Jim Jordan’s many, escalating attacks on the impeachment inquiry

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66 Replies to “Jim Jordan’s many, escalating attacks on the impeachment inquiry”

  1. They cherry pick what they want people to hear that fits their narrative because they know they are going to lose. They are trying to persuade voters to not vote for trump or get trump to step down with all this push to get rid of him. Have you ever seen so much hate and disrespect for the office of the presidency? I dont remember republicans trying to get rid of Obama. People just keep getting brainwashed by the democrats..they are the problem.

  2. 13 months is too late …trump should have Ed n impeached months ago !! Nancy peloton kept dragging it ?to know more facts .taxation !

  3. Jordan you are a farce! Your criminal in charge is so guilty in every direction by numerous people. The whistle blower is totally protected and vindicated and information confirmed.. You are a bunch of fast talking flailing idiots. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PROTEST TRAITOR TRUMP IS GUILTY! But the real truth is that he’s conspired to do so much more to break the laws of our constitution. It doesn’t belong to Trump. He cannot cut it up to please his own fat self.

  4. wow, what a great American. What a Patriot. What a model for our children in honesty and integrity. Oh wait. I mean the exact opposite.

  5. LOL Only thing Liberals have to offer people in 2020 is make people a Felon and jail time for Own a AR-15 type rifle

  6. They have no defense of trump so they are putting him on the committee to badger and bully the witnesses, as that is what he does best – another trump henchman. Hoping he gets shut down – bigly.

  7. Jim Jordan knowingly turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State University so why believe anything a lying enabler like him says?

  8. Jim Jordan just wants to go down in the History books – not giving a thought of how his actions could negatively impact future generations.

  9. Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Graham, Jordan, . . . and most of the Republican congressional staff, are obviously double-dipping for their salaries – from US tax payers and from Russia.
    That's the only explanation for the Republicans continued allegiance to a clearly corrupt Trump.

    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  10. Here in the Netherlands we put criminal imbeciles like Jim Jordan in prison, or in a secure asylum. In the USA, the same people end up in congress and the senate.

  11. Jim Jordan wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face!! He tries so hard to spin the story, but fails miserably. He's nothing but a sycophant. Hmm, I wonder what Trump has on him?

  12. When mother nature created human beings she incorrectly placed the anus of Jim Jordan Where his mouth should be, hence the saying "listen to the crap coming out of Jordan"

  13. guys we cant refer to it as an impeachment inquiry before we first resolve the reality of it being an unacceptable ford flopped clinton catastrophe crew scam that resembles more of the revoked expired obama era excuses and snl skit intern impeached emotions. when we can get that leveraged consensus of confidence that colbert and comey cant quite yet convince, then we can pretend jordan is the problem. i see wemple made a whimper on the epstein amnesia, so he might be ok for this too, assuming we dont get any domestic backlash criticism or even worse, question our patriotism like we were tulsi or something.

  14. He is corrupt and should not be on any committee. He is a liar. He keeps saying that no republicans were a!lowed to ask questions. Lie. He also was one of the 47 republicans in the room . He spent most of the time , listening to testimony, running to tell trump what they said and pushing other republicans out of the way so he could talk into the camera. they would not allow him to ask questions about who was present in the room during the phone call because he is the main one trying to find the whistle blower. He is not about truth he is all about Trump.

  15. ‘Partisan and unfair…’ what a tragic individual, quit your whining, grow some cajones and stop behaving like a brown nosing, obtuse sycophant.

  16. Jim Jordan is ally of truth and due process being denied to the President… if you support this just because you hate Trump… think about what is happening.. you could be next.. no due process for POTUS then no due process for anyone.

  17. What will you Leftists turn to next, when your echo chamber meets reality, and you fail again in yet another attempted coup?

  18. So has Democrat Eric Ciaramella, who has close ties to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and ex-CIA creep John Brennan denied being the whistleblower in cahoots with Adam Schitt, Shifty or whatever his last name is? LOL

  19. Jj he’s our man if he can’t cover up no republican can! WTF That’s how the GOP acts like,a bunch crybaby schoolgirl cheerleaders.jj is good at coverups he covered for that doctor who was sexually molesting his student wrestlers and said nothing,then when the scandal broke he covered,how does a corrupted pos get to become a lying congressman? People wake up him and trump are the ones who will bring us to the point of no return if we let them. Vote this asshat out..

  20. Dude NEVER shows his upper teeth. After all the crap that comes out of his mouth, I just realized he speaks like a babbling infant.

  21. If you really want America to know the truth tell us if you helped that Ohio state sports doctor eat those little boys Noodles and Meat Balls?
    you were always a scumbag Jordan. why would you be different now. say goodbye to your seat in congress. you didn't belong there.
    the only thing you'll be remembered for is grandstanding and child molestation. you accomplished nothing else.
    wouldn't want you to represent my cat's flees let alone Ohio.

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