Intel Committee Holding Meeting On Whistleblower Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Intel Committee Holding Meeting On Whistleblower Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Wow this is pathetic, at the time this was broadcasted we went from no information at all to trump promising to live sanctions on Putin for help in the election in under 4 minutes! You people have no standards call and don’t know what it is to be a professional anymore.

    Trump is going to be Trump, we know this, you know this. You have been cramming it down every American throat for the last few years. But there was once a time when professionals in your industry Felt a sense of pride for being unbiased and some wore it like a badge of honor call. You are not one bit better than the person that you have been too emotional through this process

  2. The legal team behind Corey Lewandowski acting on behalf of the White House are the Devil's Advocates, all on behalf of the Grand Wizard "chosen One" ultimate Deal Maker extraordinaire " Baby Boy" Sniveling Coward of a Con Man hoping to not be imprisoned so like a child in aisle 3 screaming and flaying about on the floor he will not go quietly, exactly what Damage he will do the world is yet to be seen, a 3 year old with access to dangerous means will do more than draw on the white house walls with a sharpie.

  3. Dems need to start fining all these administration lawbreakers. The only thing Republicans ever care about is money–so hit them in their pocketbooks. Maybe they'll figure out they'd better stop obstructing.

  4. Watching treasonous Republicans make a mockery of the Judiciary Committee, Congress, and Constitution was so disconcerting and disturbing as to be literally nauseated. Now, us rabbits tend to be strictly non-violent, but when even this pacifist bunny starts feeling the urge to go out and strangle, you know this just can't end well. That is what really makes me so sick to my stomach. Republicans are ripping this nation asunder as surely as did the Confederates.

  5. Republicans: "We won't allow another Nixon if it means breaking the Constitution…and if you don't play by my rules, I'm taking the ball and going home!"

  6. We've long, long past the point Republicans can feign ignorance that the occupant of the Oval Office they elected is a sociopathic menace to society.

  7. The wall Trump is building is in reality around him, trapping himself within the confines of public disdain, disgust, disapproval, and utter contempt, which he lays down brick by brick, turd after turd, in endless succession. Edgar Allen Poe would have been mighty proud.

  8. For three years, Republicans have propped up and protected a racist, corrupt, sociopathic narcissistic menace to society, gaslighting and covering up Traitor Trump crimes, ineptness, and incompetence. Republicans don't really care about our country; time and again, for decades now, they have put their politics and greed for power above the welfare of this nation. The destructiveness of GOP politics on American government began under Nixon, but starting with Reagan it became a Republican selling point. Conservatism won't die, but Republicanism has become a zero-sum game for losers. This incarnation of the GOP needs to die, or it will be the end of American greatness.

  9. Looking into the Toxic Terrorist Traitor Trump Administration and Crime Organization is like opening a can of worms, the stench one of overwhelming corruption throughout that becomes only more unbearably sickening with each passing day. Where does it stop? It doesn't, and it won't, because they can't!

  10. Republicans want to pretend their fascist Emperor fully clothed, when that racist, felonious Thief-in-Chief, Traitor Trump, stands naked as a jaybird!

  11. There is no Trump presidency, what we have is an illegitimate abomination; a cheesy, sleazy masquerade frauded upon America by Russia and Republicans!

  12. Poopy Pompass Pompeo thinks politicians profiteering from the public purse is a pun! Perhaps a punitive perusal of prison would persuade propriety.

  13. The general perception is that the current occupant of the Oval is mad as a hatter, presenting an imminent national security threat.

  14. The general perception is that racist, regressive Republicans are betraying the rule of law, democracy, and America for their tribalistic politics.

  15. Never seen Jim Hines before. He has a look in his eyes. Like the nerdy guy in the movies nobody pays attention to, and it turns out he's a ruthless & sadistic hitman. 😉

  16. The DNI may be a former Navy Seal but he should be arrested, his medals should be ripped off of him and his military record should be stamped "TRAITOR" because what he has done is pure treason. As a former Navy Seal, he should be painfully aware that he has taken an oath to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States of America. He did not take an oath, protecting a President who orders him to break the law.



  19. Inspector Generals were set up to be autonomous entities. I worked with both sides, including their auditing section following disaster ops to account for retrieval of equipment and supplies unneeded back. They are designed to provide help in this regard. But the other side of the house takes complaints and investigates them. The reporting channel is supposed to be independent of the regular chain of command. I will release a book in 2020 about how the MSPB, the ADA, whistleblower, and EEOC laws are there to protect Federal employees, but the costs of attorneys paid by individuals may be 1 to 2 years of salary, and with the Agency’s using its tools and attorneys to drag out cases and stop individuals from accessing their materials needed to present their defense, trying to stand up for rights is impossible and too costly for employees. After 34 years with the Feds, I am seeing many more Violations of these laws by managers seeking to clean out those that don’t fit into a certain mold, a Trump mold. I will have to monitor this whistleblowing case and see how pervasive this has become. But the whistleblower’s chain of command, and others brought in from the DOJ leadership, or Donald Trump’s new law firm (just as Fox News has become his office of Communication and Propaganda) are not supposed to interfere with the whistleblower’s actions and the investigation and findings of the IG. Thinking more about Barr’s interference, I think we should present a bill to William Barr to reimburse us tax payers for his services given to cover Trump’s violation of laws.

  20. Wonder if Trump gave away nuclear information to the Saudi's because they pay him and stay at his properties? Maybe someone caught trump giving away (again…) intelligence? Or trump once again, sold the country out to Putin No matter how bad it is – you can be sure the GOP will be ok with whatever horrible thing it is.

  21. Ever think that the Whistle blower could be Eric Tr*mp.. to save himself from going to jail when his father and siblings go to jail!! That would be so funny 😆 I😂😂 🤦‍♂️

  22. Trump can commit treason in view of the World with Impunity. That's what happens when the separation of powers are destroyed and Trump has people in his pocket in charge of the organizations that are there to protect Democracy from the Presidency. Welcome to your new Dictatorship America. Imagine if Obama or Hillary had done this!!!

  23. Why are they following what the DNI is saying if it's against the law?? Why are there no repercussions to all these people breaking the law for Trump?????? SO Trump can tell foreign leaders any of Americas secrets and that's okay??? So, where's the power of the people?????? Since when was America a fascist regime? This is totally unbelievable that America now has a dictator, who legally can't be touched! Just, WTF! ANTIFA is making more and more sense! This is also setting a precedent for future presidents and parties, allowing total corruption to prevail.

  24. 6:32 Trump has ordered new talks and has a set point defense message he has to say, they know this. The Islamic Republic non-prol partners need to reform to EU security norms and they resist their own trade future and happiness. Their public statements are taking shape and evolving as is the west. Doing scandals this week.

  25. Well tRump didn't get those oval lips sucking doorknobs! Lyin' Lew, Dump truck Trump, Moscow Mitch, Linen Lindsey all talk ….no action. Except when sucking Russian polovoy chlen.

  26. The only wall tRump is managing to build is one between the USA and the rest of the world. A wonderful country ruined by one man.

  27. Cory Lewandowski: portrait of a cowardly, corrupt, racist white nationalist weasel. Feel real sorry for his kids, hoping they don't turn out anything like him, brainwashed into the Republican cult.

  28. Himes says "that's not how this country works," but that is EXACTLY how it HAS been working. I'm with others, saying DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  29. For the sake of national security, Trump must be impeached NOW. We can't wait until November 2020 to vote this Orange Traitor out of office.

  30. It's Putin. He wants his building with name there. Putin wants sanctions lifted. Mark my words it's Putin…. And Putin is laughing

  31. The thing that Americans can't understand is that back in 2001 blackface wasn't a thing that most people even knew about here in Canada. It's not something that most people did but it's not something that the majority of population even thought of. I remember Halloween of what I think was 2010 or 2011, kids in Montreal showed up with black faces because they decided to dress as P.K. Subban. The only reason they did so is because they loved that player and that man so much. I don't remember seeing an athlete this popular with kids. Now, I remember my girlfriend and I being a bit shocked that so many parents did not stop their kids and even helped in most cases but it shows how much it wasn't a well known issue in the early 2000/2010 in Canada. Yes there is a history of slavery, racism and blackface in Canada too but you have to understand that we don't have the same past, the same present or the same relationship with race or racism as the in the U.S. Now, I'm not saying it's not racist, it totally is, but I absolutely believe him when he says he did not realize how racist it was back in 2001. To me, the actions of Trudeau (good and bad) as prime minister are far more important than his Halloween costume from 18 years ago. At the end of the day, Trudeau's policies will probably be far better than the conservatives. And by the way, I'm not even a liberal (as in liberal party, not as in liberal values), I'd much rather see the NDP in power…but if it's a choice between Liberals and conservatives, I know who I'm going to support.

  32. Probably promised Putin he would give him the list of U.S. operatives who are undercover around the globe in exchange for being able to build a Trump tower in Moscow.

  33. Democrats are useless to the American public. They are unable to do the job the American people elected and empowered them to do. They are a bunch of cowards, who are allowing a traitorous, dangerous and a megalomaniac President to run roughshod over the constitution.

  34. Could this be Adam Schiff's last ditch effort to conjure up something against the US President. A comment made by Schumer, if you cross the Intelligence Community they will come back at you 6 FOLD. Democrats are Leaderless, Border-less and Desperately Hopeless.

  35. Potus and SoS are playing pin pong to give that moron in the white house a sense of credibility as to say he is the measured one.

  36. Please help put CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS out of business so we can get REAL news.

    Videos everyone should see and listen.

    Watch "U. S. National Security Council is a Joke" on YouTube

    Watch "Elites know the power of blood…do you?" on YouTube

    Watch "FOTM: When "Journalists" And Politicians Conspire & CANNIBALISM For A Greener Planet? | Huckabee" on YouTube

    Watch "#walkaway and walk towards freedom" on YouTube

    Watch "The AIM Conclave goes LIVE" on YouTube

  37. Saudi needs to determine who attacked them. It’s easy to place blame. It’s difficult to search for the truth through empirical evidence. What advantages does Iran get for attacking – RESPONSE- there is no advantage.

  38. If these two had evidence of someone reporting on OBAMA's private conversation with a foreign diplomat/head of state they'd be calling for the whistleblower's head on a platter.  Whistleblower should be charged with crime.

  39. Predict Donald Trump, discover how exactly his mind works, get control over his words and deeds. Buy and read eBook "Predicting Donald Trump, Understanding a Stable Genius". It will be worth your while. "Obligatory reading for anyone affected by Donald Trump."

  40. I don’t know everything but, I know that nothing will be done about this. Trump can’t do anything that would get him in trouble.

  41. What is he taking about we've been outraged about this Administration Tricky Traitor trump Putin puppet foreign failures Lazy Loser Leadership Freakshow!

  42. All this SH.. is because ( the less popular president ever) Trump broke the Iran’s deal just because it was a Obama deal. When you have a little hands that’s things append.

  43. The Oompa Loompa community have responded in anger after yet more photos of an ‘oranged up’ Donald Trump have emerged.

    There has been an incessant supply of photos and video footage of the US President wearing bright orange face paint during his election campaign and his current presidency, and the short citizens of Loompaland have today called for his habit of doing so to end.

    “We all know that ‘blacking up’ is racist and offensive to all, but why are we not calling out the leader of the free world on his daily habit of ‘orangeing up’?” questioned spokesperson for the Oompa Loompa community, Simon Williams.

    “We find it deeply offensive that he applies orange face paint every day – presumably for comedic effect, who knows – and everyone just accepts it as ‘normal’.

    “He even tried to blame his bizarre appearance on ‘energy-efficient’ light bulbs the other day, which is plainly ridiculous as you could still see the brush strokes on his cheeks and the areas around his eyes and ears which he deliberately left a lighter shade, to caricature us.

    “No-one does that to themselves to look better – it’s an obviously transparent attempt to publicly show his disdain for Oompa Loompas everywhere.  You can see his base lap it up – loudly asking ‘how can it be racist if Oompa Loompas aren’t a race?'”

    The White House is yet to respond to the allegations, but 17-year-old hairdresser Becky Scissorhands from Essex commented, “I don’t get it – he looks perfectly normal to me.”

  44. Satellite coverage shows the attack did not come from the direction of Iran…why are you not talking about that? I don't like this Congressman at all! And his God bless Bush make me gaga…Bush, Pompeo, Bolton all lied to start a war in the Middle East!! Now it will be Iran.

  45. Is what I found out is — Rudy Guiliani and Trump campaign to help his re-election he wants for the Ukraine government to help Paul Montfort , Trumps former campaign chairman and second to target the son of Joe Biden which Trump will give the Ukraine government their aid . You would think the DESPERATE president would learn but it sounds like him and his cronies will do anything to get out of going to prison . MAN UP AND SERVE YOUR TIME . THE LESSON IS NOT TO BE HIS FLUNKY WHICH ??? WHY DON'T HE DO THESE CRIMES BY HIMSELF . CHICKEN .

  46. Boy what a sack of corperate propagandist crap!
    These propagandist are pointing the finger in the total opisite direction they should be.

  47. The Russian-Republican far-right sociopaths are destroying our planet and country. They hold no allegiance to America or our rule of law they are insurgents in our government.

  48. Himes feeling all powereful without the guts to commit to what real action will be taken. Hubris at its worst.
    " it may be nothing ….: Is this guy on the same planet as the rest of us ? WTF

  49. DNI under Dioxin Donnie tRump means Do Not Investigate! Dioxin Donnie tRump sides with Bin Salman on the Khashoggi Murder, this is one of his bed buddies even though tRump was the one who walked away. It appears trump is not happy unless he is making others miserable!

  50. this SHITHOLE, and WHOLE LAWLESS administration should face a FIRING SQUAD, trump being last 2 B SHOT in his WORTHLESS brain. DIE don, u pile of DOGSHIT !!!!!!

  51. Trump is not eligible for a second term. He's conducting illegal surveillance on the American people with remote neural monitoring, mind control radio frequency torture technologies. He's human trafficking and raping brain, assaulting Americans with electromagnetic weapons. He belongs in prison with his advisors.

  52. The Republicans will impeach a Democrat President for anything they feel like. Some make believe future reciprocity does not scare them and therefore is an empty threat.

  53. ~ 4:57 – This segment becomes an SNL hot mic paper shuffling with some background talking skit.
    Other than that, Congress needs to hold all uncooperative witnesses in contempt. Don't give them a platform/stage to perform to an audience of one. After three failed opportunities to cooperate and respond to questions, go to jail. Very clear. Preempt their performances, send hostile witnesses to jail with their executive privilege letter, and carry on with other business as usual until people start cooperating.

  54. Since when inspector general considers whistleblower serious when " it might be nothing". O, wait dems are hoping to sit and wait for another report to maybe possibly come out and then start to maybe talk about what could be possibly done.

  55. And now we find that it was Joe Biden who abused the office of the Vice President, and used taxpayer dollars in Ukraine to extort preferential treatment for his Son's company which was under investigation in Ukraine. AGAIN, THE CORRUPTION IS ACTUALLY ON THE democRat SIDE.

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