Innovative Rifle Scope Mount System – Guy Eastman Reviews iota’s Triad ZL

Innovative Rifle Scope Mount System – Guy Eastman Reviews iota’s Triad ZL

Today we’re going to talk about mounting
a scope and some great new products that are available for those of us to do a
lot of shooting and backcountry hunting. We’re gonna talk about iota outdoors and
their new scope rings, the Triad and the Nomad ZL. Today we’re gonna deal with the
Triad ZL which actually go on a Picatinny rail. They have a regular set
that goes just straight on the rifle called the Nomad. The ZL stands for ZEROLIGHT. These are really cool rings. It’s pretty new product to the market a lot
of guys probably haven’t heard of it, but it’s getting more and more popular. These
are aluminum mounts, but they’re very very generous with the material around
them so they’re very very heavy-duty. Engineered for extreme conditions and
they will not move or get jarred on you. We’re gonna mount our our rail on the
gun first of all. Use a little Loctite on the screws here. We want to make sure
that our scope keeps its integrity at all times. Now that you have that on
we’re gonna take the Triads out. One thing you’re going to notice about these
ZLs is right off the bat is they have a cant level built into the the ring and
also a light which a little LED it turns on and off. Once we get this mounted
we’ll turn it on and you’ll see that it actually splits the light right onto
both turrets. One of the issues potential issues with a Picatinny system
especially under high recoil guns like 416 Rigbys, 475, your system could slide
forward or back. Well iota has solved this potential problem with a key system.
What they’ve done is included these neat little keys that go in the flutes of the
rail here. They vary by I believe three or four thousandths of an inch in width
which is about half the width of a human hair because each one of these picatinny
rails is a little bit different depending on who manufactured them. So
you want to test these keys find the pair of keys that fits perfectly. You put
them in here and you find the one that fits just perfectly snug in there
without any slop. We already have the keys attached into the bases
this particular gun. They screw in. The key’s right there. So what happens is when
we mount it that key will lock down into that flute and there is no way that’s
gonna move slide forward or back once it’s snug down. So you’ll literally rip
the scope off, bend the rail, but it’s not gonna move no matter how much recoil or
how hard you drop it. So that’s a another advantage. Okay one thing we want to do
before we get to mounting so we just want to make sure that this gun is level
on the cant so that we can level the scope. So we’re pretty close right there
and now we’re gonna attach the bases. I’ve marked on the rail which slots
these go into and they just kind of clamp in there, but you don’t want the
the key too tight you just want it nice and snug. Another nice thing about these
iota’s everything works on an allen wrench one size and it comes with an
allen wrench within the package. So our bases are on there locked in not gonna
move. Now we will mount the scope. We want to always give the base a little bit of
room on either side on the scope so we can adjust it for eye relief which I’ve
kind of already done and marked it. Put the level on it
perfectly level and we will put the allen screws in there and I’ll put a
little bit of Loctite on these too. So we make sure they don’t get backed out
because another thing you’ll notice on these iota rings all the screws go in
from the bottom. They don’t come from the top which is is a little more difficult
to get them in initially when you’re mounting the scope, but by coming in from
the bottom there’s no screw head for moisture,
debris or anything to get into and rust them. Ilike to just get these screws in
just snug and then go around and snug them down. Four screws in each ring.
There’s two and two I make sure that I adjust them diagonally so do this one
then this one then this one then this one just kind of adjust and tighten them
in a diagonal fashion that gives you a nice that even clamping. Double check our
level. Everything perfectly level right there and we’re just gonna tighten these down
not over tighten but nice and snug. There we go.
One thing that these zero lights do have is just a push button and it splits the
light put a little bit of light perfectly on your turrets. So you can see
exactly where they’re set and if you’re doing night hunting for coyotes or
varmints or predators or whatnot and also it has the cant level right here
on this side. Perfect for big game or varmint hunting. I would highly suggest
you look into these iota rings and bases. They are a base and ring for the new era
built to last and be tough. For more tips and tactics and great gear reviews head
on over to the Eastmans’ Youtube channel and make sure you subscribe.

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2 Replies to “Innovative Rifle Scope Mount System – Guy Eastman Reviews iota’s Triad ZL”

  1. I like the concept and innovation but years of hunting has taught me that less parts = less chance of failure…more parts= more weight…how is this product better than the single piece DNZ puts out in the market?

  2. Good review. Are there any issues with a pirating rail on a bolt action rifle? Does it obstruct your shell case ejection at all?

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