How to Build a Simple Sanitary Chicken Waterer (side mount chicken nipples)

How to Build a Simple Sanitary Chicken Waterer (side mount chicken nipples)

hey guys this is Shipman Farm’s again
just wanted to cover real quick how to build a chicken water this is just a
quick five gallon bucket chicken water we’re using some chicken nipples to
actually mount on the side and the reason for that you see here I’ll put
the link for Amazon below that’s what we ordered these off of I’ve done the
bottom nipples before the pain to hang these buckets you need to refill them or
anything like that you basically can’t hang from this it’s just not made to
actually support that much weight all the time so we’re going to try these
because for an adult chicken it’s got eight inches off the ground you set this
up on the center block it’ll be just about perfect so very easy to set up
versus trying to hang something so what they’ll do is a drill hole and you’ll
mount it and you can use either the perfect hole is going to be eleven
thirty second you can use a 5/16 but I would recommend getting eleven thirty
second and a lot of hardware stores don’t carry them so you may have to just
order one in advance while you’re ordering the chicken apples the only two
or three dollars that’ll ensure it fits perfectly but anyway we can literally
make this in less than five minutes so what I did was I’m just going to about
one and a half inches up from the bottom we’re going to make a mark so you see I
made a mark there and I just kind of spun it around evenly spaced we’re going
to put we got a ten pack we’re going to build two of them
I’m going to put five of them evenly spaced around this and so I’m going to
go ahead and drill those holes and I’ll show you how to screw that in in just
second alright I’ll show you just how easy it is to drill in the hole I’m just
going to kind of get it started real slow it’s very thin you’re going to just
want to get a good clean hole there see if you’ve got any shards you’re going to
want to knock those coppers out you can mess
we’re going to take one of these chicken apples here you’re going to kind of just
get it started that’s really all you want to do is
these each one of them started so I’ll come back in a second when we’ve got all
this started here’s the drill bit that came with the chicken nipple you can see
here this black drill bit it’s kind of got a flat box to it that fits right
over top of these you can kind of just throw them on you’re going to leave two
or three threads out so just get them closed and then turn it right where you
want you want the bottom part out you’re going to see right there
there’s a little bit of a gap and basically you’ll just come back around
do all of them like that and then you go touch some water and make sure they
don’t leak but that’s a five-minute chicken water and that’s all you got to
do here’s the final product she’s got where’s the drop on top and
five nipples on each of these and it took probably less than ten minutes to
make full speed so and again the proper height to set this on top of one center
block and that will be about the perfect height for adult chicken thanks for
watching our video guys if you liked that you give us a thumbs up you’ll find
more videos over here and subscribe down here when I see you next time Oh

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