How to Install Shocker Hitch Ball Mount Towing System

How to Install Shocker Hitch Ball Mount Towing System

Hey guys, John here with Today
I’m going to show you how to install the Shocker Hitch Ball Mount Towing System on this 2015
GMC Sierra Denali 2500. Okay guys, we’ve got our Shocker Hitch out
of the box. You can see here it comes complete, ready to install. The only thing that you’re
going to need to get for this is of course your pin. And what I would recommend is a
locking style pin so that way somebody can’t take this off your truck and make off with
it. It also comes with all your setup instructions on how to get this thing setup and adjusted
properly for towing your trailers behind your truck. So let’s put this on the truck. First we’re going to take our Shocker Hitch
and we’re just going to put it up here on our truck, like so. And you want to make sure
when you do this that it doesn’t have any air in it already in the airbag, because if
it does it will make it tough to get it up underneath this plate, which it’s going to
be tough to do anyway. And then we’re just going to line up our pin hole, and make sure
that that’s in place. So once we have it here, then we’ll go ahead and pin it. Now, if we
were going to take this truck out and use it somewhere, we’d want to make sure that
we have the locking pin on here so somebody can’t snatch this. Now, once this is on your truck, then what
you’re going to do when you put your trailer on here…you can’t really make too much adjustments
with it not having a trailer on it because what you’re going to do is you’re going to
just open up this valve right here, take this cap off and this is your air valve where you
can air this up. Now, when you air it up with your trailer on, the idea behind the Shocker
Hitch is to keep the tongue of the trailer even level with the back of your truck. So
that way you can keep it so it’s not getting all kind of wonkus on you. Also so what it’s
going to do because of the bushing in here and the airbag, if you guys are familiar with
when you’re pulling a trailer behind, you get that bumping and banging going on, well
the whole idea behind this Shocker Hitch was to take away that bumping and banging. So
if you’ve got a good truck with a lot of power, like our torque truck here, you’re not going
to be able to notice so much there’s a trailer even behind the truck, because you’re not
even going to feel it back there. So there you go guys, that’s how quick, simple,
and easy it is to install the Shocker Hitch onto your truck. So remember until next time,
happy motoring.

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  1. How many inches does the ball stick out from the receiver hitch, as I use a 3to 4 inch extended bar on the back of class A motorhome? I pull a 19 ft., 5000-pound travel trailer to keep the trailer away from the motorhome when doing sharp corners.

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