How to mount your Vidga rail

How to mount your Vidga rail

Hey guys What’s up! Today we are going to set up an ikea Vidga rail for your curtains. As you can see in this video, this system is very simple and actually note very expensive I first decided to start by taking the measurement to define the distance from the wall and I decided to fix it at 25 cm as you can see me pointing it here To drill this hole I would advise you to use a drill machine specially made for beton structures This product is nice and easy because it’s using a clip system which is giving you some more guarantee that your curtains won’t fail over your head after one day And as you can see here it’s easy to take out and bring back in Then you insert another clip that will be here supporting the curtains rails To be honest with you I find it a little bit hard to slide over So if you are using the same system feel free to give it some power in order to insert it completely I like to look of it, not too big but very strong! This is exactly what I like with Ikea by the way… They always make sure to provide all you need so you don’t even have to use your own tools To fix the side closing section you just need to use here your HEX key then you are done! Alright so that was the quick tips and tricks for this week and feel free to let me know if you have been using the same system I’ll be happy to have your feedback on it As usual, Mr ATC for another idea of housing!!!! See you next time Bye…

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19 Replies to “How to mount your Vidga rail”

  1. Thanks for the instruction. I was wondering how I should use the roof fitting, hadn't considered slotting it into the plastic midrail untill you showed it (since the product's instruction doesn not refer to them).

  2. I was thinking I was missing a piece. And of course I am! The lady there had zero idea what I needed for this system even thought she was standing in the department. Now I’m home and am missing the pieces that actually secure it to the cieling

  3. Hi, do you know what screw size is suitable for this. And how deep you have to drill. Sorry, I havent tried drilling before.

  4. Hey I just bought a brand new build condo and have no clue what kind of screws to use to install this system around my window jam. Any chance you know if there is a standard? Like am I looking at getting concrete plugs or would there be special screws for steel studs? The people at the hardware store have been useless.

  5. Good. You showed using the slide system. Ikea's useless video doesn't show them using that in the overhead setup. And if you just use the clip system it just drops out of the rail.

  6. Wish they had this video at Ikea! No help in store, nothing shown at the point of sale, so you just have to guess on what parts you need yourself while you are standing in the store!! Got home spent over £70 to discover we don't have enough sliding in parts…contacted Ikea… oh thats fine they are sending me more …in 7-10 days!

  7. Thank you so much for this video. Manual wasn't clear & IKEA's video was less clear. You saved the day!

  8. This is nothing like mine. I tried the directions and I tried this but the rail don’t slide on. This has been the most frustrating ikea build.

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