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100 Replies to “Idina Menzel, AURORA – Into the Unknown (From “Frozen 2”)”

  1. 2:48–3:05 the beauty of that little scene tho, how they foreshadowed the movie and symbolized all the elements through her powers in just 17 secs is just….wow😦🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

  2. No one:
    No literally one:
    My brain during school: iM sOrRy sIcReT SirEn, eVeRY dAy iS A lITtlE hArdEr,iNtO tHE unKnOooOoOOoowWn, aH Ah aH Ah

  3. Fuck I can't stop listening to this song. But even when I'm not I can still hear the song playing in my head. Like I'm actually playing it. So now its stuck in my head. And I wanna go see the movie so bad

  4. Little did we know that at 2:56 everything about the movie,the horse,the giants,and the little feathers that represents umm…Olaf,was exposed.

  5. Image waking up from your queen seeing ice images of horses and giants, singing her heart out and being like, “yep this is normal”

  6. I think the story telling and animations were better than the first one (although I felt the story was similar to Avatar the last airbender) but the first frozen had better music

  7. Well to everyone confused as to how Anna sleep through the song think about it. Elsa only starts singing once the door is closed. She doesn’t sing very loud while she is in the castle. She only sings louder once she is outside that’s why she opens the door. Then she goes outside and sings the final part of the song. No one would hear her because she is so far away. The way she went out was the same way she left in frozen away from the town. She was actually very considerate she never threatened anyone’s sleep. And to those people wondering how or why she is sleeping in makeup you haven’t seen the movie there is an explanation, I don’t want to spoil anything. But before you judge something look at it from every angle.

  8. If Frozen Characters were Super Mario
    Elsa- Rosalina
    Anna- Daisy
    Kristoff- Luigi
    Olaf- Toad
    Sven- Yoshi
    Queen Iduna and King Agdarr- Mario and Peach

  9. So…
    ~ Frozen: ~
    Finding how to control Elsas powers
    Frozen fever:
    Finding the best birthday present
    ^ Olaf’s frozen adventure :^
    Finding Elsa and Anna’s tradition
    Frozen 2:
    Finding the truth about the past
    < Frozen 3:>
    FiNdInG sAmAnThA

    Seems right that she used to control air just like Elsa controls ice! So many misteries makes it almost 100% sure we'll have Frozen 3 in the future.

  11. One cool thing about this song, is that it shows the general story throughout it. Starting from 2:23 you can see her walking through the mist that the forest has, and then there is the forest itself, and then the elements. it’s pretty cool that it hints toward the basis of the whole movie.

  12. Does Elsa have a daughter please put Elsa and her daughter elsia are they going to be putting on Elsa with her own daughter elsia😳😳😳😳😳

  13. 1-Elsa
    7-Gale/Gail/wind spirit
    8-Nokk/water horse
    9-Queen Induna/Elsa’s Mother
    0-King Agnarr/Elsa’s father

  14. Elsa: here comes my concert 😉
    Anna: whyyyyy elsa! 🙁
    Elsa: starting
    Anna: :(😢
    Elsa: i can hear you but i wont
    Anna: 🙁

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