i almost got floor seats for BTS :”’) | buying tickets for BTS speak yourself tour 2019

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  1. oh my god, first hi haha so me and my friend were trying to get tickets for London and we are from Germany and while watching your video, I felt with you.
    I mean I know how this feels Ticket sales for a BTS concert is the most stressful thing ever, I was nearly crying while watching your video because that's the most real video of a BTS concert ticket sale you can get.

  2. Army: At least bts is getting 4 minutes of rest..


    Army: rest please


    Army: ok but rest


    Army: …


  3. for London when the tickets came out for the first date, I clicked best available I didn't wanna risk not getting any tickets if I clicked on a specific area and I just kept sliding the price range around until a ticket came up and so many popped up but when it took me to the checkout it failed, anyway I clicked on one which was right at the top of the stadium and it took me through but I was a bit disappointed cos it was like..the worst block so I tried again the week after when the second date went on sale and I specifically tried for VIP soundcheck because at least if I didn't get it this time I'd still have my other ticket. anyway it kept saying it failed and there were no tickets we kept clicking back and forth in hopes it would get us through but it never did, BUT 20 mins later on my mums old phone it just PULLED SOUNDCHECK UP right by the stage and it sent us through to checkout I-

  4. My friends and I had no idea what was going with the pre queue so they sold out on us for rose bowl too 🙁 but luckily we got tickets from a third party site and I'm just so excited to see our bois with my friends a day after my birthday ;;;-;;; I hope I can see you there nina!! Our time shall come for floor seats I know it!

  5. So you had to select seats? That's so weird. In Europe they just assigned you the best seats available and you could ever accept or reload for different seats. But it was still stressful. I'm getting too old for this kind of stress. But because they added a second date in Paris we now have two spare tickets because we ended up getting better seats (anyone need tickets for Paris day1? 😀 )

  6. i spent 15 minutes clicking on blue dots just for them to tell me continuously that i needed to pick different seats because someone already beat me to it or that i needed to choose different seats because i left one by itself. i watched the screen clicking randomly at some points because i was watching the seats disappearing as i clicked. eventually i got two tickets in section 14 L towards the front. 😭😭

  7. This was my first time trying for tix and due to a busy schedule I was up from 4am the previous morning and pulled an all-nighter. I had 7 ppl helping me but ALL OF US WERE SO UNSUCCESSFUL AND I HAD A MENTAL BREAKDOWN. But luckily, my 2 other friends who said they’d be my backup (after they secure their own tickets) got 2 floor tickets to Chicago and was able to jump in line to get another floor ticket for me 😭😭😭 I am traumatized tbh and my heart hurt watching this 😩

  8. Hsksk I was so exhausted after the ticketsales! I tried for both days in Paris, same for London and it was just horrible! It kept saying that there were no tickets left even though I was already in the queue around 8 am in the morning! Eventually I got tickets tho, after at least 1h30min ㅠㅠ

  9. I tried for both days RoseBowl, didn’t get Saturday tickets and I was BIG sad but I got Sundays!! Now I need either a ride or to make use of my driving permit and immediately get my license…in less than two months 🙂

  10. I happy i got tickets BUT I HATE TICKET MASTER!!!! Meh stick man took hours two get tickets but it was worth it :,)

  11. you going to the first or second date???
    I REALLY UNDERSTAND YOU, i didnt get tickets for the first date so im going to the second at section 19 :´v
    but hell im going

  12. Ahhh estou muito feliz por vc estar colocando legenda em português em alguns vídeos! Tomara que o show seja ótimo, se divirta ❤

  13. How do you go back to the map when youre on your phone? This happend to me and ticketmaster said it should only load for 20 mins max and i was waiting for it to go through for like an hour😭

  14. i'm not seeing bts bc i don't have money, and nobody wants to give me that money

    but i still have a high hopes that one day i'll see them and my life will be complete :')

  15. I'm going to Rose Bowl also!!! Good for you and everyone who were able to get tickets!! Same thing happened to me with floor tickets tho! There were soooooo many SC and reg floor available but everytime I clicked it would say "A fan beat you to it" like ahhhhhh then I got kicked out, but luckily another device got in so i grabbed the closest stadium seats I could! The stress was real!! Lol

  16. I didnt even get through the que until most seats were gone, but i had given my dad the number a while before. He had said that it didnt work and then a few days later he gave me a whole heart attack when he said I got them tickets LIKE WOWIEWOWOW

  17. I feel you so much. I couldn't load more money on my credit card since it was new and I had put money from PaySafeCard on my credit card. I'm from The Netherlands and I tried for London. Which means Euro and Pounds. I had enough EUROS on my credit card for a floor seat LITERALLY AT THE SECOND ROW OF THE STAGE. but beecause you need to have the amount of POUNDS on the credit card, not in euros. so I got fucked over 5 pounds 🙂 BUT I managed to get mid seat tickets close to the stage. so, I'm still going 🙂

  18. I did not follow you bc of BTS so this is such a pleasant surprise to find out the youtuber i follow is an Army AAAAHHHHHHHHH


  20. Just watching this vid gave me anxiety because i went thru the same thing😭but we still got ticketsssss so yayy😂🤪

  21. Girl I’m mad for you and I don’t even stan bts. I ALWAYS mess something up when buying tickets and it sucks lol the struggle for buy any ticket is real 😭😭

  22. ugh i feel this video so so much because i was stressed and so upset when i was trying to get blackpink tickets!! but now i’m going to see them tomorrow so i feel happy, but the struggle is just not a good feeling 🙁 Ticketmaster’s new system is so shitty!!!!!

  23. Here in the Philippines, buying tix online is not the best way bc of the poor internet. So we have to buy it from the cinemas in our local mall, this is also nerve-wracking. Last time in 2017 wings tour, the mall here opens at 10 am but there was already a long line waiting from 8 am.. oh dear what now. I felt it when u said, ‘why did we stan the biggest group’ oof. So glad u got the tickets though, lots of love😂💜

  24. dw I almost got floor seats for black pink but I got tix for the first day they came instead of the second day so now I'm p far but I could have gotten floor seats and sound check for CHEAPER LIKE THANKS FOR THE SCAM

  25. just get resellers!:(. tbh I got reseller's this time I got concert tickets AND last time I went on 2018, and they were safe and I got my seats :). for this tour, I literally got FLOOR tickets on a resellers. I'll say it WAS a risk, but it was second party site 🙂 aka tickpick. So guys if you cant get from ticketmaster literally instantly check SECOND-party reseller's and you'll see how many are available! :"). know ticketmaster isn't the end!! thanks armys:)

  26. I’m going to london concert and same as you got seats and the back, i also almost got floor seats but my bank account wasn’t working and lost the tickets

  27. got7 tickets are going on sale next week and I've been obsessively watching videos like this and I AM SO SCARED OF THE QUEUE oh my god

  28. I’m also going to a k-pop concert, it’s stray kids , but it’s this weekend and I’m trying to mentally, physical and emotional ready myself.

  29. Idk why I'm watching this now 😂 but I was literally shaking whilst buying tickets I was full on ready and ticket master just loaded and freaking loaded on the same white freaking page and I didn't freaking move which I should have 😭💞😣🙌 i realised 10 minutes late I was doomed 😂 but I got seats somehow and I was happy but so annoyed .for wembley they literally released soundcheck info minutes !! Before the actual sale so that added to my anger 😂😂 but anyways I'm seeing bts and I couldn't be happier and seeing you concert vlog I'm even more excited 😂VIP, back seats , front seat it doesn't matter because it's still gonna be an amazing experience like you saw bts 😂😂seeing this video reminded me of that dreadful stressful but happy day 😭 btw your very pretty and I love your videos😂💜💞 can I ask for floor and VIP could you choose where to sit or was it random when purchasing??

  30. I got floor seats but I am selling two bts tickets in the first seating area tear area 118 on day 2 if you want it

  31. Omg that’s how me and my sister were we didn’t know what row we had gotten and were so anxious for like a week 😂

  32. "If only I was joking.."
    I wish the same but about actually being able to go to the concert.
    Who else doesn't get to go or didn't get to go?

  33. i got a floor seat five rows from the stage using the automated system! sadly they removed that number 🙁

  34. For MetLife I left it to my mom to buy the tickets while I was in class and omg. She got third concourse. They announce the next concert and I’m on the ground crying. I have a half day cuz it was some holiday and I run home, and somehow, someway, I end up with pit tickets. And I’m crying on the ground. And then the PCD set in…. and then I was crying on the ground.

  35. I'm going to the speak yourself concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as my first time, and i already know how stressfull and nerve racking getting tickets is.😭💔

  36. i didn't know that in the US you have the chance to chose where you want to sit! in France you can only chose the category of tickets and that's it lmao but at the same time it's already so stressful that i don't think my brain would have the time to chose a sit before it was gone lmaooo

  37. I know I'm like really late to this video but I just cried watching this because for this tour I also almost didn't get tickets and was on the phone with ticketmaster and I was literally crying and so stressed because I thought I wouldn't get them but then the lady on the phone said "there are two golden circle, floor tickets left" and I went literally "can I please have them" and the lady was probably so confused she said to me "oh they are already yours since you are on the phone with me right now" SO MY FRIEND AND I PAID AND I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER UNTIL I GOT THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL

  38. Thank God they are implementing the raffle system. I didn't have to go thru Hunger Games to get a Soundcheck package ticket. 💜💜💜

  39. Ugh reminds me of when I wanted soundcheck tickets so bad, but the site was acting up and wouldn’t do the transaction 🙁 , it sold out 💔 then I tried different floor sections but unfortunately to no avail 💔, after multiple tries (and mental breakdowns) 😭I got tickets that are far 🙁
    I was really hoping for floor/soundcheck 😭💔 but at least I’ll see them live even if it was Far 🙁

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