How to Mount a GoPro under your Visor?

How to Mount a GoPro under your Visor?

Hello everyone! I often get the question how to mount the GoPro under my visor. And I thought: instead of answering everyone one by one .. … it is much easier to make a video. And hopefully it helps you a bit. I have not made a tutorial before, so if it’s bad, I’m sorry. I did my best. I don’t have to put it on this one, cause it’s already on it. This is the helmet I use now, but I have a new helmet. The D3 from Troy Lee Designs. There is no sticker underneath. So I’m going to show you how I always do that. The reason I always put him under my
visor and not and on top of my helmet .. … is because it gives an a lot more realistic video, then when it is above your head. And if it is on top of your helmet, you often have your visor in the video. What you need is of course a helmet,
a sticker and of course the GoPro itself. It does not really matter that much
which gopro you have. I use the Hero 5 Session myself. If you have a bigger GoPro .. It is just a bit heavier and it is possible
also that you see it while riding. It is up to you if you find that annoying
or not. With the D3 it is quite easy to put the sticker on it. The bottom of the visor is fairly flat, so you can stick the sticker well. Imagine you have a very curved visor .. ..with a flat sticker, like here .. .. it just doesn’t stick as well. What I always do: I already put the GoPro in the sticker .. and then I just watch how I wear my helmet. I always have my helmet like this, when I’m wearing it. So now you want to make sure that the GoPro points straight forward. And then you just look at how far you can put it to the back. But you do not want to stick it too far back either. Then you only see clouds in the video.. ..and if you stick it too far forward .. then you can imagine that the GoPro is always in your view. You do not want that either. If I go here I know .. exactly where the sticker needs to be on the visor. Now I take the GoPro out of the sticker again. Remove the sticky part. And then make sure your sticker is in the right place. And paste it straight. Because otherwise you can thrown the sticker away if you have to take it off again. With me, I know that it has to be here. You can be very professionally and make a line with a marker where you want to have it. But I do know where I want it to be. Of course I can also just copy from this helmet. This is what it looks like when the GoPro is underneath. As you can see, it is as far back as possible. So that I almost don’t have the GoPro in my sight. And if I put my helmet on. That’s not how you wear it. You always have your helmet pointing slightly down. So now that it’s pointed perfectly forward for the most realistic view. According to the description of GoPro you have to
leave your sticker on for officially 24 hours .. .. before you can use it. I once got a new helmet on the day of a race .. and it just went well. But keep in mind that you must for for 24 hours officially. I always put my helmet upside down. and attach the GoPro. I do not know if it helps, but at least I feel like I’ve done everything.. to keep it in place as good as possible. With me it has never fallen off. But as I said: with my helmet you have a good flat point to stick the GoPro on. Own risk. Just check yourself if your GoPro is properly secured .. .. before you go riding. So on each helmet it can be slightly different where you have to stick your GoPro. But this is the way I do it. I hope this helped you out a little bit.. ..and see you next time!

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  1. I would mount my GoPro in this position but I have heard it is dangerous to have it underneath the visor as if you crash the visor can get pushed down and the GoPro could break your nose. Is there a way you can do it safely?

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