I PRANKED MY DAD: missing NBA tickets!

tell me how was your day? today Today they’ve started a new…sit down guys Today they’ve started a new….what do you call it?….Practice Facility Masai’s wife, his daughter who is 3 years old Someone has released fake tickets and at least 7 people have been arrested. Tickets are fake They’ve released the exact same tickets, printed the exact way Yea, they were showing it on CP24 This time they made the tickets so different Watch. You still have to see how the court side tickets look like. No. Show the Golden ticket Take the tickets out of the car and show The tickets aren’t in the car…Who told you they are in the car? Didn’t you take them? You did take it when Rinku told you When Rinku came you took the tickets there These tickets No I didn’t take them These tickets? The ones you took No they are right here Arvinder, they are right here Didn’t you put it in a bag?….No Arvinder they are here. Miku go check in the dining room. In the corner there is a bag They aren’t there Uncle….Son look in the dining room. I did look. The room which is separate. Where did the tickets go? Shit. I took it with me Arvinder? Did you hide them! What tickets? There was a bag here… here…NBA tickets! I’m telling you, you took them When? When Rinku came? No Arvinder. I went myself, Rinku didn’t even come. Check in your room You, when Rinku came. You I put it over there though Where? In the evening I took out the tickets I just took them out You said the right thing. I, myself put it somewhere Those are important. Miku help find them I took them out recently Should I check your room?… Yea go check it Yea check it No Uncle they aren’t upstairs Did you find it in the car? No He’s one of the best player’s right now. It’s his shoes Where did I put them? They have to be here. I left them here. I know I did Arvinder.

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