How to Prevent Seasickness

How to Prevent Seasickness

How to Prevent Seasickness. Being sick at home is hard; being sick on
a boat is unbearable! Keep seasickness from ruining your vacation. You will need Motion sickness medication Water
Bread and other grains Apples Bananas Hard candy and dry crackers. Step 1. Think preventively. Take an over-the-counter antihistamine 1/2
hour prior to boarding the boat or at the first signs of seasickness. You can also consult your doctor for prescription
medication. Step 2. Drink plenty of water prior to boarding. Dehydration can make you dizzy and cause nausea. Avoid drinking alcohol, which can cause dehydration
and nausea. Step 3. Eat right before heading out. Bread and other grains, apples, and bananas
are all good choices. Avoid anything greasy or acidic. Step 4. Find a spot on board where motion is least
noticeable, such as the inner-middle part of the boat. A window can help put the rocking motion into
perspective but can also worsen the feelings of nausea as more objects are moving. Step 5. Focus on the horizon and scenery rather than
the water or the movement of the boat. If you feel queasy, stand; sitting or lying
down can increase nausea. Step 6. Suck on hard candy or eat dry crackers to
help keep nausea in check. Did you know Did you know? Some people who take long cruises suffer “landsickness”
for a few days after their trip as their body readjusts to being on firm ground.

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53 Replies to “How to Prevent Seasickness”

  1. lol, last time i went sea fishing,before i went on the boat, i ate a breakfast sandwich from Mcdonald's (greasy) and orange juice too (acidic)

  2. landsicknesses is real i've had it before you also get it if your returning from space you have to sit in the space shuttle for about an hour until you can walk

  3. yeh never thought of that hang on if your were born and raised to like 18 on a boat and never went on land would u have it permanently?!?!?!?!

  4. If you get sea sick, pick a spot on the outside of the boat, and walk around, while not looking directly at the boat, stand if you can't keep balance. Don't go inside, being inside everything is stationary, but you still feel like your moving, making an imbalance of your vision and motion senses causing you to feel sick.

    If you get car sick, sit in the seat beside the driver, look ahead and pretend to be the one driving. If you notice most people don't get car sick if they are the one driving.

  5. Here is the truth to the matter. Try a TRANSDERM SKOPE. GET it from your doctor.
    They work……….period.

  6. i went on a fishing boat and when it stopped in the middle of the ocean i was dying
    i had sea sickness for 3 hours

  7. I was very seasick when I went on a cruise ship with my parents 6 years ago for a 10 day cruise to Alaska and Canada. Phenergan treated me well.

  8. Lol, BELLA's right. now stop whining.

    p.s. ALL CAPS IS STUPID and nube/narb makes YOU one

    p.s.s. noob is how you spell it. N-O-O-B now learn to write

  9. friends i got a good job on vessel but i am sea sick please advice certain examples eargently i need this job

  10. I should try this before my next Star Citizen game using my Oculus Rift VR unit. I feel almost ripped off when I got my brand new VR headset and I got nauseous after 15 min of VR game play. Than again I can also blame my wimpy graphics card also for the "space" sickness.

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