How to train a BEAGLE to listen

How to train a BEAGLE to listen

in this video I’m going to teach you how
to train a beagle all that more and sky coming up hello doc lover my name is Saro
I’m a dog trainer also coach dog owners in this video I’m gonna teach you and
show you how to train a beagle beagles are fun and my loving and very smart
breed very smart dog this is sky small B go because come in
two sizes 13 inch and 15 inch sky is about 13 inch beagles are sent dogs so
that means they follow their nose and they just follow sense and they go and
just chase it so since they are scent dog and they love to smell and follow
the scent you can still control and manage and train them to not to do that
I have had personally a couple of beagles so far and I had the privilege
of raising them and training them and I have been able to control and manage
them as long as you start training them early as soon as they turn 3 or 4 months
of age and you start working on them you will be able to control and manage their
scent driven ability so one of the first tips that I’m going to share with you is
that don’t off leash your beagle for the first year this will ease your mind
first of all and second of all you will teach your B go to stay and hang on you
at least for the first year which is going to give you the opportunity when
you are off fishing your puppy or your dog after a year then your vehicle is
going to be used to hanging around you and by this also will allow your Vigo to
learn to control and manage its needs to chase and follow its end so you’re gonna
be able to manage it and control it and therefore you’re gonna have better
success when you’re all finishing it after a year the other suggestion that I
have is you also need to keep your puppy or beagle at home under control and on
leash as well don’t just give them freedom and let them do whatever they
want keeping your dog on leash and practicing with your dog on leash and
practicing things will mean that you’re gonna have better results in future I
have a video that I show you how to practice things that you learn from this
channel throughout the day and I’m gonna link that video right here the other tip
that I have is focus on your puppy or your beagles daily 5 essential needs
these 5 essential needs are exercised training socialization chair and then
affection I have a video that I have talked about all the details about this
five essential needs and I’m gonna link it right here now as I said I don’t
recommend our fishing your be go for the first year but if you’re gonna lease
your beagle make sure that it’s fenced area it’s
safe and secure and your puppy is not or your dog is not going to catch a scent
and just take off so as soon as your puppy or your viggo stops playing you
want to put leash on and control your viggo from then on also don’t feel bad
keeping your beagle on this for the first year you hate it but your beagle
is gonna love it your beagle is going to love you to do that they love to be
connected to us and they love to be taught what to do and be under control
but the worst thing that we can do is off leash about beagles too early too
soon when the not ready that will help your beagle to
develop other bad habits that you don’t want them to learn the other tip that I
have is start training your viggo as soon as they turn three to four months
of age and if you need help teaching and learning how to train your dog for basic
obedience which I recommend I’m gonna link the video playlists that I have
created to trained beagles and any dog I’m going to link it right here
you can go ahead and watch that and after that try to move up to higher
levels of obedience like intermediate level and also advanced level as well to
be honest with you I don’t believe that beagles are not trainable can never off
leash beagles if you take the right steps and do the right things you can
always get the same results as you would get from other breeds of dogs and other
dogs all you have to do is just work a little bit harder work a little bit more
maybe and you will get good results so for example sky has been trained with
basic obedience and they have worked on her somewhat and she is a pretty good
dog now and she can be off leash most of the time but my Harvey for example he’s
off leash all the time and he can be off leash anywhere at any time and he’s very
well trained easily trained is play motivated and most beagles are very
playful and you can take advantage of that and teach them and train them using
play or praise reward system unless you’re using your beagle for
hunting that’s a different story but if your beagle is one of your family
members and as a pet they’re very easy to train and get great results all of
them I hope you like this video if you like sky give it a thumbs up and share
and comment if you have any questions leave those questions in the comment
area and I’ll address them in my future video and as always if you want to
become an educated dog lover and have a great big ol and a great dog healthy and
happy consider subscribing to my channel and hit the bell icon as well so you
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me and Skye we’ll see you next time and until next time have fun with your dog

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100 Replies to “How to train a BEAGLE to listen”

  1. You misspelled providing
    My beagle is 4 and is a train wreck. This video doesn’t help since you said you gotta train beagle in first year.

  2. My beagle is 7 weeks old. He follows me everywhere. I can take him on walks without leashes without worrying. Will that change when he gets older?

  3. My 2 year old male beagle(intact) go upstairs in house to all beds and pee there. He is not allowed to go upstairs for that reason but any time he find nobody looking he run upstairs and quickly pee on duvets, pillows, sheets. He get out in garden on regular basis but he still be in beds. I am desperate. I wash and dry beds now daily. So annoying. Can I stop that? Maybe spraying can help?

  4. You sent me a link to this video thank you its a great video you are right beagle love to be around you and connected.😉

  5. I have a 1 year old beagle and our schedules at home are different. My kids and myself are out of the house by 6:45am, but my husband is still home sleeping. I am looking for a way to get our beagle to not bark/cry/whine when we leave. My husband get home at 2:30am and needs to sleep. What do you suggest?

  6. My beagle was four years old when we rescue him now just turned eight years old, I have no idea why, but he was sent four times back to the shelter. We adopted him from a foster home. So, even though I tried to train him at the beginning, now I just gave up, and he is very content to be the most loved member of the family, we love him just the way he is. We provide plenty of unleash exercise for our beagle by become members of a Dog obedience club, that it has five acres fenced ground plus regular walks on the leash. It's a pity that we live at just 200 mts from the beach, but we don't let him of the leash there.

  7. We’re getting my son a beagle for his 8 th birthday. He wants a dog that is “his” and will follow him around like our lab and Russell follow me around. He’s Ben asking for a beagle for 2 years.

  8. I have the smaller beagle and she is 14 months old. She is so friendly but naughty. Can I still train her. She is actually getting worse and I would never dare let her off leash outside. She would never come back. When she has gotten out it is HARD to get her back in. Help!

  9. I have a Beagle/Border Collie puppy. She's 6 mos. Beagles are wonderful dogs. However! She has selective hearing. She is a car chaser. Im am very thankful for finding your channel Saro. I wouldn't ever give up on my girl butI know beagles are much different and needs specific training needs.

  10. I have never actually used a leash on my Beagle, in large closed parks that is. The first time I took her out, she was about 10 weeks old. She does go around sniffing or runs to another dog to play, but eventually she always comes back especially when she sees that I'm quiet far away so I never worry. But I do recommend using a leash whenever you can't be within closed areas

  11. I accidentally trained my female beagle, Gracie, to walk off leash. Walked with her on a leash as a puppy, and then, when she was old enough, in a fenced park, I would play with her off leash. Did this for years. Never with the intent of walking her off leash. Then one day, when she was 8 or 9, I just let her off leash for walks, and she, for the most part, she stays next to me. If I formally did this training, I can't imagine how good she would be off leash.

  12. I have a 3 year old beagle that I adopted from people that didn't do any training besides to sit (and she wasnt good at that either). I have been able to teach her to be more patient, and she does respect me, but my main issues are walking with her (she gets lost to a scent and I can't get her attention back) and she keeps pooping in the house. Do you have any advice? I've had her for four months and I've made a lot of progress but it's really slow and I'm getting frustrated.

  13. How do you train them to be controllable while prey is in near? If I may ask (If they already experienced hunting)
    My dog sadly often experienced the rush he gets while hunting due not training him..
    I roughly work for a year with him and recently started to train him to be controllable on tracks if he's off leash.
    (If he does everything right, I release him as reward, since he does not react to praise and is not always up to playing)

    But I'm not sure if I'm doing it right😅:/

  14. Thank you man! I've adopted a beagle "puppy" (well she is 1.5 year now) 3 months ago from abusing home (only locked in bathroom or on balcony, no play, beating, feeding only with human food, no walks – terrible). With that i have huge problems with training (it's not helping at all, that she's so happy about new home, and it's extremely inteligent dog). I've discovered, that food is great motivation, but it's still hard. You helped me (us) a lot. Thx!

  15. But my beagle is 2ys and I have only had her for a year. Can I still train her to be offleash? And I live in the country we're there is a lot of different smells.

  16. My beagle is 2. He’s so sweet around my md my other dog and my mom… and up until a couple months ago he was sooooo nice and loving to everyone- but randomly he started randomly snapping and going crazy and he’s so strong… idk what to do.
    I went from letting him say hi to dog and person alike to not trusting him around other people… idk what todo.
    I can touch him anywhere around his body and he’s fine, but sometimes randomly letting someone pet him he just quickly snaps

  17. Hi, we have a 5 and a half year old beagle. he's neutered. We love him but whenever we leave for work he won't stop barking. we´ve had several complaints from annoyed neighbors. What's the best course of action? thanks

  18. Now I'm confused. Your dog looks just like mine. I adopted her in NC where I was told she was a Treeing walker coonhound. But she looks like a beagle or hound. Nonetheless capital C for cutest demeanor dogs!

  19. Hello sir I have a male 6 months beagle. Is it still possible to train him? We adopted him and his first master didn't put him on leash. I need your recommendation. Thanks.

  20. my cutie smart beagle puppy is not 2 month old but he tries to understand what order i am giving him and i don't know i should take him in grass or not , many people say that don't take him out a lot otherwise street dogs will disturb him , "try to eat him" and also there are some viruses in the grass that will make him get sick . so should i take him out or not . by the way you are a good trainer you trained you beagle nicely☺

  21. Hi, thanks a lot
    Very encouraging! We just got a 5 months old playful beagle. Start learning to train him.
    We will leash him from now, for a year.

  22. I have a beagle with separation anxiety and she had 6 different homes when she was just 7 months old!!! I have her now and she’s my bestest friend ever she’s awesome 🐶❤️

  23. Hi…..I'm planning to purchase a beagle …my problem is there is no one at home for seven hours….I have one and a half month of vacation to spend time with my pup as soon as I purchase it….do you think it a good idea …..beagle owners please recommend

  24. My dog who is 10 months old had been training as a rabbit hunting dog but he was not vocal enough or energized enough to be successful and so they put him up for adoption. So I received a beagle who has never been on a leash or lived in a home. He is so distracted by scents even walking for 30-45 minutes on a leash can often go by without a single bathroom break. How can I prevent him from paying attention to scents in my own yard?

  25. I have a beagle Husky mix and she is definitely my little girl I love her so much. And she is an escape artist she hates being left alone and she will unlock any door she comes to sometimes she's just aggravating but I love her.

  26. Sorry, but i had to take in a beagle and honestly I never thought I would ever hate an animal like this. Got her when she was 4 months old. Tried to train her like i have with all my other dogs I have had. It didnt do a thing. She has a high pitch keening she does when she wants attention. So from 10 pm to about 4 am she just keens or whines very loudly. She doesnt listen, she ketp peeing in the house so i had to finally get a trainer. After a week he didnt make any progress either so he just stopped taking calls and showing up. Literally every 2 hours she has to go out. She has completely destroyed the yard and now i am being fined by the HOA because my property isnt in accordance with established guidelines. Im done with this dog. It has been 15 months I have had her and only seen minimal improvement. I cant walk her or have people around because she wont shut up and tries to bite…i cant get it. I have not beaten or been harsh to her. No one will even consider takkng her. She ate my windowsill, cabinets, door frame, counter, table legs, chair legs…i dont think i will ever take in another animal

  27. I just got a beagle this past January she is only 3 months I love her so much she my little girl I'm going 2 give it a try with the leach thing she already follows me and listen most of the time wish us luck

  28. My beagle was always of her leash while in a park, that way she could learn to socialize without witholding them of their social skills with other dogs, now whenever she s off the leash she always checks up on me.

    I think thats where allot problems with dogs stems from, close to zero social skills with other dogs(on leash doesnt count) and bad corrections and compliments.

  29. My beagle is 45 days old. He always try to bite my feet, not sure how to stop. He always want to sit with me on the bed and if I don't pick him up he starts crying continuously 🙂

  30. Haha i taught the beagle in my family ( profile picture ) speak and be quiet in 10 mins lol but only when i had extra treats

  31. I just rescued a 2 year old beagle from a family that wasnt treating it right and she doesnt listen for shit Haha

  32. Excuse me sir…but the beagles ur showing for training r much bigger than 3-4months old ..seems like already us vdoz where ur training 3-4 mnths pup

  33. I have a female Miniature Beagle that is 8 months old and she is SO VERY HYPER!! She darts out the door if it’s open, she’s jealous of my older dog and gets in front of him and pushes him back when he’s trying to walk, she bites him, she’s IMPOSSIBLE!! She WILL NOT COME TO ME WHEN CALLED….NO MATTER WHAT!!! She is just absolutely impossible to do anything with!!! I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do??!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I’m desperate!!! Her name is Molly by the way

  34. I have Beagle. (In my pic and this is my pet) And I only trained him how to sit on the chair XD

  35. These are great tips for older dogs, too. I'm using them as we move house and start walking in new surroundings. Thanks, Saro!

  36. Thank you for being a Beagle lover! You inspired me! I adopted a rescue 5 years old Beagle 2 months ago and thank God I found your videos. It helps me so much to understand Beagle reaction. I just LOVE my Beagle!! Her name is Bili 🙂

  37. Thanks for your precious video. My beagle, Hendrix is 2 yrs old. Now it's all ok, but he still pulls when he walks on leash. It's terrible. For me, and I think, for him too. It's too late to correct this behaviour?

  38. Mines just hit 1 year old. Sits, lays down, stays, paws and has been off leash with me for around 2 months. Only thing I'm struggling with is food guarding but it has got better and better with time. Bloody Beagle. Gotta love him x

  39. i have a beagle she now loves me alot i train her with this channel i dont give her treats

  40. Very helpful and amazing video! Thankyou.
    My beagle is 28 days old.. At what age i should start training him?

  41. Sari, I need major help. My beagle is 2 years old and we've had him since 2 months. He's horribly behaved and we're ready to give him away. What do we do??

  42. My 3months puppy beagle does not want the walk while we go outside , he just lies down on grass. Could you please tell me what i can do

  43. I don’t agree about the not off leash the first year. I’ve learned my beagle to be off leash since he was 8 weeks. Never had a problem with that.

  44. It's so hard to potty train a beagle.

    Did the pick them up on the act and place them on the right place..

    Did that… She runs away.. Poops back inside..

  45. I have a beagle puppy she's 4 month old right now and I teached her how to sir I also teached our guard dog to sit, handshake, and lay down I couldn't teach my beagle that other things cause she's too naughty XD HELP ME

  46. Bro loved your video, my beagle is somewhat stubborn but is getting more obedient as time goes on. Sky gives me hope tho hahaaha

  47. I just don't know what to do when they have to go, because she will just not obey. she is just 4 months old but she never obeys a thing I say, help!!!

  48. Hi mr Saro i very much liked your advices tips essential notes but i feel that you are an Armenian , i'm from lebanon & an armenian mother from armenian family have a cute beagle our first dog his nearly four months old , we love him very much he's soo smart cute active . I subscribed to your channel & wait for new advices tnx for your channel it's so helpful to us😍😃🐶🐕

  49. How would I go about training her with the play and praise reward system if she doesn't want to play after when she practices correctly

  50. I figured out the leash part in the first few days with this 2-3 yo bluetick beagle he's a Maniac and it's all about smells and sounds if he sees a rabbit it's over all training out the window he walks nice and calm with slack on the leash with no distractions

  51. Me in the first one:my maid leashed the dog 😑😑😑😰😰😰can i still train my beagle when my maid leashed the dog and pin me pls

  52. All but one of the Beagles we have had, was bought from a good breeder. The rest are rescues. They all share one common trait too. That being, every one we've had, has to start out sleeping under the covers with the wife and I. Then works their way to a pillow and snores in my ear the rest of the night!
    Anyone else have that trait with their Beagles? 😀

    Damon, lived to 16 years old, and came from a famous bloodline, out of Peculiar, Missouri. 7 Generations of field champions, going back to Sadies something. He would take himself for walks, if we forgot.
    Grissom, only lasted 7 years before having to be put down due to cancer. He was rescued as a pup from the pound. His mom was hit by a car, and led the occupants who stopped to trail and tend her, back to the litter she had in an abandoned building.
    Thane, is 7 years old, and had slowed down, until we rescued a King Charles Cavalier pup, who keeps him going strong, and looking younger now. 😀 Thane too was a rescue, from people that couldn't handle his energy at 8 months old.

  53. Great video. I just got a beagle . She is now 3 months however she has NEVER been leashed "yet." I hope it's not to late.I have liked and subscribed to your channel. I can't to get started. Btw, (on an unrelated note) I love the music. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, time and, energy.

  54. About The leash, if your dog is playing around with dogs(in a safe area), don’t just make it come to you and take it in a leash every time, give it a reward(like let it keep playing some more, or a treat, or some praise). If you don’t, you will be boring and The dog won’t be so likely to come to you JUST to be taken in a leash.
    But hey, great video and all! (:

  55. Thanks for this video! Just got a lemon beagle who is turning a year in September. Any advice on teaching them to NOT chase cats? Or animals? (We have lots of stray cats where I live.)

  56. I got my.first beagle when i was 13 un ecuador but id go to the store with him with no leash when he was only 2-3 months he was so attached to me hed follow me.

  57. We just added a 8 week old beagle to our family. We adore him. I’m a little concerned as he’s not wanting to eat really so I’m getting him into the vet ASAP.

  58. My beagle is nearly two and she just doesn’t listen, amazing personality but only follows basic commands

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