How to make scratchboard art with Carolyn Henry I Colour In Your Life

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  1. Hi Graeme my name is Daniel and i really want to learn to draw like you so i can draw my cat before she passes away. But thats not gonna happen in a couple of years. She is my best friend so to give her the best present i want to draw her as you know already. But to draw her i really need to know where to buy this can you please respond thanks 🙂

  2. Hello Graeme, have you ever been to Los Angeles California (US) and if so have you ever met a fella by the name of Monticello Miller and did you live in Canada in the mid 90´s? Thanks and due keep up the GREAT work!

  3. Good Morning David and Carolyn.  It was great to see this video.  We have a Carolyn Henry in Lodi, California just south of the State Capitol of Sacramento.  We also gave a workshop on scratch boarding.  My wife, Sandy, and I took her class.  We used a 5×7 Scartchbord which is already coated with the black ink.  My wife and I had gone to Utrecht Art Store in Sacramento, which has merged with Dick Blick Art Stores.  They had the tools and the scratchbords.   I just did some judging of art work from high school children at the 2nd Annual Teen Community Art and Film Festival at the Laguna Town Hall in Elk Grove, California put on by the Community Service District which is our Park and Recreation Services as well as the Fire Department and some other services.  What we judges thought was some pen and ink entries was some scratch boarding.  With Carolyn of Lodi class, we did a scene from a beach in Oregon where she took a photograph.  She stepped us through developing this landscape as well as what tool to use.  She had tools available for us to use, but I had my own. She also told my wife and me to bring some of our watercolors, since she knew we were watercolor painters and teachers as well.  So once we did our scratches on the boards, we applies the watercolor and then I sprayed a clayboard fixative to her painting and my wife's painting and my painting outside the building.  We know have our paintings in a photo picture frame with the glass removed.  I will look over this video some more.  I have let my wife know about it and will also tell our Carolyn about it as well.

  4. Terrific video Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life)! If you all like Melissa and Doug toys, then take a look at this cute new video of their Magnetic Hide and Seek Board:

  5. Hi, I'm a fellow scratchboarder, please check out my new channel and subscribe if you like. I'm just getting started and I'd appreciate the help. My content is a bit sparse right now but I'll be adding videos weekly. I love your work! And I've learned lots, thanks! L

  6. She told you at the beginning of the video that you shouldn't put your fingers on the surface because the oils in your skin will mark it. Yet throughout the whole video you touched the surface of every piece – even the one that had the corners covered you managed to grab it with your fingers.

  7. I’ve long been looking online and off for a source for “white carbon paper.” I’ve used it at a local gallery/studio, but their supply was 30+ years old and almost used up. Could you please direct me to somewhere I can purchase it, or even a particular brand which produces it?

  8. Great episode. Thanks so much for the tips Carolyn. I can't wait to try my hand at scratchboard drawing!

    It appears that her website (is not the page she intended ( looks like it's been heisted by some unscrupulous baddies. Someone might want to check it out.

  9. I appreciate seeing her different techniques, tools, tactics. Thank you. I found this to be quite informative. -from Bellevue, Idaho, USA

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