce and you’re all
welcome to come by post photos of your favorite cruises your favorite ships
always you’ve been on make commentary tell us a true story or to ask questions
it’s the Hangout for traveling with Bruce between shows and you’re all
welcome to come by my friend Dhoni is is following me on my page I’d follow Tony
on his Facebook page Lolita Luca so check check out Tony and Jen on Facebook
as well Robert Brandt have a great trip cameras I want to go on the Viking or
Orion yes that will be the next one coming out
for Viking they’re bringing out a new ship almost 9:00
months at a time another one it’s incredible they are growing fast Robert
Brandt saying as long as the Wi-Fi works aisle we will be sending photos as we go
fantastic buddy you can join us for our shows – great if not I understand you’re
on the cruise why would you want to hang out with us but from time to time you
might be able to say hi once in a while that is fantastic
one comment I’m gonna make one quick little little bit of commentary I did a
video the other day I know a bunch of you seen it I dropped it yesterday
morning on my youtube channel here it’s all about high-end Suites on cruise
ships I was talking about the Haven Suites and I was talking about the MSC
Yacht Club and also the Royal type Suites on Royal Caribbean and I
mentioned how the folks who stay there in those units are paying a lot more
money than we pay certainly on a square foot basis I’ll tell you that on our
rooms whether we have inside balcony or ocean view these folks up the top pay
way more money to be up there by way juku jazz you see is saying I be beyond
a river cruise this weekend unfortunately it’s on the Hudson River
on a yacht yeah – yeah I feel free cool jazz it’s too bad you’re out in New York
City you’re gonna be on the yacht in the Hudson you’re roughing it again aren’t
you you’re just roughing it I feel free my friend Kat it’s a
space-themed one she’s saying Paul Lucas that sounds fun cool jazz cat we’re on
the Hudson cool jazz sailing around Manhattan poor bugger you know you just
you can’t catch a break any these can’t get to break oh my that sounds great at
cool jazz says Tracy and so do I anyway these Suites on the top of these cruise
ships I took the video yesterday morning and I invite you to check it out at your
leisure I encourage any of you if you liked the video share it with your
friends on Facebook or any way any other way you can do it I want to expose my
channel to as many people as possible and this is one way to help expose
traveling with Bruce so if you can if you’re watching any of my short videos
that are like 10 minutes or less and you like them please share them on Facebook
and get them out there let the let the world
explore them and see what they think perhaps we can build our subscriber base
even faster anyway one of my viewers was saying to me yeah this this is an
interesting story Bruce that you bring up I have some I have some information
for you might like and he went into telling me just fascinating information
and I hadn’t hadn’t thought to mention it but but yeah this does make sense
just like in Las Vegas if any of you been to Vegas I’m sure most of you have
and one time or another in your lifetime you go to Las Vegas and we’ve seen
movies and TV shows and whatnot whether the reality or there or not we’re high
rollers get looked after in a different way than the rest of us we get to go to
casinos and this was certainly true in the 70s in the 80s and the 90s when
casinos were partially corporately owned but still not corporately owned some of
the hangers-on from the old days we’re still running things and high rollers
enjoyed a lot of perks and a lot of leeway but because these high rollers
were dropping a thousand bucks a hand in the 60s on blackjack and they’re
dropping five thousand a hand in the 80s and on cruise ship cruise ships there
are high rollers dropping five and Families whatever thousand dollars a
hand or a spin on the roulette wheel there’s a lot of money going around and
these folks here subsidized a lot of the rest of us it’s just the way it is and
in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s in Las Vegas you remember the days we used to be able
to get a buff they I mean a good quality buffet dinner for like $4.99 for lunch
$2.99 for breakfast and maybe $9.99 to $14.99 at dinnertime and that included
steak lobster and you name it the reason was simple the hotel was bringing in
this dough from all the gamblers but the high-end whales were dropping Millions
and the cruise of the cruise like the casinos could spread the wealth by
offering perks to the rest of us that we just couldn’t get anywhere else stay in
a hotel in Los Angeles and order filet mignon was a with a lobster tail you’re
not gonna get that for $13.99 chance but it used to be that
way today Vegas is changed we’ve talked about a little bit here Vegas has
completely changed it has gone all corporate virtually every large Resort
in Las Vegas is now corporately owned and publicly traded and that’s what’s
happening with cruise ships as well they’re now publicly traded companies
except for a few that are still privately run the last the lat one of
the latest Cruise Lines to go from private ownership it’s a public
ownership is silver C’s Royal Caribbean bought two-thirds of that company and
closed the deal just this past week now two-thirds of that company is part of a
public corporation and the company has access to more money
to refurbish their ships and grow and build new ones but they now have to
report every little thing any event back to the Suites high rollers casino high
rollers on cruise ships which you would not necessarily think there are that
many but there aren’t quite a number of folks who love to go on cruises and
gamble rather than go to Vegas and Gamble and these cruise lines they know
who they are they they track your play if you’re playing in a casino staying in
the inside room or a balcony a room and you you’re using your room card to play
because that’s how you put credit in the slot machine they’re tracking every bet
you make they got cameras on you they’re watching your habits and they watch your
onboard spending as well and they know whether where you fit in the scale of
promotions and some of you I know I do I get in the mail all the time I get
emails and I get actual mail in the mailbox from Cruise Lines voova sent me
offers on future cruises because I’ve been in the casino and I’m just a slot
machine guy I don’t play craps I don’t play blackjack I don’t care for the
roulette wheel I just like to sit in front of a slot machine and just you
know my numbing we play the game for a while and take a walk around the deck
for a bit come back maybe play another 20 bucks worth I get lucky and I pick up
60 80 bucks I generally find a way to put it right back into that machine or
another one anyway it all adds up this play is tracked and they send me
a coupons of the mela say here’s a $300 credit against casino cruise that we’ve
got that we put together but the $3.00 credit is a casino credit
and then they’re offering me a discount on the cruise I don’t get to go for free
i stuff to pay for my room alone when i go on one of these I’ve never taken them
up on the offer because 300 bucks in the casino and I’m not gonna last very long
that is chump change because I’m a chump change guy I’m not a high roller but
those who are high rollers those who like to put some serious money through
slot machines these are the folks getting offers that you and I never hear
about these are the offers where they’re offered sweets in the Haven they’re
offered sweets in the Yacht Club LA Tennessee they’re offered sweets on
Royal Caribbean the Royal Suites and we’re talking about rooms that would run
ten fifteen thousand for the cruise up to fifty sixty thousand dollars for a
cruise and the gambler might be a husband and a wife might be just the
husband might be just the wife they can bring onboard a certain number of people
to share in that room and so mum and dad might decide yeah we’re gonna take off
Royal Caribbean offered for this big double-decker two-story unit we’re gonna
bring our two grown-up children and we’re gonna bring the one or two the
grandkids maybe maybe Bank is they’ll be a three generational grows all on the
house while mum and dad in the evenings over in international waters
we’ll be downstairs playing the slots then crap so like we do in Vegas like
we’ve done before but the kind of action that these folks are playing justifies
the cruise line budgeting this kind of opulence for these folks now the
children and the grandkids they’re having a blast they’re in they got the
butler they got the concierge they’re going to see the shows they’re having
fun in the fool they get exclusive shore excursions it’s all over the top looking
after these people because the cruise line knows and the casino director they
know that these folks are gold absolute gold they are looked after they get to
get off the ship before we even get near being able to get off the ship they can
come on the ship whenever they’re there the ship will never leave without these
guys chefs I don’t want there getting escorted doors on the island or or
whatever city they’re coming to the cruise line is taking excellent care of
these people and we’ll probably never run into it but they are paying through
the gambling that they’re doing the amount of money that they’re dropping
into that casinos cashier office is massive and for what we’re what we’re
paying they are dropping you know what we drop in an entire week they might
drop that in a couple hours and they’re just having a blast but they can afford
it more power to them it’s what it was what learns I am I got that information
today from one of my from one of my viewers I really enjoyed that it was a
lot of fun and again it was it made so much sense I I know about the Las Vegas
the biggest factor I know how that works there when I was younger I used to
Jennifer nice to go to Vegas often and I used to get all the time
freak on free comps I always get free comps in Las Vegas because I did play
enough I did play enough on the slots and video poker to qualify for a
combination and there was there was a time where Jennifer and I would go down
to the Bellagio we’d be down for three four nights all inclusive enjoy yourself
the room is paid for the that we’d get the buffet passes every day though which
is now what 40 bucks 50 bucks to go to the buffet in the Bellagio at that time
it was 20 25 dollars a shot we’d get a buffet for to just eat all you want we
could even do some specialty dining or just the coffee shop for breakfast come
the end of the stay I would just go to my casino host and have a little chat in
his office he’d take a look at my card he swipe it in through his computer and
he or she see all the gaming ideas and all the points that I racked up as a
gamer and he’d say to me oh yeah you’re good to go your room is covered all your
meals are the only thing we charge you for is you
went to the spa you went to the spots 20 bucks but here’s the good news all the
play you have take the take your room card head over to the cashier over there
there’s $350 cash back waiting for you because while you two play and so I have
these credits and I pick up the 350 bucks and I didn’t mind paying 20 bucks
for the spot I have an idea but then I then on the way home I kind of sit they
go how much money that I lose yeah the room is free yeah how much money this
cost me and I do the math I go you know sometimes I kind of think I’m better off
just get in the room and beg for it and I can come and go and I want I’m under
no obligation to play but we got all kinds of offers tournaments we take the
hose on once in a while had a lot of fun I was just my art form of entertainment
we loved it we had higher cash flow in those days we were working but it’s the
same on cruise ships so if I were in my 30s and I wanted to be cruising and
gambling I can tell you that I likely would be offered maybe not a free suite
but they might be throwing me offers like take on a one-week cruise so maybe
low seasonal throw your balcony and we’ll throw you a 500 ollars credit the
cruise you know slots enjoy I take him up on that deal so I think all over the
ship there are people who are caught for this sort of thing because a casino
department is paying the hotel department for these rooms it’s all
in-house it’s all worked out and same thing with the sweets our Suites
reserved for high-rolling whales that you and I will never be offered that
room and we probably couldn’t even rent it if we wanted to write it because it’s
reserved for the high rollers and that’s how this business works it’s another
world unto itself and it exists it’s really something let’s see here just
check with my messages here and catch up with everybody here’s the farmers they
make it complimentary cocaine I don’t know about that Steve’s thing I don’t
remember those days mg but these are now 100 ollars american
presidents for dinner not sure if that means cat not been to
Vegas almost went cat but early biggest was mainly run by the mob yep they want
a good chunk of that action back up until about the 70s then it shifted over
Robert Brandt a soulless Havana mg toe every department in the hotel needs to
be fiscally responsible for every generation to make a profit brother
friend you are correct our Steve farmer are you retired dusty was asking yeah I
am as although I do this full-time Rob Sauter
sorry Chris wife wants to go to Costco I’ll have an extra polish dog and ice
cream for you catch your next show thanks Rob have a great one but he can’t
Rose my mom has the luck on slot machines at Indian casinos I want that
silo Steve morning all 81 for the high 57 sitting at 84 days until my Haven
crews on the bliss going in the Haven Suites only 533 days to go until the
encore for The Haven still deciding when and where to take the the joy probably
Alaska no airfare or hotel the Norwegian joint moved from he’s moving from China
to Seattle next April and all summer next year 2019 the Norwegian joy will be
going to Alaska and silo and easily taken Alaska cruise on the joy which is
a sister ship to the Bliss and something tells me email ideals you might be able
to score a deal just gonna keep your eye on the prices and see what there are and
you know as we get closer to next year you’ll find out of course after next
summer the joy will go to Los Angeles and will work from there for Alaska and
Panama Canal cruises and I’m quite looking forward to seeing what the
prices of those will be because some this ship the joy is not replacing
another ship out of Los Angeles for Norwegian it is a new deployment for
Norwegian and so that entire 4,800 to 5,000 passenger ship will need to be
sold out for every cruise out of La with no other ship to feed them that they’ve
taken out so after watch all these surprises work out Robert Brandt start
winning or losing money and you’re free drinks get stronger and stronger that’s
right robert ball will guess when I was on the getaway in June I met several
people that were on the ship free because they gamble a lot yeah if you
hang around the casinos you kind of start noticing the regulars you’ll kind
of figure out who’s who in the zoo there and if you strike up a conversation
they’re more than happy to tell you that they’re cops they don’t they they look
at that as a an accomplishment and you can find out from them what did it take
for them to become compliment tint how did they get the the cop deal the
numbers will shock you though absolutely shocking mg Joe says that cat as the
ex-mayor of Vegas a lawyer once said the Mafia left Vegas because he knows he he
he knows as he represented them he knows as he well yeah I think the mob got
bought out by people like all the the billionaire Howard Hughes and others but
then corporates came in corporate entities came in and figured out hey we
can get licenses the the the licensing board in Nevada would far rather license
a corporation than individuals or casino licenses and cuz you know corporations
of course can raise more money than an individual can they have deeper pockets
basic especially public companies and as soon as that started to happen back in
the 80s the MGM people and sands and others started stepping up and with the
amalgamation now there aren’t as many public companies anymore in Vegas
there’s now a handful that run the whole whole enchilada
but the private by the private owners were bought out they were made offers
they couldn’t refuse they got so much they were offer so much cash they took
the deal but these corporate entities knew that as soon as we buy out that guy
and this group over here we’re gonna tear down the whole property we’re gonna
put up a two billion dollar Resort and a Convention Center and we’re gonna really
just super-sized Las Vegas and that was what happened
starting with Steve Wynn when he took over some of the casinos on the strip
and eventually Steve Wynn went public himself
that’s how this business goes Traci they’ll not oh they know who you are is
right even when I’m playing two dollar chips ten dollar maximum and others
slowing down they’re $100 chips soya they know they so you know cool jazz
that is that was exactly my response to losing with wheels video the region
couldn’t care less about an inside cabin cruiser the haven guests subsidize the
inside and oceanview cabins it is true the money that flows upstairs is so much
more per square inch of space then the rest of the ship it’s really surprising
and that’s why they get these perks they’re paying for it
but the cruise line adds up how much money the whole cruise ship brings in
and what it costs to run the whole cruise ship and they figure out that
those 200 people up there and huge chunk of the expenses over everybody else on a
per person basis it is surprising cruise to Burt I’m completely interested in how
the gambling works I wonder what the formula is I wonder what the breaking
point for getting offered a free cruise could I get a free cruise by losing
$1500 times to people no no but you know my friend Tony in Vegas and on cruise
ships it’s basically identical they track your play and the casino they’re
interested in what’s known as the action so if you put a hundred dollar bill into
a slot machine even it’s a penny machine and you’re betting two bucks a spin you
know on the penny machine they’re gonna track those two dollar spins and they
come up with a rate a so called play rate per hour they figured out that for
every 60 minutes on average that you’re in front of a machine they know that
you’re good for so many dollars now I don’t know if you all know this but if
you sit in front of a slot machine they’re much faster now than they used
to be because in the old days you have to put the money in yourself and yet the
crank they kept the crank and you could get two or three or four plays in on a
minute nowadays it’s just hit the button and
the spin cycle is down to so many seconds per spin and then they have the
payout you know payout how much did you win if anything
put in two bucks he won a buck and then you hit the button to play your next
round well they know how many plays a minute or how many plays an hour you’re
going to play they know how much you’re bettin each time and they don’t care
whether you’re winning or not they don’t care they want to know what the play
rate is because the average says for every dollar that goes into a slot
machine or into a roulette spin or into a blackjack play we know there’s a
certain percentage we net out it’s just a formula and they go with the formula
don’t care about the individual player they care about the overall number and
so if they see you playing 2 bucks a spin and they know you can put in 60 70
80 spins an hour before you give it up or you’re you know you’re in four hours
a day and you take bathroom breaks and you could give them when you come back
they know that you’re playing for hours today and they figured out the how many
spins per hour how much money per spin they know your
numbers they know it and they they rank you in the computer nothing personal
nothing personal they just know where you rank now if you’re a one dollar slot
machine player and you’re spending 15 bucks a spin or you’re playing maximum
bets and you’re 50 bucks a spin and you’re there for four hours of course
someone spend spending 50 bucks to spin versus two bucks of spin guess what the
guy with the 25 times action gets more perks of course because they’re gonna
lose more on average if you take $150 spin players versus a hundred two
dollars spin players who loses more in dollars the $50 player and so the higher
you spin those wheels the more they are gonna pay attention to you and it may be
as simple as just receiving an envelope in the mail box two months after you
cruises over and they’re sending you a $1,000 credit to a to a cruise in this
in the casino it may not have anything else but that on to it it might only be
five might be $50 they might send you an
offer to a slot tournament you’re involved you’re invited to a slept
tournament we’re gonna have on this cruise ship in the fall or next spring
and you can register for the slot tournament but doesn’t include your room
you you have to book your room but they give you an 800 number call these guys
and we’ll take care yeah well you can check it out by calling them finding out
what they’re quoting you for that cruise in the meantime you’re on vacations to
go calm when you’re looking up the price of what would it cost me to just buy a
pay for my own room on this gross you may find that they’re offering you the
deal for half the price maybe you can get a balcony room for 399 when
vacations that goes off again $5.99 other times they might be offering in
the room for $5.99 there’s no deal they are only giving you this entry into a
slot tournament with a couple hundred dollar freebie for for playing free play
and a couple of t-shirts one the one for you and your wife maybe a couple of
lanyards something commemorative of that thing and you have a chance to win from
$50 or just getting there up to ten grand for the first prize participant if
that’s what turns you on you go for it and if you do go for that they make note
of that they make note of the fact that you are taking them up on offers from
the casino the casino loves this big-time now you’ve just moved off the
rink maybe you’ve moved up the ladder again your play might be the same but
you’re now a certain certain rank with a little letter a beside it because you’re
a participant in their tournaments and you react to offers you come to ships
because they’re inviting you to come to the ship well the next time you’ll get
an invitation that might be the same kind it might be a little better and if
you keep increasing your play they’ll offer more like I said these high-end
whales they’re dropping three four hundred thousand dollars on a cruise in
the casino over five six seven days you want to lose forty fifty thousand a
that’s what they’re doing they get a $40,000 suite for the week with all the
food and drinks they want and their family and everybody can hang even if
five people in that unit six people in that unit with a butler
and it cost the heirs but the butler is being well tipped by the player you’re
looking at Butler’s getting five hundred to a thousand bucks for a week in tip
money forget that 1395 made a nonsense that we’re paying these folks are there
is no scale they just hand them $100 bills or they just add it to their room
charge and the concierge is getting a nice tip as well because these folks
would be pampered left right center you want a massage in the spa someone’s
available now to give you a massage you don’t have to wait three hours to get a
massage you have one now you know what you want your nails that your wife wants
her nails done now we’re available right now whenever you want just tell us five
minutes notice just tell we’re ready for you this is a whole other world that we
are not exposed it’s quite so but that’s how the big game works out I am tony is
really something Stephen farmer can I come that’s theme
from single daughter let’s see Robert Brandt cruise du mer carnival comp if
you park a certain amount in your account earmark to gamble with you need
to talk to one of the VPS of public relations yeah there’s a whole
department that’ll take care of you oh man
trace it all up on roulette I meant yes roulette to Debbie menu all serious cool
jazz awesome cat that must be nice to have that kind of money it’s always nice
cool Jess yep we wanna we went on the dream out of New Orleans just Debbie
Manuel sweet Cruz tumor thanks at Robert rent I play table games and even though
I handed in my card when getting chips they told me on princess to make sure to
check in with the casino hosts to qualify for cops yeah yeah definitely
always check in with these guys make sure they don’t miss anything absolutely
steamed farmer you must have spent tens of thousands cat rows when I almost went
to Vegas for business Robert but they tracked the play I’ll email you some how
to get cops crews to Berhad Robert they didn’t track on just the card a hand in
which was which was odd Robert Brandt a certain casino in Las Vegas gave a
certain poker player a fifty $500,000 Ferrari to get him to play in
their casino here’s a car please come and play it’s just it’s just
math people just money so nothing personal it’s just money you
want to drop a couple million bucks in our casino
we got perks for you yeah we’ll pay to get you for sure
Robert Brad but that owner is out now bad boy okay goose uber Volker comps
during the boom was awesome at land-based casinos mg toe I once owned a
hotel in Vegas of the rainbow Inn the police wanted the property for a police
substation interesting I’m G told they offered me land where the Mandalay Bay
is now located I took a cash offer and went to Branson
the depression ruined that hotel I know how corrupt Vegas is interesting mg cool
jazz ice uh carnival is getting two new ships to 2023 2024 for China
five thousand guests I’m wondering why if NCL is pulling out cool jazz you you
are looking at information there that’s a little little older but that’s been
the intent the question will be will go ships ever get constructed and will they
really be deployed there or will they be deployed somewhere else the beauty of a
cruise ship I don’t care how big it is you can as an order you can put it where
the where the sun is shining as opposed to where it isn’t so if the business is
Alaska or it’s good and Caribbean better in Mediterranean than China they’ll move
them there won’t be a problem so what will follow that cooljazz will
be following that story richer cm gto wow you must be loaded with that land
deal you know it’s rude to ask you know that Traci Dunlap at cruise tuber you
have to show them your card when you buy chips at least on Norwegian
silo I it was odd the joy wasn’t based out of Hong Kong maybe that is why it
was down on occupancy yeah cuz it was based in Shanghai and I know that I know
silo that that the word had been I’d heard of read a little
here little there about the shanghai officials were pressuring theoretically
anyway that those story goes that there was a bit of pressure on norwegian to
buy more from the local merchants and local dealers but i have a feeling that
norwegian was not interested in playing the bribe game which no one wants to use
that word except people like me we’re not affiliated with anybody but the
bribe game is alive and well in certain areas of the world and these cruise
lines are pulling out of china they just are they’re trying to make it seem like
they they are they’d rather talk about Oh moving the joy to Alaska for our
American customers to enjoy the joy no we’re moving the joy out of China
because we’re fed up with the crap out of their the crap in Shanghai the funk
with the cruise cruise a booking agencies in China we’ve had enough of
this nonsense so we can’t make money there and we’re sick and tired of all
the underhanded nonsense we’re out but you can’t say that I consider but they
can’t say that anyway there you go part of the world in which we live
um mg don’t know I don’t want to deal with kickbacks there you go Robert
Brandt isn’t isn’t Goodman’s wife the mayor now I might be mistaken the richer
seem mg toh like the husband wife mayor team of Las Vegas he represented very
important people in Vegas mg toe the mob is still there they just wants some
tribute the real mob is the Mormon Church that holds most of the land in
Vegas tribute needs to be paid to them oh my goodness a Robert Brandt gambling
is second only to alcohol sales when it comes to the bottom line on the large
lines exactly gambling this up is right behind drinking because drinking you can
count on drinking all the time people want a rum and coke or they want a pina
colada or margarita they’re going on a cruise to
enjoy themselves and they’re going to drink gambling the casinos have good
weeks and bad weeks but overall they have their number and it all evens out
across the line and the ships and same in Vegas that’s why they have those
multi-billion dollar facilities a reason they’re standing there in a 115
degree heat in July and the air-conditioning is on all the time and
they’re nice and cool and comfortable it’s amazing
silo Steve well as a frequent Haven guest you are welcome silo we thank you
God bless you and keep up the good work and enjoy because I know you are
enjoying it and you deserve it deserve to enjoy mg told Richard iron Bob Maheu
Howard Hughes alter ego took over Vegas Robert Brandt the actuaries have a
formula they do Richard C mg tow I’m take I’m talking about the Goodman’s
Richard see the Goodman’s are the real power couple in Vegas mg tow it’s all
corporate now it’s all perfect Robert Brandt Las Vegas is that clean is is as
is a is as clean as Wall Street these days but what’s what’s that Sam yeah I
mean how clean is Wall Street yeah really
Tracy Dunlop when you’re up in the casino you have to know when to walk
away and at least for a while it’s true Tracy mg toe gambling and
gaming on board a ship is controlled by the ship no oversight
you’re lucky to win anything I agree I’ve said this before I’ve been in
casinos on cruise ships and I kind of walk around and my drinking hand and
just kind of see what’s going on I never see a big winner I never hear the alarms
going off and 20 people standing around a slot machine if someone get this photo
taken all the cruising and all the hours I’ve spent there I never see big wins I
see people win 50 bucks $120 or I’ll see a machine where I’ll walk by someone
they’ll say that they have enough credits it’s like a hundred eighty bucks
in credits yeah but they put five hundred into that
thing I’ve seen the hundred dollar bill slide in or they keep reloading it
there’s never winners really well that’s why these cruise ships are so beautiful
Robert Brandt @mg tow you are correct the limes don’t have to account the way
land-based casinos do and the odds on the machines are often much worse than
on land-based casinos Robert Brent so games of some skill are the wiser play
on ships oh yeah if you can play blackjack you’re
better off the blame on a slot machine I agree with that from the odds mg Joe I
sat next to a guy i sat next to a guy who said he was on 26
cruises that he did not have to pay for since he was a gambler don’t know if he
was a shill or not lots of shills on board these ships to
encourage action yeah leave it mg tow to get you to gamble
yeah Robert Brandt at traveling with Bruce China doesn’t call it a bribe it’s
a gift it’s a gift yes cruise is a to bird gotta run Bruce
great show have a great day sir thanks Tony for joining us and thanks for all
the shout outs on your channel love you Robert Fred casinos aren’t built by
winners remember that that’s right all willing us to have a good one Tony
Robert Brandt the winners are always as obvious based on the chip color not
everyone not everyone see the guy with a small stack worth a hundred thousand
bucks a cool jazz friend of mine 1oo 2018 Honda in a casino five months ago
how about that there were thousands who didn’t but the one guy did so it all
evens out richer see Chinese markets so bad just got a notice on wives meant
medicine or medication that it had carcinogenic material in the drug look
at label it’s a Chinese pharmacy company the Chinese are corrupt check your meds
oh my goodness yeah watch out watch for meth from China watch out for baby
formula from China I was told – not enough pretty stuff there are issues
from time to time it’s amazing all right how about some trivia you guys ready for
a little trivia I got a couple questions for you I got 34 participants here I
only have two trivia questions for you today so this will not take long we’ll
see how you guys do on these questions I got 15 thumbs ups today thank you for
the thumbs up so many of you 34 can spare one for me please throw me a
thumbs ups we’ll take the momentum that YouTube gives us and run with it but in
the meantime let’s play some Saturday afternoon at run with brisk trivia I got
two for you this one here I may have asked you this question a few months ago
but may not have but tell me the answer to this one this is airlines of the
world tell me the busiest airlines in the world for passenger counts how many
don’t tell me how many passengers just tell me the air
about 17 of them that that fly the most passengers around the world let me know
what you think this is domestic and international no big deal
Robert Brenda meantime many many brothers from China watch out cooljazz
saying Calgary fighting ain’t mine Lancer Paul was the same so true Robert
with those products Brittany been listening in until now
Richard CES u.s. largest male prescription largest medical
prescription companies sent an unbelievable here come the answers
already on Debbie Emmanuelle and Paul Louis and Tracy Dunlop Brittany Lockwood
are all throwing me Delta Airlines and it’s number one number one in the world
for passengers 162 million passengers being serviced on Delta quite amazing
Robert Bret is same Tom Henry coming with American Airlines it’s number four
105 million passengers we have Emirates cooljazz is wondering
what Emirates actually Emirates is not in the top 16 they have 30 million a
year I think they rank ously mean the 17th
largest in volume of passengers number of passengers now miles flown quality of
service numbers of planes they have those are all different but the number
of passengers Emirates is in 17th place 30 million a year
Debbie manual Southwest Airlines they are number three Southwest 131 million a
year that we have Delta again eat ad Airways from cake at Rose eat Ted is not
in the top 17 cap nice airline though Robert also had Emirates Tom Henry
United number two in the world 145 million passengers a year the top four
are American Airlines you got them all it’s Delta United Southwest American now
we’re into the International Airlines you know we do here Tracy don’t up
spirit nope not in the top 17 Tracy don’t lap United we have an optimum rx
from Richard don’t know what that means Tracy American Brittany Lockwood
Southwest Tracy KLM Kom and Air France have merged they are one and they are an
eighth place with 70 million passes KLM Air France Debbie Manuel had United
Richa see is not happy learning about the drugs Brit Brittany Lockwood British
Airways is her guest a British Airways comes in at number eleven with 57
million birria which is a Spanish airline and that’s included in that
number JetBlue Tracy nama nope not on the list
Tom Henry look tons of from Germany yes number five
fifth place overall ninety million passengers a year Lufthansa as cooljazz
Singapore Airlines they do not make the top 17 quality line first-class airline
not on the list for volume of passengers cooljazz Air France we just did with KLM
Brittany is thinking Qantas this is the Australian line they came at 16th place
43 million passengers Qantas is in there Robert Brandt is wondering about Swiss
Air no was there does not have the passenger counts to make the top group
Richard C had United a cooljazz Alaska no Richard had British air Brittany lock
with China Airlines yes China air or air China is in 14th place 46 million
passengers in air from Nina Frank wondering about thin air
nope thin air is not on the list Aeroflot the Russian airline is not on
the list Qatar Airways Tracy Dunlop was thinking about Qatar Qatar again a
top-notch quality airline with brand new planes not following the volume they’re
not even up to the Emirates numbers and Emirates barely made this list so not
guitar down the road maybe they’ll keep expanding we’ll see Robert had Lufthansa
we’ve got it Britney was thinking Virgin Airlines no virgin is not on there oMG
tow let’s see the problem I find with Airways are that non-american is that
they don’t have janitors onboard and the bathrooms are filthy
depends on the airline I think there are problems with American Airlines do
between flights the amount of pressure that these crews are under between you
know dropping off passengers and bringing on passengers and getting out
again trying to turn around these aircraft it’s unbearable pressure
sometimes you know we find surprises Tom Henry Virgin Atlantic no sir not working
Nina Frank Copenhagen know Robert Brad Trump air uh they they didn’t do well no
no Trump air no sir I can’t okay boo sana boosts I think Richard C wanted
to save Burkina Burkina or batino Faso Airways working John Henry a and a All
Nippon Airways that’s a Japanese line yes 13th overall forty six million
passengers yes Robert okay okay I’m sorry a barb hi
everyone hi barb are you doing cool jazz next Jimmy can you name the airlines of
one other business we’ve done that one before Tracy dome up Singapore air no
air turkey or Turkish Airways Richard C is thinkin surprisingly no Turkish
Airways is not on this list but I think that you will shortly be there because
they’re expanding Malaysia Airlines no Air New Zealand no
Japan Airlines Japan air is seven is fifteen overall forty four million here
the airline’s you have you’ve got Delta United Southwest American you’ve got
Lufthansa air france-klm British Airways All Nippon air air China
Japan air and Qantas and Emirates you have all those I need one two three four
five to go and then we’re done I’ll start giving him shortly if we need them
Qantas has been guest Malaysian Air Canada nope Strasbourg no Vatican
Airways in in honor of the steamer no Debbie Manuel Korean air good guess
Korean they don’t make the cut no Hey Bruce how’s it going AJ CTV hi
buddy Tracey don’t like Saudi Airlines no Royal Saudi no Bakersfield
International Airways in honor of the lucas’s who are with their big-ass RV
and sorry an international Bakersfield doesn’t make it there lines are looking
for let’s see here I’m looking for actually a couple of European
discount airlines and I’m looking for a an Asian based airline and then we’re
done see how we do here and then we’ll pack
this one up and I got one more to go is anybody know some discount airlines in
Europe cheap discount airlines similar to Southwest or spirit or frontier in
Europe there’s a couple of them and they’re on
this list because they fly high volumes of passengers I’m not looking I’m
looking for one that’s in China but it’s not it’s not Air China maybe you said
that’ll help somebody Wow spirit Orion air yes Ryan air is
definitely one of them they’re seventh in the world 72 million passengers a
year one other discount airline left in
Europe we’ve got Hooters airlines and then we have so easy jet from Lawndale
Williams so easy yeah it’s easy yet I’m gonna give you that 149 million
passengers 12 place overall I think we’ve got one left to go
Korean air no I’m looking for a airline out of China Norwegian air is a good
guess – because Norwegian will shortly make this list they are growing fast
China Southern no give me another direction
China something else not southern hooters airlines would have would have
had great wings fly-by-night airways from mt tow thanks empty one more to go
China it’s not China Southern what could it be
let’s see anyone got one this is our last one and then this one is done I
just remembered I have two more quizzes for you not one I have two more
fantastic China northern no it’s not Nora’s not North it’s not Sun not self
it’s China Eastern here we go thank you I just saw China Western come in where
you both got it all covered China North by Northwest No so here we are Delta
United Southwest American tons of air sorry self tears in here I’ll give you
that too Ryanair Air France China Eastern you British Airways easy jet
dip on air air China Japan Qantas that’s our less okay the Titanic the Titanic
sank and I believe 1910 or 1912 tell me the nationalities on board using today’s
countries all right don’t worry about what the countries were called back then
using countries of today tell me the countries that have the most passengers
on the Titanic I’ll tell you how many there were and how many survived Titanic
nationalities fire away with your best guesses for nationalities on board the
Titanic here we go Traci Dunlap the United
States of America yep USA in the number two country three
hundred and six passengers were on the Titanic from the United States
fifty-eight percent survived the Titanic sinking 42 percent didn’t know Paul
Lucas German Germany Germany Paul came in here with 10 passengers I’m just
gonna take a look here I’m gonna rank them just so I could tell you how many
this was 15th highest number was Germany 10 passengers 40% mated formated
6 did not okay let’s go from there I’m just ranking out the last of this
list here and then I’m good to go okay we have the United Kingdom Tracy’s on
lap number one UK 327 passengers just ahead of the United States at 306 32
percent survived 68 percent did not make it probably lower steerage and crew
Robert Brandt England as well Debbie Emanuel is thinking about France how
many from France 31 from France tenth most 58% survived French were generally
paying customers and they made a good chunk of the made up whoo jazz had
England bread Ireland Ireland was number 320
passengers 35 percent survival rate 65 percentage
negative ah Brittany England Debbie Manuel United
Kingdom Robert Brent America Robert Brent Italian from Italy the country of
Italy is represented here 16th highest number of 10 passengers four survived
six did not um if French Germany from Paul and Tracy Brittany had the US Nina
has the United States Debbie had an error Ireland okay again Tracy France
Britney Lockwood South Africa were there of South Africans on board the ship yes
21st place five South Africans to Maidan three did not cooljazz Poland
what about Poland Poland was represented here let me see Poland excuse me No ah Poland did not have passengers
represented on the titanium taking a look one last time here no I cannot find
any polish of passengers on the show Tracy Dunlop what about Canada were
there Canadians yes there were Canadians eighth highest number 34 Canadian
passengers forty-one percent made it out 59 percent did not polish didn’t have
any Norway Norwegians Nina Frank was only one Norwegians Norway 12th highest
number 26 Norwegians 31 percent survive Ireland we have Tracy Tracy is thinking
about India the country of India were there any represented from the country
of India on board the Titanic way back when no no one from India on board empty
tow this is a repeat quiz Bruce I think it is mg we did us a while ago so got it
gotta put your thinking caps on otherwise look at the rerun go find it
Tom Henry Norway we have barb France what about friends we did it Britany
luck with Australia yes Australians were on this ship on Australia’s 25th most
but holy two Australians were on board the
Titanic one maiden one did not Tom Henry Sweden what about Sweden in Sweden with
in the case of Sweden 113 passengers were on board from Sweden fourth highest
number twenty four percent survived 76 percent did not make it off that ship a
lot Britney Lockwood Hungary that would be us austria-hungary the austro-hungary
Hungarian Empire seventh highest number of passengers 49 passengers 16 percent
survival rate so austro-hungarians were either true or were on the lower lower
decks very poor survival rate for Austria and Hungary combined its sank a
2012 thank you CAD very much for clarifying that for me Tracey has Sweden
Tracy also was guessing Switzerland Switzerland had 11 passengers 14th
highest on board 11 passengers 64% survived they were of the upper class
for the most part 64% survived Brittany Lockwood what about Brazil were there
any Brazilians on the ship Bruce I’m not showing any Brazilians on the Titanic no
the Philippines Nina Frank is wondering about the Philippines were there any
fasteners from the Philippines on board nope no one from the Philippines on
board Brittany Lockwood’s Spain were there any
Spaniards on board the ship yes seven Spaniards 86% survived looks like six
out of seven made it one did not Brittany Lockwood Turkey the country of
Turkey yes nine from Turkey 33% survived three mate at six did not ed Tolson
Poland nope didn’t have any Brittany Lockwood Egypt were there any Egyptians
onboard the ship in the case of Egyptians not one not one Egyptian
Robert Brad my great-great grandfather owned a lot of white star stock probably
not a shining moment no not good for shareholders Tom Henry idea the friends
Thomas saying the French were pushy and they they rush to the light
bricky lockwood Norway I think we did Norway did we not yes
already 26 onboard 31 survival rate Brittany comes in with Mexico as her
next yes were there any Mexicans yes there was
one Mexican onboard didn’t make it unfortunately rose at Tollison junior
way to scare new cruisers from cruising talk about gigantic hey its history what
can I tell you it’s trivia time Tom Henry Philippines or too early for them
as crew yeah too early for them as crew Traci done left Syria what about Syria
yes Syrians fifth highest number of
passengers were Syrians 81 40% survived 60% did not serial Richard C going to a
baseball game denied even wanting to have a good time Richard Mina Frank
Netherlands the Netherlands the Netherlands had one passenger on board
did not rose I wondered how they decided who was going to go on the lifeboats I
think was women and children for the most part but there were some men who
went and of course some crew one crew member for lifeboat maybe two to guide
the lifeboat in the waterfall Wilgus at Tom Henry you are probably right about
the French laugh a lot Robert Brandt should have been women and children I
agree cooljazz eight more days before the big anniversary bash we celebrate
our first birthday on the air in a daze Robert Brandt but I’m saying that a lot
of wealthy men did die under a lot of men a lot of I am looking for very few
countries here a couple more European countries to be represented from number
four or five more I haven’t heard I have a country in Asia I have maybe six or
seven European countries and two from Asia left you want to take a shot at who
these countries are European countries we’ve already got Ireland Sweden Austria
Hungary we already have France Norway Switzerland Germany Italy Turkey Spain
and the Netherlands but there are six or so war who were represented on
the ship Romania is a guest just coming in right now Romania no one from Romania
on board Switzerland we’ve already had the
Netherlands we’ve already had Russia very good Tracy yes Russia had 27
citizens Dunmore 33 percent made at 9 Manor New Zealand cooljazz no no one
from New Zealand looking for two asian countries not oceanic countries monaco
no belgium yeah belgium had 24 passengers six survived
25 percent the rest did not let’s see Russia Belgium Russia Belgium
Iran no Luxembourg no Belgium we got Thailand no Taiwan no Austria we already
have we’re looking for two Asia countries the most populated country in
the world and one of the top ten most populated countries in the world I’m
looking for those two countries for Asia in Europe I’m still looking for a Nordic
country I’m looking for a European country here in the heart of Europe
another country just north of France and a country met right next to Spain see if
that’ll help any of you folks out a China just came in here Tom Henry Robert
Brent yes China had eight people on board six survived who did not Peru
not gonna help us Japan from Tracy and Robert yes Japan had one passenger they
made it that passenger survived 100% survival rate for Japanese tourists trip
Japanese passengers there was one India no Finland yes
Finland 59 Finn’s on board 32% survived Denmark Finland and Portugal are coming
in with guesses and looking Denmark had 10 passengers one mate at nine did not
from Denmark the other one was Portugal I believe yes
Portugal had four onboard no survivors Germany we have already looking now for
a country right next door to Turkey I’m looking for a South American country not
Brazil not Argentina wonder if anyone can guess a South American country for
me and then we’re done one Europe and one South American and I
will just about pack this without China Germany are still coming in for guesses
on its Uruguay three passengers no survivors Greece four passengers no
survivors that is the end of this quiz the final numbers are this United
Kingdom the USA Finland oh sorry UK USA Ireland Sweden Syria Finland
Austria Hungary Canada Bulgaria was a country with 33 passengers no survivors
there must have been crew down below France Russia Norway Belgium Switzerland
Germany Italy Denmark Turkey China Spain South Africa Greece Portugal Uruguayan
Australia Spain Mexico and the Netherlands made the list of Titanic
passengers all right want to go it’s Hollywood time tell me the names of the
movies that Sandra Bullock has been in what movies was Sandra Bullock in she
started in 87 with her first movie going right after 2015 it’s been a couple of
years since we’ve seen Sandra and something what are the names of all the
movies Sandra Bullock has been in do you know any offhand
fire away your guesses Robert Brandt and Paul Lucas speed yes the bus in 1994 who
was her co-star who starred with her in that movie a little little side question
cooljazz is thinking net the end of the net correct 1995 she was into the net
very good speed to Tom Henry Debbie Manuel speed – yep 1997 three years
later she was in speed – what island and the Caribbean was featured in speed to
blindside from Tracy Dunlop is a guess or a movie Blind Side
and I believe that is a correct guess I’m just trying to find the title I
don’t know the year off high-end offhand looking look at where is it I don’t get
blind side I’m looking for blind side there it is
2009 The Blind Side thank you here we go the net speed the net Miss
Congeniality yes he was in Miss Congeniality in 2000 and then we have
here gravity from Tracy Dunlop yes in 2013 five years ago already and the case
it is going with love potion the love potion number nine in 1992 well done
well done um let’s see here Keanu Reeves Robert
Brad to say Camry he started with her and speed did Miss Congeniality from
barb Nina Frank banished the movie called
that is well it was called The Vanishing in 1993 I’m giving you that one as Tracy
dumb up 28 days 28 days yes in 2000 the movie 28 days Tom Henry Miss
Congeniality number two yes sir 2005 Miss Congeniality number two well done
cool jazz piano Reeves Robert Brandt as saying Antigua there you go that was the
island of a featured in speed do Tracy Dunlop hope floats that was done in 1998
right after speed to oceans eight just released oceans eight give me that that
well done I think that this quiz only went up to like sixteen so I’m adding it
and it’s good it’s a good guess Bart wow you were sleepy the name of the
movie called while you were sleeping yes in 1995 Robert Brandt has to be
there has to be there Bruce has to be there okay has to be there
st. Maarten Nina Frank is also saying was in the movie could be Tom Henry the
proposal the hoes all looking for the title the proposal and here it is 2009
there it is time to kill well it was time I believe what’s called time for a
kill that was a James Bond movie wasn’t not
time for I’m just looking for that year sorry pardon me while I’m trying to dig
this one out a time took a time to kill 1996 time to kill not sure if that’s a
James Bond movie or not case if forces of nature that is another movie being
guessed forces of nature yep 1999 there it is fantastic mentions the minions
voice in minions yes in 2015 she was a voice on minions gravity we have all
about steve is a guess from jeff all about steve is that on this list i don’t
recall it all about Steve yes it is thank you very much 2009 it is here very
well done in love and war Tracy Dunlop in love and war
yes 1996 movie in love and war well done practical magic Donna McKinnon is
thinking practical magic yep 1998 there it is another one gone minions we got
Thank You Tracy Robert Brandt Demolition Man was Stallone yes in 1993 Demolition
Man with Stallone Tom Henry two weeks notice
yeah I love that movie two weeks notice that was a lot of fun that was done in
2002 16 years ago with the her co-star who’s the co-star in that movie with her
anybody remember Tracy Dunlop infamous infamous is her her yes here I’m looking
looking yep 2006 infamous John Henry while you were sleeping we got it a time
to kill is grisham a movie thank you Robert
I wasn’t sure Deena Frank practical magic we have Tom Henry divine secrets
of the ya-ya sisterhood yes divine CGI assists earth 2002
Nina Frank from what promotion or pro-pro something like that promotion a
one word movie yeah premonition 2007 premonition we’ll take it
Robert Brandt travellerbruce says speed to was Key West I don’t know what to
believe interesting stuff Robert Brent I
remember the dot being Antiqua there you go Nina Frank two weeks notice we
haven’t Tracy dollar finally Bruce you did one of my favorite actors I mean
there’s only so many actors there’s only so many thousands of them I finally come
on Casey I’m so glad you’re you’re working on it that’s fantastic we have a
bunch to go here we have so far a love potion number nine the vanishing
demolition man we’ve got speed while you were sleeping the net a time to kill in
in love and warp speed to home floats practical magic forces of nature 28 days
miss congeniality divine secrets of the provide secrets of the AA sisterhood two
weeks notice Miss Congeniality two infamous
premonition the proposal all about Steve the flying side gravity and minions we
got a bunch to go oceans eight of course also in the list let’s see here Robert
Brandt it was Seabourn legend that was the name
of the ship that they were using on speed to the six star cruise line
Seabourn legend you gotta wonder how much Seabourn got for that and they
probably used a bunch of that dough for a refurbishment first chance they got
cool jazz is thinking of a movie called the heat the heat does anyone remember
that movie yes 2013 there it is that’s another one gone I’m looking for
a bunch more can I give you any hints about any of this of these movies
let’s see this movie started with the word – if this movie is – if three words
after that any want to have you know so that any idea Robert Brandt thumbs up
school jazz two weeks notice we haven’t to chase it don’t let murder by number
murder by number is that a movie that she was in I am looking yes murder by
numbers 2002 how about the prints of remember that movie here’s one love
potion Tracy Dunlop that’s love potion number nine we’ve already got it
premonition we’ve got it – if by the sea – if by the sea yes 1996 thank you very
much here’s another movie two words gun what’s the name of the second there was
a second word on that one the 2005 lover something let’s hear here they come in
almost Eve we have crash that was in 2004 correct crash a lucky lucky charms
maybe let’s see anybody have that movie Lucky Charms I don’t see anything about
that at all the thing called love is I guess who’s just came in here a thing
called love um let’s see here look at that look look and I’m not
finding it I’m trying to hold this up nice and close so I don’t miss any of
these trying to read my writing folks but we meet the thing called love 1993
thank you yes well done Prince of Persia no not Prince Persian 28 days cool jazz
we have it already gun-shy yes we’ve got it now
how about the lake blank anybody know that one Tracy don’t let the vanishing
question mark vanishing oh let’s see I know one thing that’s vanishing the
number of guesses left or vanishing quickly uh we’re getting there I don’t
see anything about vanishing no gun-shy yes gun-shy we’ve got the lake house yes
the lake house is another one that’s gone
let’s see our brand is what’s that movie called our brand is the Prince of Egypt
just came in thank you that is the correct answer from 1998 Prince of
Beverly Hills know what’s the movie she played Harper Lee that’s a question mark
what’s the movie she played Harper Lee I don’t know Tracy Dunlap loverboy her
answer is lover boy and that is correct 2005 that is correct I’m looking for
extremely loud and what’s the rest of that movie called vanishing was a 1993
movie 1993 I have got four movies here or more thought banishing was the name
of the movie we’ve done and already the banishing 1993 not Tracy Dunlop lake
house wasn’t that a scary one she’s saying
Nina frat Frank me and the mob me and the mob is her yes for a movie with with
the Sandra Bullock me in the mob not finding one called that at all our brand
is crisis is the guests coming in yes 2015 well done
remember playing a game when you were a kid someone would give you a you’d have
to guess a word and you do it by letters and if you guessed a letter and the
letter was wrong they’d start drawing something and if you guessed another
letter you got it right you’re okay if you guessed 9/11 was wrong they’ve draw
another something what was that game call you have to guess the word before
someone drew the entire Victor what was that game called it’s the name of a
movie let’s see fire on the Amazon another
guess coming in yes mm 1993 fire on the Amazon
how about wrestling earnest anybody know that one loud and close is a guest
that’s just come in loud and closed extremely loud and something this is
very close to the actual tighter title hangman everyone’s saying hangman hang
yes it’s hangman 1987 that was her first movie her second movie was something
incorporated anybody know what that one was something Inc was the name of this
movie and the third movie was whose shot and what was the name of that the third
word to that movie who shot length Robert Brent Hemingway wrestling Ernest
Hemingway correct who do I something some things
something is another movie from 1994 who do I to words after that Hemingway
Hemingway infamous is coming in extremely loud and something something
what’s the name of that movie anybody know infamous is in 2006 movie
we have it monsters ain’t laugh out loud Roger Rabbit no sorry Britney not
working today religion blank what is it let’s see here
oh I may have given this whole thing away who shot blank is another movie who
shot Robert rabbit that’s why he’s doing this I said it Bruce have to have to
kill cooljazz says time to kill what’s the name of the movie correct I think
we’re just about done you’re only about three or four left here if that quickly
looking at my list to see if I missed anything here all right there the movie
for a 1989 or second movies called religion incorporated religion Inc 1989
she was in a movie called who shot pentangle pan tango is what she was that
movie 1992 when the party’s over was her fourth movie then we move up to who do I
got a kill is 1994 and we got left here Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is
the name of these movies infamous was when she was Harper Lee cooljazz who do
I gotta kill we are done this group this quiz for Sandra Bullock movies I’ll
write a rattling off one last time hangman religion Inc who shut can
pantego and tap and tango Penta Kengo who shot
panda Kengo hard to say that when the party’s over
love potion number 9 the vanishing the thing called love demolition man fire on
the Amazon Wrestling Ernest Hemingway speed who do I gotta kill while you were
sleeping the net – if by the sea a time to kill in love and war
speed – hope floats practical magic the Prince of Egypt forces of nature gun-shy
28 days miss congeniality murder by numbers divine secrets of the ya-ya
sisterhood two weeks notice who was her co-star in two weeks notice
still hanging out there crash and lover boy Miss Congeniality to the lake house
infamous premonition the proposal all about Steve the blindside Extremely Loud
and Incredibly Close the heat gravity the movie minions our brand is crisis
ocean’s 8 those are the movies I have on this list I hope it’s as accurate as
could be cool jazz who do I gotta kill rubberband how do I cash a twenty
million dollar paycheck how do you do that go to a casino
uh Tracy Dunlop you got to start doing more women actresses I much men are
better knowing women than men laugh out loud I will take you up on that
challenge I agree I’ve had more female actresses than male actresses that’s for
sure got 20 thumbs up so far not too bad everybody thank you for those I could
use more if you can spare any please through them around from around a Hugh
Grant is the actor thank you it was he grant cool jazz did they find that
missing crew person yet no I have not from what I heard so many went missing
day before yesterday or yesterday Donna McKinnon was at Hugh Grant it was silo
Steve noticed last night that the cruise ship movie with Kelsey Grammer is now on
Netflix and they’re probably watching tonight yeah I’m looking forward to
catching it myself and we’ll see that is how that one goes it’s who’s
that gallops with them again remember Jennifer who’s the the gal that’s on
that cruise ship movie with kelsey grammer Kristen Bell there we are I’m
very good with names but only for a short period of time
isn’t that right what’s your name again over there oh yeah Jennifer yeah yeah
yeah then I’ll never forget oh do you mean Jen yeah
Debbie Manuel thanks for the show and the tribute today Bruce now to continue
housework yuck stay safe everyone safe travel home for you and Jen Bruce
toodles Thank You Debbie so much Sal Oh Steve Kristen Bell thank you siloed
trans Tracy don’t look what’s the movie called what is the movie called anybody
know what the name of that movies called on Netflix it’s on it’s now on people
can check it out please type it in well there you go that’s our trivia today
Sandra Bullock movies Titanic nationalities and the passengers the
airlines are the most passengers on board a Sabo Steve forgot but it has
father in the title let’s see here Donna McKinnon I watched it last night
I’ll tell us and at Robert Brandt sign the back and mail it to me I will take
care of it for you what a guy Donna McKinnon says like father movies
called like father all right there it is silo Steve fantastic there
you are that’s our show for today August the 4th my last show from Calgary the
next show August 6th that’ll be Monday day after tomorrow from Creston looking
forward to catching up with you there and and I hope you have a great
enjoyable weekend in the meantime here in Canada it’s a long weekend Monday is
a holiday I’m working though there’s never a
holiday every day is a holiday for me so I’ll be on the other Monday but it’s a
holiday Monday in Canada excuse me um and I look forward to having you come by
and say hi to me on Monday and catch the rest of my videos if you can and please
do me a favor if you like some of my videos these short ones these three four
six eight ten twelve minute videos you like them spread them around share them
on Facebook or any other social media push the channel out there for me it
brings in views from everywhere and we may have new
subscribers to the channel new followers on our trivia shows and everything else
and so growth is growth and growth is good thank you everybody for all your
help your encouragement your best wishes your donations thank you for picking up
merchandise like this shopping with Bruce merchandise thanks for visiting through my affiliate link just below and thank you for direct
donations to PayPal they come in from time to time and I thank you so much
Robert Brandt a special thumbs up to you as always I thank you for your multiple
donations through PayPal thank you I won’t tell the wife okay there you go
um everyone’s saying goodbye everyone’s having a good time Donna take care say
good travelers safe travels for myself and Jennifer cool jazz coming to Nova
Scotia to celebrate Canada’s holiday way to go cool jazz bring those American
dollars and bring them up there fast we need them you’ll find they go a long way
up there Robert Brandt and it’s also hello I’m in Sandra alright you guys
have a great night a great weekend talk to you again Monday on my live show and
enjoy all right this is Bruce we’ll try to get Bruce saying bye from Bruce and
Jen see you Monday bye for now

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2 Replies to “How High Rollers Are Pampered On Cruise Ships Plus Saturday Live Trivia”

  1. I seen a lot of people asking how much they have to lose in the casino to get comps… here is where it starts at.
    The old program for Royal Caribbean the free cruise certificate started after you ran $20,000 through slots (you do not have to lose this) it just has to be ran through slots. From personal experience you will end up paying for that free cruise many times over by the time you run through $20,000 unless you manage to hit a pretty decent hand pay out. We usually get a few more cruises during the year mailed to us of a balcony on the mega ships or a jr suite on a 4 or 5 night cruise some 10 to 14 nights on the older ships, we also where offered to be the first guests on Symphony for its first voyage before it was even possible to be booked but will be sailing her in February 2019. We also know someone personally who gets the sky class suites starting for a small $1,500 for the entire week on a mega ship with the new program and I can only guess what they are running through slots due to the new program. Now the new program our offers are coming through as interiors on the mega ships or a pretty big discount on any cruise we choose far worse than what we had been getting and we are extremely disapointed. When we go on oasis of the seas Adela the casino host knows we are on board and no matter what room we are, star class or a balcony is all my wife and go in now one is discounted massively the other is completely comped. She will send fruit, champagne and wine during the entire week. (we have sailed oasis a lot in a 2 year period she knows us by name and will usually go out of her way to say hello) I have videos of the boarding process of star class on my Facebook and im not a youtuber but I plan to get some better video of the entire process that I will post to my Facebook in 35 days. This new program is catering to the whales the people that are literally buying in at tables for $100,000 or more. I got to meet the gentlemen he was in high end commercial real estate development ( the guys who build sky scrapers) buying in for 100,000 every night right after dinner, he did not dress up for dinner he wore shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. I have met Cliff Smith CEO of culinary aire last year again dressed in shorts and a regular shirt….you know the people who whine about others not dressing up for formal night ya these guys are the ones going under your radar. Those little memes you see on facebook are true they wear suits constantly for their jobs and just want to be on vacation. When Oasis was on its maiden voyage a prince was in the royal loft as well which now goes for $40,000 but when that ship first sailed no one was getting that suite for its listed price or calling to book it, royal will reach out to its top of the top guests to get first crack at these rooms. We are so disappointed in the new program we will spend 40 hours a week in their casino on our cruise (we do not sleep much on vacation), they are tied with vegas casinos now so we are getting offers to those casinos as well (terrible ones) and they are no where near what they once where for cruising offers or comps. As I have told Bruce on his other video we have booked with NCL on Breakaway in September for 2019 after we finish out our royal cruises to see what they will offer to their casino players and our kids may enjoy NCL cruise ships more with some of the best water parks at sea. In no way are my comments geared to be snooty or snob like in anyway just trying to inform cruisers of what really goes on with the suites and how they are tied to the casinos.

    Are they impossible to book for any cruiser?

    Are they worth it?
    No but you only live once

    Will you have an amazing time and get the full use out your perks and amenities?
    Yes but it takes research to find what little reviews there are on star class suites.

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