IKEA ideas  How to make a stylish cabinet display

IKEA ideas How to make a stylish cabinet display

Hej, I’m Anna, Today I’m going to show you my take on how to make a dining room display cabinet with a bit of life to it. Let’s open it up and begin. A good start is with you tableware, I like to put my fancy dinner party ones here Put them on a higher shelf so you’re not bending down to pull them out. Plates at the back and bowls stacked at the front. Then add some cutlery, an old container like this mug helps make them look a little more interesting Glasses up top, just line them up. Then add a few features with a different shape, this will make for a more rounded display. add some napkins for softness and a few plants to bring a bit of freshness too. Then personalize. Bzzzzzzz Now the bottom. I like to add something weighty like books to the bottom shelf with a mix of old and new ones. Then a few show-off features. These can be anything but try to make them a different colour to your tableware on top. This will help make your display pop. Don’t forget about the top. And there you go your new lively still life cabinet display. All set to admire until your next dinner party.

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