How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets (WorkForAvocados Episode #2)

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets (WorkForAvocados Episode #2)

Navigating the world of airlines can be
really intimidating. There are countless options to choose
from, so how do you know which one is the right one to pick?
Fortunately, with a little bit of planning and flexibility, you’ll save
thousands on that next flight and get there in no time.
They might be made of money, but you don’t have to be! Good afternoon guys and welcome to WorkForAvocados! Your weekly adventure guide to travel the world.
I’m Michael Regan, and if this is your first time here, I share travel tips
every week on how to turn those adventures in the back of your mind into
a reality. And most importantly also on a budget. Now, one of the most expensive
parts about traveling is actually getting there. So once we figure out how
to minimize that plane cost, everything else should be smooth sailing and way
cheaper. Also, I’ve been asking people on my social media accounts to share their
dream destinations. So towards the end of the video, we’re gonna take a look at
this magic jar of avocados and pull some of your destinations out and we’re gonna
find out how much they cost! No commission is necessary. Just
please like and subscribe down below! Alright, let’s get to it! There really is
no one-size-fits-all approach to doing this, it’s a huge cocktail of factors
that basically boils down to two things: What are you available for and what are
you willing to deal with? I’m willing to deal with a lot more on a two and a half,
three hour flight down south to Nicaragua then I probably would be for a
19-hour flight around the world to Australia. But if you’re willing to deal
with those red-eye flights in the middle of the night, the long layovers, possibly
a smaller seat…that’s thousands of dollars that you can save right there!
This is all a balancing act though. At some point, your time, resources and
effort might not be worth the extra savings that you’re getting by going
that extra mile. Alright guys, so my very first resource that I always turn to is
Skyscanner. Not only is it going to check your flights up against a bunch of
different airlines, you have incredible flexibility from when you’re departing
and returning, to even where you’re going to. So, if you don’t know where you want
to go and you just want to have an adventure somewhere, or know what your
options are… you can literally type “everywhere” in this section. Just pick
your departing city and click search flights. I see Colombia and we have Cartagena
for about 186 dollars. Check the calendar… Fly out on a Tuesday and get back on a
Saturday. Let’s say you spend three or four days there, right? This is gonna search it up
against all sorts of different websites. It’s gonna combine different airlines
and see what can give you the best deal. Sometimes it takes a little bit to load
up. Off bat, right here we have a $185 flight from Jacksonville Florida to the
coast of South America for $185 You’re gonna have a
three and a half hour wait in the airport and the flight itself is gonna
take three hours. So you get to the airport by 6:00, and you’re in Cartagena South
America by 2:00 p.m. for $185 That’s literally
$92 dollars each way to go to South America.
That’s pretty nuts! So, I think that now would be a great time to take a look at some
of the destinations that you guys shared with us. We’re gonna pull one of
these random avocados.They’re all different places around the world that you guys
have left and we’re gonna try to find you some plane flights there Diego from Mind The Gap Nica in
Nicaragua! He would love to go to Vietnam. Let’s see if we can get Diego a plane
flight to Vietnam. Alright, so for this one we are going to check out another
resource called Secret flying is basically a listing of
all of the hottest deals going on right now internationally, and it’s gonna list
the dates that are available for those offers, as well as the departure and
arrival. Type Vietnam and right here. So we have New York to Ho Chi Minh City for
only 408 dollars around the trip. I’m telling you, this site is really
dangerous because I always see these amazing offers and I just want to drop
everything I’m doing and go chase another adventure.
Alright, so let’s keep this thing going. We’re going to pick another one. Boom. Alright Dez, I got you on
South Africa. Let’s find this. Let’s scroll down…we’re gonna go
to our handy-dandy search box. South Africa. This is a little
bit old but it’s a good example of some of the offers that pop up on here.
Washington DC to Africa $560 round-trip. Dez, you
better take me with you! I will be pulling one more avocado at the end of
this video so make sure to stay tuned until the very end and you might get
picked. The next one is something that I’ve never endorsed and hated so much at
the same time. Spirit airlines. Everything with Spirit is an extra cost.
Picking your seat, bringing bags and even talking to an agent at the gate will
cost $10 when you do your check in. But if you know how to work with Spirit, you
can save thousands and thousands of dollars in some instances. Spirit
Airlines allows you one free personal item.This is the personal item that I
always bring with. I fit all of my belongings in this bag. You can get another
bag with spirit but it willl cost $40 each way. if you’re not gonna fly the bare minimum
and be okay with it, I don’t recommend Spirit Airlines. Sadly, this is our last
avocado of the week. If I didn’t pick your name this week, I promise I’m
reading all of your comments and your destinations and I’m going to use them
in a future episode. So be sure to stay tuned in! Please keep liking subscribing and sharing these videos to
all your friends. It really means a lot! And the last avocado of the day… goes to
Ischa! She would love to go to the Galapagos
Islands. That sounds incredible, let’s see what we can find. The Galapagos is one of the most exotic places you can go to in the world
and the ticket prices are always gonna be expensive. But let’s see
what we can do here. $450 fifty dollars or fifty the cheapest one
is nine hundred dollars round trip but it’s twenty nine and a half hours worth
of travelling compared to spending essentially thirty five dollars more
each way and you’re traveling half the amount of time. That’s gonna be it for me
this week guys! thank you so much for watching WorkForAvocados!!! Please press
the like and subscribe button down below and share this with your friends. If you have
a technique on finding cheaper plane flights, please write it in the comments
below so we all can learn how to fly cheaper! Thank you again and I’ll see you
guys next week 🙂

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