How to Wall Mount a Google Home Mini

How to Wall Mount a Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini doesn’t have any wall
mounting points on its base, which is a shame because that’s exactly where lots of people
want to put theirs, especially if like me you have one in your kitchen. Let’s see what
we can do about this… Luckily, thanks to 3D printing and enterprising
folk, I bought this invisible wall mounting bracket for the Google Home Mini online for
£4. I’ve put links in the video description so you can order one too. Start by clearing the area around where you’ll
be mounting your Google Home Mini, and then hold it up to the wall in roughly the place
you want to mount it, and make a mark to show where the bottom is. If it’s a tiled wall,
you’ll want to use a tape measure and ensure it’s bang in the centre of a tile, for OCD
purposes. To drill into tile, you’ll want to use a special
drill bit intended for drilling into tile and glass, so I’ve put links to that in the
video description too. Ensure there are no electrical cables or pipes
behind where you’re working, and then carefully drill a hole which is only as deep as the
wall plug. Insert the wall plug and tap it very gently with a hammer until it’s flush
with the surface. Place the screw through the screw hole on
the mount then switch back to a screwdriver bit and tighten up the screw until it’s firm,
but not too tight. Check it’s horizontal and then thread through the power cord from the
bottom and plug it into the Google Home Mini. Then, place the Google Home down on the mount,
stand back and admire your handiwork. Please give this video a thumbs up, subscribe
to the channel and check out our other videos. Thanks for watching!

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13 Replies to “How to Wall Mount a Google Home Mini”

  1. Incipio is selling their mount for like $30 + tax + shipping. It really shouldn't cost that much for a little plastic and 1-2 screws, even considering the value you get. This is a fairly priced solution in my opinion.

  2. 3M tape or velco would work better for renters. I would suggest under the cabinet if possible to hide the chords better.

  3. A cleverly made wall bracket, cheap and effective, amazing. I had a look at other items this seller sells (Jabtek) and alot of their products seem to be very innovative. Would there be any chance that you could do a review on some? such as the amazon echo dot 3rd generation wall mount? id like to see if they are as good at they seem, cheers

  4. I don't quite understand. Your kitchen is so cluttered and dirty you could literally stack the Google Home Mini anywhere without drilling through (unwashed) tile.

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