How To Replace Door Panel 04-08 Ford F-150

How To Replace Door Panel 04-08 Ford F-150

Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet. Hi, I’m Mike Green.
I’m one of the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and money repairing and
maintaining your vehicle. I’m going to use my 20+ years experience restoring and repairing
cars and trucks like this to show you the correct way to install parts from
The right parts installed correctly, that’s going to save you time and money. Thank you
and enjoy the video. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to remove and install a door panel in this 2006 Ford F-150, same as any ’04 to ’08. You
might need to do this to access your door handle or window or anything else that might
be broken. You’ll need a selection of smaller millimeter or metric sockets, ratchet and
extension, some standards can substitute, small flat blade screwdriver, putty knife
and a rag to protect your paint. To remove your door panel, you’re going to
start down here, 6 mm, and remove two screws. Then you’re going to move up and a little
putty knife or a screwdriver and a rag and you’re going to carefully pull off your speaker
cover. You’re going to remove your speakers. You may also have a tweeter up here. I believe
these are 7/32’s. Then obviously unplug the speaker. There’s a little rubber grommet that
you’d use a pair of pliers and gently remove these clips, two of them. Again, with the
putty knife. There’s a button this end, push and this button here, push and unplug. There’s
a 10 mm bolt. Now using a small screwdriver, right in behind
the door handle, you’ll see a little slot. Insert your screwdriver and pry out just a
little bit and you’ll remove a little door exposing two bolts. The two bolts right here,
either 8 mm or 5/16 will work. Here, use your putty knife or your screwdriver and a rag
and insert it between the black bezel and the door panel and gently pry. It is clipped
in and it will unclip in the front. The handle out like that and then it all comes
forward. Then take this panel off, stick your handle through- you don’t want to drop it
too hard. Your panel is off. Before you put your door panel on, one thing
to check is this little clip here. On our truck, it had separated and hit had kind of
relaxed down. It didn’t pinch onto the door anymore. We actually put a piece of tape up
in behind there just to hold it in place. Then once we put the bolt in and tighten it
up, it’ll function just the same as before. Now we’re going to reinstall the panel. What
you want to do is get it up next to the door. Make sure you pull your door handle cable
through and both of your power windows, power door locks and your speaker wires, make sure
they’re not caught up. Then you push the panel to the door and then push down at the same
time to get all those hooks clipped into the door. Put this bolt in since we think it could be
a problem. 10 mm bolt. Put the lower clips to the speaker back in. Look for the rubber
insulator. This only has the base radio, so it’s just this speaker. You might have to
put in your tweeter as well. Connect it. Put it in place. One screw to hold it. Test it
to make sure you’re getting sound out of it. These little bolts are 7/32’s. They don’t
need to be too tight, just about hand tight. Speaker cover back on. Put our windows and door locks back on and
the door handle. Now the door handle can be put back on even before you put everything
together. Make sure that seems to be working right. Push it back in without my finger in
there. Put these on. These are 8 mm, also 5/16 will work. Put the trim plate back in.
Put in these 6 mm bolts. They’re just going into plastic clips, so you want to be careful
not to over-tighten. Last, but not least- There you go. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you
by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on
the internet. Please feel free to call us toll free at 888-844-3393. We’re the company
that serves you on the internet and in person.

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84 Replies to “How To Replace Door Panel 04-08 Ford F-150”

  1. You saved my ass twice because BOTH of my windows went out within two months! What is up with Ford's window motors???!!!

  2. @NCvacationer Don't know what is up with Fords but luckily there is a great source for affordable aftermarket motors at 1A Auto dot com 🙂

  3. Anyone have a video of the rear door panel removal, for a super cab, not super crew, just super cab with the half suicide doors, the speaker grills don't pop off like the front, anyone have a video of it?

  4. Thanks for the great video! Just replaced my window regulator today with one of yours! Just looking at it was easy with this video help!!!

  5. @drumseltzer Awesome! Thank you for watching our videos and purchasing our products from Have a great day.


  6. The basic procedure should be similar. Some of the parts and trim pieces that you need to take off first might be different.

  7. Unfortunately we do not have the rear panel removal video right now but we will add this to the list of videos that we could make in the future.

  8. Yes please. My rear cab door is stuck. I need to enter the panel to find the cable. Please show! Thank you.
    I have a 2000 XLT F-150

  9. At this time we are currently working on videos for other vehicles but we will keep this in mind for a future video.

  10. Great video – thanks for posting. Quick question: I have manual window cranks and locks – what is the process for removing these?


  11. the process is the same for the manual just like the power one but you need to release the C-clip that holds the crank handle in place.

  12. Thanks for the video. I needed to replace my outside mirror & had no idea how to remove the panel to access the bolts. Great help!

  13. I can fix about anything. IF I can ever get to it. Just had the plastic speaker connector break off the front door speaker allowing the wires to short out against the speaker frame causing an intermittent loss of that speaker.

    You guys have saved me so much time fighting these stupid door panels. Thanks!!!

  14. Thanks for the Video , My passenger side window stopped working , looks like I will using this door knowledge, Hopefully I can figure the window issue out !

  15. Thanks for the video. I pulled the panel off and ordered a window regulator assembly from 1A AUTO. Saved me a lot of time and money!

  16. Is this the same way to replace both front window motors on a 2008 ford expedition Eddie B . Along with removing the door panels ..thanks

  17. Before replacing any electrical component in the door(s), pull the wiring grommet back between the door and the jam and check for broken wires. My '06 had 4 broken, soldered them back up and everything works great!

  18. Had to replace my side mirror today and this was a life saver. I knew what size sockets to grab, which screws to remove and any tricks that I may have encountered, such as prying the door handle out and removing the speaker screw clips so that the panel would pop up. Thanks!!

  19. I have to replace my mirror and in the past when i had to remove a door panel. I never went back on the same way. Thanks for the help!!!!!

  20. So with my door panel, F150 2007, it rattles while I am driving on a bumpy road or when I hit small slumps in the road. What is a good fix for this? I thought about taking off the door panel but its on the outside edge of the panel .

  21. Great video! I needed to view this first before replacing the driver side mirror which I unceremoniously trashed when backing out of the garage (only have about an inch or so clearance on either side of the truck). Comprehensive and easy.

  22. Great video, thanks guys.Was able to get in and trouble shoot to fixed the problem without spending a dime. 

  23. Great video!  It helped tremendously while replacing my factory mirrors with tow mirrors which I bought from 1AAUTO.  However, I didn't have to remove the door handle as shown at 3:30 to remove the whole panel to just replace the mirrors.  Thank you to 1AAUTO

  24. Great video. Used today to replace my passenger side mirror on 2006 F150. Had a little difficulty getting all the clips lined back up when reinstalling the panel but worked out OK with patience.

  25. Took about 20 minutes. Without the video I probably would have spent an hour. Thanx, 2008 F150 Lariat Crew 5.4

  26. Awesome video. I am a soft handed, pencil-pusher, office dude and i was able to do both sides in a little over an hour. Most job satisfaction i have had in months!! Thanks again.

  27. Your videos are the best thing I have come across.  Everything was just as you said!  Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

  28. This was absolutely perfect! Video could not have been more precise. Thanks for the help. Saved time AND money!

  29. Your videos are great! My drivers side mirror was smashed by another truck yesterday. Within 24 hours I had my new mirror shipped from 1A Auto and installed on my truck in California after watching the video.

  30. Just a helpful hint, make sure you line up the door lock post. Had my door panel on and had to remove it again to get the door lock post back through. Removing the black rubber grommet from the lock hole helps.

  31. Thank-you. Very helpful. I was fighting the speaker, not realizing that I could not pull the panel, then pull the speaker wire. Problem solved.

  32. Thank You so much !! This made the job of putting a new drivers side mirror on very easy … I had the whole job done in under 15 min !! Thanks again !!!

  33. Very helpful video. Saved me a bunch of time installing new Trail Ridge tow mirrors on my F-150. Tip for others: i found that the door pull comes off easier from tbe backside of the panel after lifting the panel up and off the door

  34. Does anyone know where I can get the yellow speaker clips I was putting my door panel back in after replacing a rear view mirror and I accidentally dropped one inside the door.

  35. Hello, at 2:50 you mentioned the little door exposing the 2 know where I can find a replacement door? Mine are missing

  36. Thank you so much for these! My son replaced our side view mirror watching this video! Saved us several hundred dollars

  37. Awesome videos I was able to install my side view mirror and under 30 minutes from watching your videos thank you very very much

  38. Very Helpful. Thank you.
    Shifting gears….what year GTO Convertible is that? It appears to be '66 or '67.

  39. Do not use this process. You will break the door handle assembly. It is molded to the door panel. You need to remove the panel and take off the cable from behind. I realized this today and found other videos using the other process. Appears no one else had this issue reading the reviews. Maybe the fake wood trim XLT is different. Everything else in the video was spot on and all your other videos have worked out great.

  40. wow, having watched the video several times, i had the confidence and knowledge to replace my side mirror, IN 45 MINUTES!!! this saved me $100 versus my local shop and $100's versus the dealer.

  41. Make sure to remove the speaker nubs (the four white plastic pieces) that the speaker screws into before attempting to put the door panel back on!

  42. Thank you for this, Saved me some serious money replacing a mirror. Got a replacement on Ebay for 46 dollars and was able to do this myself with the instruction you provided instead of the 2 estimates I got of 245 dollars and 280 dollars.

  43. @2:30 where you removed the 10mm bolt do you sell that bracket that the 10mm bolt is holding down? I broke mine.

  44. Same comment as B Bayani I replaced my passenger mirror and came to this video to get the panel back on. The key point for me was to remove the two bottom speaker screws. It popped right in. Thanks.

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