Lydia has come to the conclusion that she thinks kong pooped in this cage. If this is true. I’m not gonna be happy ayyo good morning logang whats pop’n Guys we’re in Nashville, Tennessee right now as you know yesterday. We captured the total solar eclipse ah I’m freak’n geek’n bro. I LOVE SCIENCE! yeah, science. but we do have to catch a flight back to Los angeles first. I’m Gonna put down this camera And i am going to walk over here and just (Logan and even do a fake fight) Good morning Even. What do you do with that useless 14k dolo OH GOD OH JESUS Stop stop stop Hey Zeus, Cristo welcome to logan paul vlogs. guys this is Colby Colby. Thanks for letting us stay your man as a gift I want to give you this dog No, no, honey. No, I’m giving you this Comic dog pay attention to the comments Colby okay. Thank you the comments room. Yeah I’m just saying Colby like that’s the difference between like let’s eat grandma and let’s eat Grandma Come and save lives. Yeah, Kobe come and save lives oh Guys since like the hotels flights everything in this area had been booked forever Everybody be trying to see that eclipse that we had to drive two hours outside of Nashville What’s over there Brenda the car that we used to get here? Oh, yeah, you could drive two hours outside of Nashville to get to this airport. Where are we dude Livia, what City? hunt let’s bail, bro And then we got a connecting flight into Lana to get back to Los Angeles gonna be it’s gonna be a travel day for reals So we’re standing here, and I’m looking at this door, and I see this cool blue sticker. Take a closer. Look okay? Look, do you guys see it? It’s big guy holding a little guy hand come in Yeah, so I’m standing here, and I see this water foam right it says out of service But what happens if you put a service door under water fire here? We go wait a minute put him in our jail put him in I Don’t know why that works. Here’s why I like that dog. He’s white. He matches my shirt brother that Maverick. We’re job to you today car Service dog not an asshole I do have bad news as usual when we travel I don’t know why this happens to us We got delayed we got too late and it’s a connecting flight land in Atlanta at 3:20 We board to go to Los Angeles at 322 We’re so clear. They’re all in the situation. What do we do? For every bite of airplane food that I eat I feel like I died a little bit more and more on the inside which isn’t saying much because I feel like a Lot of me is probably already dead. I’m just sad We’re not gonna make it back to Los angeles dude. This is this is your fault How is it you booked the flight? No, I don’t know my travel with you. It’s never good. I know but but you know what is good no Rolex on Your followers in Huntsville Huntsville. What’s that where we are right? Now. I don’t know what you’re talking about yo, what is this this an astronaut jumpsuit you got to get it we have to This is amazing bro. I love once ville. Thank yo this costume is out of this world This is your big day. All right. I think we just go right into like an Evan astronaut space montage Bates Whitley no Evan no, we’re not going to space. We’re going to Atlanta and the flights 30 minutes, so don’t get comfortable no space so we landed that was a quick flight problem, though, it is a 323 our connecting flight to Los Angeles awards one minute ago. Is this a disaster Oh, no It’s not gonna be okay, lydia go as we’re not okay gotta. Yeah, you know we have no time. Where’s our gate Again, I need something to be turnover Transfers a mix is bad. You’ve got very difficult are making progress. Let’s go space do that We lost a yeah Time for day, we’re looking nice I’m just screaming and Everybody’s bloggers doing on our plane. Oh look it’s lydia Hello. We’re at a nineteen. We’re going to Los angeles you coming You can’t find us cuz you were slow dude you know get that Maverick pace Angry You’re on you’re on team Maverick. That’s what we do lydia. She’s so angry Some guys should come What have we learned? No, no, no now when we learned what have we learned lydia? You Gotta get what you want to get? Against all odds logan we’ve done. It become a space cadet next to me. It’s a good day Yeah, also you I forgot to mention my song and music video. Help me help you I woke up Yo, it passed the hundred million views Lo que we’re frickin flying, bro And that cause I’m on a plane is because we got a hundred million views you know you guys know this I’m starting to do Like actual music. I’m coming out with an ep my goal is for all those videos wait for it To get a hundred million views nothing we can’t do shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars less Oh man, dude. I just I can’t be trapped in please bro. You guys know the dead. Let’s go back home Oh via has come to the conclusion that she thinks kong proved in this cage. If this is true. I’m not gonna be happy It’s true guys if I’m suffering you have to suffer look at it’s right there It’s right next to the boarding pass. Look at it. Okay absorb it holidays suck, bro I got dumped this poop. Yeah, use the boarding pass Is a soft poop oh? Man life is never boring here. So yeah, we get back home the little gang as usuals waiting for us my guy I can’t tell if he’s good, bro. I can’t tie his energy. I’m just gonna go ahead and say you Know you know it’s great about the video. You’re recording this video bro is Gonna just show all my acne So just make sure to tag me at Loca Pull I used to be Logan Paul Yeah, how long have you been waiting here? You’re on a flight for like twice as long as that travel days. Yeah oh One small step for man and even a smaller step for dorf yeah There goes kong running back and forth didn’t miss a beat I know a lot of stupid dogs, but car may take the cake do we need to give him the survey not going me Yes there You go, bro Can you do me a favor fill this out? You let me know what spilled out, and I’ll get back to you. I’ll okay Yeah, hit house No, no, it didn’t happen here. That’s why we had to go to Nashville no, that’s actually factually incorrect anyways anyways anyways ready, you’re gonna calm down ah Oh look you finished her low back home. Yeah, I see you filled it out. Oh You good bro dog Makes sense an interesting day for sure Kong has been a bit noisy so we had to put him in their jail No, my boy but yo If you’re not a part of the logcat make sure to subscribe guys you you know this you watch the vlogs We are the most live family on YouTube, but I will say that every day until I die What’s given my daily activities might be somewhat soon hopefully not but yo if you have not kept your Maverick Merci I’d do it man Join the movement I’m serious guys I see wearing the merch posting pictures with it using the hashtag be a maverick our merch page Maverick by Logan Paul is over a million followers. Yo, we are so out here. It’s unreal There’s the incredible link for that in the description or logo ball comsec Chuck hey It was good to be off a plane. Low gang. I love y’all. I’ll see you tomorrow. Take it easy fam Hey Logan Paul man. It’s no surprise that when I see your face I want to swim in your eyes are so dreamy, and no dude. I don’t like guys but your godly features got me hypnotized. Yo!

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100 Replies to “I HATE MY DOG.”

  1. It's disgusting that you just walked up on a real SD and said, "You Gud Bro". Let your dog crap all over the airport, let your dog park and disturb a public place and put your germy dog on a water fountain. You broke the law on multiple accounts, all on video. You screwed up this time… Again.

  2. wHy thE HeLL aRe CoMMeNts AbOUt LoGaN's ShOEs gEtTinG mOre AtTeNTion tHan cOmmENTs AbOUt hOW hE iS bReAKiNg tHe LaW?

  3. Did you really do that you worthless piece of shit with the fave service dog thing do you realize how that could affect people like me who have disabilities

  4. Hey. I'm really offended because I have a real service dog. And watching then I can point out everything wrong.

    1. Barking
    2. Tugging on leash
    3. Not housebroken

    And service dogs should be out of a crate and under the chair to help there handler if needed. They ALSO shouldn't be touching the Water fountain.

  5. What the hell is wrong with you this isn't ok! First of all, it is illegal to fake a service dog! Second, do you know how much danger you could have put your dog and everyone around you in! Not to mention the germs and viruses that you put on the water fountain!

  6. Omfg he is not a service dog real service dog should not be acting like that please stop faking a service dog because by faking a service dog you are making it much harder for people to access places who have real service dogs so please stop

  7. Stop breaking a law, you better go to jail for 6 months and have $1,000 in fines… that’s no service dog!!! Delete your stupid channel

  8. This is seriously not okay this makes me sick he literally is putting him, his dog, actual service dogs and LEGITIMATE service dog handlers in danger rn his dog can get sent to the pound for this he can get fined and even go to jail for this and it's because fake service dogs are a danger to those with real service dogs just the other day I had to swoop my SDIT up in the subway because some dumb ass woman lost control of her aggressive dog this dog was waaayy bigger than my SDIT my SDIT is like 10 pounds max so if this dog actually had gotten her before I was able to react or it came at her when I was having a disorientation episode or my fatigue was effecting me she could be dead or deffinately would be retired before even being fully fledged this is also my service dog my service dog that I have spent countless hours loving and training with all of my being, my service dog that I actually need in order to function in anyway, in order to leave my house, in order to not feel suicidal sick and tired at the end of the day I had to get a service dog because my disibility made me physically incapable of leaving my house it got so bad I wouldn't leave my house months at a time I wouldn't go out with friends or anything and I was deemed incapable of independence without one by my doctor I have been hospitalized countless times not too long ago I was in the hospital for over two weeks I hate seeing people like this training a legitimate service dog IS SO MUCH WORK and SO MUCH MONEY ontop of that legitimate handlers get service dogs because we cannot function without one Logan Paul is basically spitting on the service dog name right now and these dumb asses are putting us and our dogs in danger litterly a service dog can get attacked once and it can undo ALLL of their training their YEARS of training some SD's spend up to 4 years training having to retire your dog early is a fucking heart ache and all of those tears and hard work will feel like nothing and you have to spend another thousands of dollars and spend more countless hours to train a new one because you need one TO FUNCTION and in order to be independent and some dumbass person just decided they wanted to take their out of control pet in a store or an airport not to mention people like this make it so hard on handlers because this creates access issues I have had some managers be so rude to me about my legit service dog because these selfish shitty people take advantage of the service dog system and their pet misbehaves in someone's store causing managers and store employees to justify and think it's okay to be rude to handlers and deny them access because of the last asshole that walked in with a "service dog" sometimes these encounters can be SO BAD it has given me panic episodes and it gets so frustrating sometimes because people like me cannot just not have a service dog we can't do anything but put up with this shit and educate people unless a handler is rich enough to sue someone its just not an option for legitimate handlers they HAVE to have their SD's this shit is just so fucked up and not okay there have been so many handlers that actually have lost their service dogs because a fake service dog attacked them and this dog is obviously not a service dog the ADA does not have a lot of requirements for SD because they want to avoid restrictions on those who already are restricted and so those who do not have 40,000 to spend on a boarding program can owner train if people keep doing this shit they will cause the law to change making it so some people with awful disabilities can't get a service dog and make it harder to get one this dog broke like every ADA requirement the requirements: you must have a recorded disability that effects your independence, your dog must be trained to mitigate tasks for that persons disibility, the dog must be house broken, the dog cannot eat off the floor, the dog has to be refocused if the owner loses control and is unable to retain control the handler must remove the dog from the premises if asked to leave, the dog MUST be under control, the may not bite, may not bark, cannot be aggressive, must be clean and may not actively disturb the public by behaving inappropriately and the ADA does not recognize "service dog registration" it is not a thing there is no official registration for service dogs in the US nor is it a requirement so his "proof" isn't even a thing he obviously has no knowledge of ADA law since he used his "certificate" as proof so there is no possible way that dog could be a legit service dog ALSO ontop of him using "registration" as proof his dog did not know where and when to go to the bathroom in a public area it did not even attempt to hold it and went to the bathroom right NEXT TO the potty place in the airport it was so out of control it was yanking and he had to drag his dog ontop of this the dog was not even semi focused on him even a SDIT will be semi focused if not completely focused on their owner because they have a job to do and need to know WHEN to perform their tasks whether if it's for medical alerts, DPT, medication management or mobility and yes service dogs are not perfect and they do make mistakes especially SDIT but legitimate handlers are still required to refocus their dog and take responsibility for any messes or situations that occur so if this dog was legitimate Logan would have been MORTIFIED about the way his dog was behaving he would refocus the dog and/or have supplies prepared TO refocus the dog if he knew that the dog had any habits that he was trying to fix if this dog was also legitimate he would not be okay with being seperated from it in a an airport because if it's a SD he would need his SD with him that's why it would be there

  9. you’re dog is not a service dog, stop it. i have an actual service dog and honestly you’re ruining it for everyone else. it’s sick watching you make fun of people with actual disabilities. your dog isn’t trained, your dog isn’t a fucking service animal.

  10. Not only is Kong so obviously not a service dog, but hes being so rude to the Lydia girl. His videos never fail to disappoint.

  11. Logan. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!? you’ve done some fucked up shit but this is too far YOU HAVE LITTIERALY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW! kong is NOT a service dog service dogs DONT bark as they are not trained too and supposed to stay close YOU FOOL.

  12. fake service dog! Service dogs don’t bark at dogs,they should not be in carrying bags,and should not pee and poop,and having a registration for your “service dog” is a fake service dog give away and you’re Service Dog should have been with you,not Chloe! faking a service dog is illegal! you look so stupid right now faking a service dog!!

  13. I see soo much hate comments in this video. But the dislike is soo less compared to comments. Well I don't understand this logic. I am too kiddish to understand this.

  14. You do realize it’s a federal crime to fake a service dog…. and kong is clearly not a service dog. You are creating access issues for people who really need service dogs.

  15. fuck you and your fake ass service dog. as a real service dog handler, this pisses me off. you're garbage and you're putting the lives of real teams in danger


  17. This dumb child is putting my real service dog in danger and he is making it harder for me to actually do things without trouble

  18. Why would you fake a service animal. This is a felony. Your putting people’s life in danger with a actual service dog. Wow…so mature. Why would you even think about faking a disability.

  19. Distracting a service dog is a federal crime. Your "service dog" was a distraction to the actual service dog trying to work. You're putting people's lives at risk. Not to mention that you registered your dog, a service dog becomes a service dog when its task trained and yours isn't even potty trained.

  20. Rip kong. Rest in peace, god please ask everyone to pray for kong and logan. Logan, Ive delt with your situation once… where a random cyote killed all of my fish in my fish pond which was in my backyard, I pray for you logan, and god does too.

  21. I have a service dog for seizures and Kong isn’t a service dog Kong is clearly not trained as well as a real service dog

  22. What is wrong with you. You are breaking the law and hurting service dog handlers like me. How dare you. Or do you not have half a brain to realize what your doing?

  23. your scum. service dogs don't bark at every piece of shit they see. me on the other hand as a real handler see you and go, "hmm i wonder how many people have seen this video and think its okay to go get a fake registration and BREAK THE LAW" your breaking the law, thats a felony. you suck. also dogs shouldn't be put in "Air jail" it doesn't teach them anything, but i understand that kong wouldn't listen because he is so used to you screaming at the top of your lungs for absolutely no reason. its inappropriate and wrong.

  24. It is disgusting how you are passing your untrained dog off as a service dog and joking about it. Faking a service dog is not a joke it makes it harder for those of us who actually rely on them to get through our day not to mention ILLEGAL. I am going into senior year and I can not start to apply for colleges yet because my service dog is still being trained. I need a service dog to function in everyday life and without one I can't begin my future because of my disabilities. Your video is disrespectful and harmful to others and I hope that people who watch your videos will realize that

  25. I can’t believe you would stoop so low as to pretend that your dog is a service dog. This destroys all respect I had for you. Especially As a person with epilepsy who actually needs my service dog named Maya. You used to be my hero Logan. I used to watch you to ease the anxiety of my doctors visits to try to figure out why I have frequent seizures. Oh well. Now it’s just me and Maya.

  26. Wtf is wrong with this asshole. Even if you did have need for a service dog, Kong is not one! There is no registrations. Service dogs dont poop, except an accident(which should've happen hardly at all, but they're animals it can happen). They do not bark unless alerted or startled, if startled, handler should correct quickly. I've had terrible things happen to me because of fake service dogs. My service missed an alert once and I passed out in Walmart, oops I mean hellmart.

  27. I hope you burn in hell why would you take a service dog you’re making a bad for people like me who actually needs service dogs are giving us a bad rap you giving our dogs bad wraps unlike your dogs are dogs trained for over two years mine is psychiatric guide and mobility oh and FYI you are the stupidest person I’ve ever seen

  28. This dog is not a service dog, service dogs dont BARK AT OTHER DOGS. they are trained professionaly so they wont bark. This is a cruel thing to do to the service dog communitity and im utterly Digusted.

  29. It is so irritating how you would break federal law just so you can take your dog on a plane for free. This makes people in the service animal community look bad and you make it harder for them with your certification paper because there is no such thing.
    so when someone with a real service dog goes some where and the worker asks for a certificate because someone with a fake service dog showed them one and the person doesn’t have it, that just causes a whole deal.
    Also that dog Kong was barking at was probably real and if that person had something happen with their disability and kong was distracting it, they could have been seriously hurt. You are a disgrace to the service dog community.

  30. even SDiTs know not to bark they may slip with other things, like being attentive, but they DO NOT BARK
    so stop pretending your PET DOG is a SERVICE DOG because all your doing is slowly making it harder for people who need these dogs to have them around.

  31. Are you serious? I really hope you never have a disability that qualifies you for a real service dog because it’s hard as shit. Although, regardless of whether you are actually disabled or not your dog is not trained even in basic ways so therefor you should not be endangering your dog and other handlers by taking it in public.

  32. Kong is obviously not a service dog, it’s supposed your ur handler he can’t be with someone is not u ! the certificate is fake !!! It looks a lot don’t lie to people saying he is one he doesn’t even look trained to be a service dog !!! If he is a service dog he should not bark at others !!! 😑

  33. A service dog does not bark or poop with out the owner saying it and you can’t separate the dog from the owner and they don’t go into bars

  34. You are breaking the law that is not a service dog you could got to prison and get up to 1000 dollar fine for faking a service dog youre real smart arent you 😒

  35. You are so immature, can you please get a life faking a service dog is not cool, how about you read the ADA law. Like me, a service dog handler, people need service dogs for a reason for their disability you're putting a bad name on service dogs and their handlers just by faking it, a service dog does not need registrations to be a service like any cannot just slap a vest on it, that's dumb. I hope you go to jail

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