Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

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100 Replies to “Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee”

  1. GOP selling their souls to a second hand reality actor and a 1st rate Conman. is says all you need to know that a pedophile enabler like Jim Jordan doing trumps dirty work.

    IGNORE the FACTs FOLKS. instead let’s investigate the investigators?? YOU PEOPLE make me sick. every soldier who ever fought and died for this country is turning over in their graves watching this Russian loving coward president turn our republic into a joke!

  2. Jordan is just another insane right wing repub nutjob! He thinks he can scream and yell all the right wing propaganda talking points and they will become true somehow. Everyone knows how crooked Trump and all those repubs around him are! They are all guilty of numerous crimes against America! Trump needs to be removed from office and all the "Human Scum" repub traitors need to be criminally charged and sent to prison for their crimes!

  3. Jordan will bend over for trump blindly fighting impeachment…no matter how embarrassing, and trump thinks he's running the show. Jordan's state needs a new representative.

  4. God Bless President Trump. Stay Strong.,🇺🇸 Real Americans are Thankful for putting Americans FIRST.
    We see.. the evils ways and you are being Crucified.

  5. Jordan (and Meadows) made no effort to defend Trump during the closed door hearings. Expect smoke and mirrors during the open hearings.

  6. You already heard from the Whistleblower! And Federal Law protects his identity.. Whistleblower already did his part.. NO, you are NOT going to talk to or Subpoena the Whistleblower. Buncha Jack-wagons on FOX!

  7. Well the Dems looked at the Russia hoax and the corrupt Mueller report, that they managed to drag out past the midterms and probably thought it cost the Republicans the House. Now they just plug in Ukraine and impeachment and hope they get enough stupid people to fall for it and maybe this time steal a presidency. Anyone that would ever vote for another Democratic Party candidate does not care about America.

  8. The dirty pig that started this crap needs to face who he's accusing. Also subpoena Schitt and get him on the hot seat. America is sick of this underground warfare. Satan works in darkness but God shines his light on His children. The senate should start throwing out subpoenas left and right.

  9. Jordan is a lame wannabe tough guy. Why are the laws good for everybody else but not Trump and his Republican defenders? THE WHISTLE BLOWER IS PROTECTED BY LAW. The people involved are testifying. There is a mountain of evidence already. Harassing the whistle blower could become another article of impeachment because they are protected. Jordan knows better but he's performig for Trump. Trump has plenty of accusers to face. But that's a joke really. He doesn't face accusers he tweets and lies about them.

  10. Why r u trying or bothering with the whistle blower now when the actual ppl THAT were there on the phone call are there

  11. as huge as the actual Presidential race is, this whole situation perfectly illustrates that the House election is equally as important!

  12. Not only are they there but they are testifying against the president wich is smart considering all the other idiots who tried to cover for him have ended up broke n in jail…smart ones have resigned n left him to fend for himself since HE'S so brilliant….

  13. this is a serious issue impeaching a president of the United States of America you do not answer questions in a note you do not answer written questions in a testimony you have to look at that person and listen to that person make sure they're not lying what kind of circus is the Democrat running? this is not high school we're not passing around notes back and forth to see if Joe loves Betty we are in a legal justice law system we are collecting evidence and testimonies about impeaching a president you freaking stupid dumb asses I've never ever in my life thought I would see the day the Congress would accept a written questionnaire in a testimony to impeach a president and this is a witness you freaking freaking Crooks the Democrats are going to fall off a cliff your party is finished no matter what happens , the Democrats are finished for a long long long time "Americans will never trust a Democratic leader ever again" I don't know who these other idiots that support this crap but they're not all wound up right they're not running on All 4 cylinders🚘🚕🚗🚖🚘🚗🚕🚗🚘🚕🚖✌🇺🇸❤"TRUMP🇺🇸❤ 2020❤🇺🇸

  14. they've thrown their party off a cliff the Democrats cannot win a presidential election fair and square so they have to be crooked like they all are and try to impeach a president that they know will win again in a crooked corrupt way because that's all they know how to be is corrupt

  15. I mean not one Democrat is concerned about California at all Pelosi is a sociopathic freak and a political hack who is doing nothing for this country not one thing in four long years nothing I don't know about you but I don't like my government taking my money and wasting it on they're little baby fit because they lost

  16. Dems do not want Trump, they want to keep nearly all of their asses out of prison. Many in the MSM, Hollywood and more are complicit in the crimes and the coverup.

  17. God Is with Jim Jordan 🙏 Keep fighting for our President Donald J Trump and for the American People 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Jim Jordan shouldn't even be in office. He turned a blind eye, to the sexual abuse happening,when he was a coach. That makes him complicit and probably a criminal.

  19. I'm talking about Adam Shift he has to be removed for the high crimes he has committed. It is no surprise to the American people that there is a problem with our government. this is the truth. ignoring the truth and believing lies, this has become the norm for every state. when someone, anyone accuses someone for something anymore the truth is found as a lie. but the lie is found to be the truth in today's day in age. It has become who can lie best in a court of law. prime example if you are a republican and have to answer to a democratic judge the republican is lying. that is what our justice system looks like today, no investigation, as a republican you have no rights. this has happened to us not once but twice. I am a concerned about the citizen and i think voting for Trump again is the way to go. The current president has done nothing wrong, after reading everything available for me to read. Change is apparently hard for some people, but making things better is just fine with me.

  20. Jim Jordan should seriously start thinking about doing Trump's hairstyle! Gawd, he's a slippery customer….btw Jimmy, the popular vote went to the dems!

  21. Just one Question, If the dems are not going to come together to pass any bills then why are we paying them? I know that if i want paid i have to do my job. Why are we paying the dems for hiding in a basement. Is that not wrong to take something that you have not earned?

  22. Great haircut on Rep. Jim Jordan. Makes him look younger and more effective. True story, upon seeing Matt Goetz first speech in Congress in 2017, I called Gaetz' office and recommended he get a haircut to be more TV friendly. Within two days, he had a new hairdo. Jordan is on point and finally he looks the part.

  23. Eric would not stand up under POLITE questioning much less cross examination! FUTURE HEADLINE: Schiff tweets condolences to Erics family ONE DAY BEFORE Eric is shot during a "robbery."

  24. What disingenuous claptrap from Jim Jordan. Way to ignore all the evidence that has come to light showing the obvious high crimes by Benedict Donald.

  25. Any American, regardless of party affiliation, who is watching how the Democrats are holding secret 'trials' in the basement of Congress, should be greatly alarmed. Being accused of a crime, tried and convicted, without ever facing your accuser or being allowed to defend yourself, has no place in this country. If they can do that to a duly elected President, they absolutely will do it to anyone else who disagrees with them. What a disgrace.

  26. Whistleblower story turned out to be true tho'🤔… is there anything he said that is untrue? I really think the whistleblower had a strong intel. I dont see the point to have him. Hes already done his job. Republicans should find a way to argue on the substance and be on offense for sure! They are playing defense!

  27. I almost think they got what they wanted now they can't accept it and if they'd stop breaking the trust circle non of it would be out of hand

  28. Let us see…
    Over the past 24 – 32 year most Presidents have held the office for 2 Terms pattern or corruption???
    And now since this President want the Law to be the deciding factor and not public opinion and he wants reporters to do their job and report fact not public opinion or pay for news services ( advertisements of public opinion) the controlling Corruption paying politicians to make unjust laws…
    The people will take control of this government and shut it down…
    So if you are reporters at this news network do your job…
    If you are a game/talk show host move on to some other network…
    There is some good reporting and then there is something else!!!
    Just saying!!!
    Get a ***** clue!!!

  29. Fox News and Jim Jordan, please be real! Validity of the wistleblower report was already confirmed by testimonies of Gordon Sondland (see his updated testimony), Marie Yovanovitch, Alexander Vindman, Bill Taylor … Be current and focus your reporting truthfully on real problem – improper conduct of president.

  30. Jordan was on one of the 3 committees that was performing the closed door interviews. Transcripts came out and we see Jordan kept his mouth shut with nothing to say so I don't see how moving him to a new committee would change anything. On top of that the whistle blowers story is shown in the transcript trump release, you don't need the whistle blower to testify as there is more evidence to prove what was said was true so no you don't need the whistle blower. Now yeah I get it, doesn't look right at all but if trump can make written statements so can the whistle blower. Again what was released by the administration incriminated the president, on top of that the aid was released 2 days after DOJ was informed of the whistle blower complaint was showing criminal intent. Also trump has a very shotty record shown in his approval rating. If you there is other proof to prove some then else, show I guess a corrected transcript not a redacted one, until then president incriminated himself.

  31. Republicans don't be complacent!!! Dems won in VA and KY elections!!! Register to vote, request the day off and offer rides!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!

  32. If you guys think what trump did is okay then you’d be okay with future presidents asking help from foreign governments to help him or her win elections? NO! We’re not going to do that! America can investigate its own people!

  33. Dems are being very corrupt on what they are doing. Never before has the house been so unfair to anyone. A phone call is NOT an impeachable crime. Muller couldn't do anything and Russia is out of window. So now the dems are fishing
    again for a crime. Guilty before being innocent.

  34. Who else not an American and also likes to switch between Fox and CNN and view their different realities. It's fascinating.

  35. thank you ALL REPUBLICANS for sticking together. it is for your future as well. God bless you all and God bless the President and all of America.

  36. Notice how they can’t say anything that defends the president on the facts coming out. Jim will repeat the same arguments over and over gets really tiring.

  37. I just want to help “our team”. It’s disgusting to pick your party, or “team” over your country. I will never vote Republican again. I’m disgusted with these traitors supporting a president that only cares about himself.
    P.S. Don’t bother responding. I’m disgusted with myself for ever voting Republican. You should be too.

  38. What other American President used his personal lawyer to promote foreign policy, especially if national security is involved?

  39. Jordan will do nothing more than argue that a quid pro quo is not impeachable. That's about all he's got. All the while a quid pro quo is not even required to break constitutional law. All that is required is a request for aid or "anything of value" from a foreign power to constitute an abuse of power. Many obstructions of justice are on the table as well from the White House. Should be interesting……

  40. Our debt scares the crap out of me. We have been running up the National credit card and I’m tired us of not learning our lessons. What happen to fiscal conservatism? Trump is the ultimate Rino.

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  44. Jim Jordan is just another republican cry-bag sycophant… Identity of the whistle-blower is irrelevant at this point. His/her claims have been more than corroborated by numerous witnesses…. And it's not about trying to over-turn the election. It's about trying to oust a corrupt sh*t-hole potus.

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