How I CHARGE my BATTERIES when wild camping | Solar panels to charge camera batteries, drone, laptop

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100 Replies to “How I CHARGE my BATTERIES when wild camping | Solar panels to charge camera batteries, drone, laptop”

  1. Ya estoy hasta la verga de los comentarios de que si vienen de un poco de todo solo gosen el video y ya alv

  2. Big thank you for cover this topic in this video seperatly. It's so nice and helpful. I wish I would had this oportunities, when I did my long hikes in the 80th and 90th. Charging etc. was always a big topic. … Today we need much more power for all our gear and so charging really became so essencial.

    Funnily even you just stay on some campsite or some hotel it sometimes need some nice planing and preparing to charge eveything poperly.

    I look forward for my next long stay e out in neature and I know your hints will help me a lot.

  3. Please read this:
    Hi Morten , my country has amazing landscapes and beatuful nature there are rainforests , sea , mountains (caucasus) and deserts . There are lots of caucasian ibexs to shot whit your camera . I hope you will visit to georgia . This trip will be unforgetable for you . Search it in google and youtube 🤘🤘🤘


  4. I always find your videos so helpful .
    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to helping others understand what is needed .

  5. Great stuff – I have also been using a solar panel and power bank on my longer trips in the highlands and it works really nicely. Looking forward to seeing what you find on your photo trip 🙂

  6. Since I see your videos I want to do your job too… you are lucky to make a living of it and a great Inspiration for me.

  7. May I know about the Solar pad charger , can it be hand carry to airplane cabin ? Any safety issue ? Thanks.

  8. Someone told a lot of people in latin america region about your ox photgraphy story, so enjoy new subscribers

  9. A very impressive setup. It’s amazing what is available on the market today. You must be the only person who carries more gear than me, though I’m not camping.

    A very interesting video Morten, thank you for posting.

  10. Great tips Morten, this videos complements the really long one about all your gear! I have the Anker power bank and I love it, great choice 😉
    I have noticed that you have tape on both of your Stanley thermos, why?
    Thanks again, keep up the great work!

  11. I don't need to charge my camera batteries ever on my trips even if I go for 2 weeks!

    Ultimate advantage of mechanical cameras

  12. This is Just beautiful, good luck in your trip, you are a simple mam with a complex journey, hope you can take more photos 🙂

  13. Es impresionante el talento que tienes te deseo lo mejor de corazón la verdad se ve que te apasiona lo qué haces tu contenido es entretenido e interesante sigue así y nunca te rindas verás que los tiempos buenos vendrán ❤️

  14. Nuevo suscriptor, gracias a Un poco de todo! Saludos desde Mexico, podrias subir subtitulos a tus videos amigo en español porfavor?

  15. you mentioned that you use Amazon, which Amazon do you use? I was trying to send you something through Amazon UK but was told nothing was being delivered from there to Denmark.

  16. I just your videos, which are so inspirational. I always learn photography and special respect for NATURE. Stay blessed. Hope you see you in Denmark or somewhere at your exhibition.

  17. vengo por que te conozco desde hace mucho tiempo , y los titulos en español con la traduccion estan de maravilla

  18. Ive just ordered that solar charger off amazon after watching ur videos on it

    Thats for the recommendation

  19. You can get a USB to 12V cigarette adapter to use your normal power banks or try to plug the solar panel directly to the drone charger 🙂

  20. I was just looking to the Xt power bank on the link provided and it didnt work so i tried searching for it on and still no luck. But i looked on and it was there so if your in the U.S. and you cant find it try the uk amazon

  21. Haha, I have exact the same set up for powering my Nikon batts, only different brands for all things.
    I love it and it works GREAT!

  22. Just call the round DC connector for Dc Jacks or in Danish (Dc stik 🇩🇰 ) 99% is the + pole in the middle but some bastard product switch them around

  23. This was very informational! I love your channel! If you need more batteries, Goal Zero makes the Sherpa 100PD. It's a small 100Wh battery pack that I have been using to charge my MacBook Pro 2019 in the field.

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