How to Replace a Motor Mount in Your Car

How to Replace a Motor Mount in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
if your engine clunks when you start it or clunks when you put it into gear, then
you probably need a new motor mount because it’s cracked, so today I’m going to
show you how to a change your motor mount on your car, now this engine clunks when
you start it up and put it into gear, so I’ll check the front motor mount first, as you
can see it’s quite obvious the thing is all cracked into pieces, now a lot of
times it isn’t that obvious, so you get a jack and jack the engine up and then you
look at the motor mounts and transmission mounts and if they’re
broken, you’ll see them separate as you jack the engine up in the air and it’ll be
obvious, now to remove the old motor mount, the first thing you do is take
these three bolts off where it bolts to the engine, in this Honda it’s a fourteen
millimeter socket, then you get a 17 millimeter wrench and take the bottom bolt
off that goes through the mount, then the bolt comes out and a motor mount bracket
just slips up and out of the way and now we just have to remove the bolts that hold
the motor mount to the frame of the vehicle and as we finish taking the
bolts out, the motor mount comes right out as you can see it’s all broken and
cracked up, time for a new one and you can see, here’s the nice new one and
there’s nothing cracked in that, then you just get the new mount and line up the
holes, then you put the bolts in and tighten them up,
get them nice and tight because it’s holding the engine in, then you get the
motor mount bracket and stick that back on, slide it right in place, then get the
giant through bolt and stick that on first, it just slide in and you tighten it
up and now comes the hard part, you have to line it up, so get your Jack and Jack
the engine up a little, just enough so the holes line up and there they are you
can see a little bit of jacking and now they line up, then you put all the bolts
in and tighten them up and again make sure they’re nice and tight, because it’s
holding the engine in, and that’s it let’s try it out and see if it clunks, one, two,
three no more clunking, so the next time you
get a broken motor mount, why not try fixing it yourself, and remember if you have
any car questions just visit Scotty

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  1. i have a hummer h3 it makes a horrible sound like "broom" when ever a want to turn right or left or even when i stop and press the accelerator it makes that sound somwbody told me is the transmission. i changed the transmission, but still the same, somwbody else told me it is the gront axels, im trying to find out whats the problem might be, you have any idea?

  2. Hey Scotty I drive a 2006 Infiniti G35 , when my car is cold in the morning, it does this weird thing, when I put the car in reverse (automatic) and the engine temperature is still low, the car revs up to like about 3k rpms and the whole engine kicks really hard making the whole car move, but when if I let the car warm up completely it shifts to reverse just fine, my friend told me it has something to do with transmission solenoid, what do you think it could be? It only does this when the car is cold,. Thank you for your answer in advance Scotty.

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  4. Hi, any idea how to change rear transmission motor mount on 2006 toyota martix?
    After loose all the bolt (long 17 bolt), 3 bolts and nut on bottom, it can't turn right, left and go up. Should the motor mount bracket have to can lose as well?

  5. I bought a 1972 monte. All the engine bolts are missing on the driver's side, which has the engine sitting to high.. I got a new engine mount. "It only came with the top" and it's still not lining up. Needs to go down like half inch to put the pivot bolt through. Any thoughts?

  6. hello i have a 350 olds motor the frame mount is a two holes mount put it in a 84 regal where hole do i put the frame mount at was a v6 put a v8 in it do not know where to put the mount on

  7. Hey scotty, is the motor mount on my vehicle causing it to jerk sometimes when I put it in reverse or drive? I have a 1998 Lexus es300.

  8. God i wish i knew where to get that motor mount he used. Same one in my honda accord and I cant find it anywhere

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