JL Audio TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer | Best Shallow Mount Sub Ever?

JL Audio TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer | Best Shallow Mount Sub Ever?

Hey this is Seth Wilde from Sonic Electronix
and this is the JL Audio TW5. One of the best things about this subwoofer
is that it is big.. and small… all at the same time. I’ll Explain. JL Audio has packed a ton of features into
this woofer in order to get deep, accurate bass out of a very shallow subwoofer. In fact, JL Audio developed and engineered
everything about this subwoofer from the ground up. Instead of borrowing a patent or design from
another company, then made their own patent and own design. Pretty cool, huh? Ok, so up front you have a mica-filled polypropylene
cone and a santoprene surround. You will notice that this surround goes all
the way to edge of the frame where there are mounting tabs that come off the side. The tab-ear design enables this 13.5 inch
woofer to fit a space only slightly larger than the 12 inch W3. Now, the cone and surround are bonded to the
voice coil former and spider assembly using the FCAM method, or “Floating Cone Attach
Method” and is a U.S. Patented design from JL. It ensures proper voice-coil alignment and
keeps the coil centering at high excursions. If you glance deeper inside the woofer to
the motor structure, you will see JL’s Concentric Tube Suspension, yet again… another one
of their U.S. Patents. This is a unique structure that supports the
spider on the outside and the voice coil on the inside. The voice coil itself has an extra wide diameter
than enables the magnet to rest inside the coil, as opposed to placing the magnet on
the outside of the coil like a traditional subwoofer. This structure also eliminates the need for
a top-plate, which reduces the overall mounting depth of the woofer. In fact, the overall mounting depth on this
13.5 inch woofer is only 2.5 inch! Another interesting thing about JL Audio and
this woofer is that the motor is DMA Optimized. This is an engineering process developed by
JL that accurately tests the subwoofer’s behavior under real power, something that
the Thiele-Small models or low power measurements cannot do. With the information from these tests, JL
is able to adjust the design of the woofer to get a motor structure that is extremely
linear and highly stable across the entire range of recommended power. Currently, JL Audio only offers the 13.5 inch
version of the TW5 sub, which has a recommended RMS range of 250 to 600 watts. Plus, this woofer is rated at 3 ohms to maximize
the power from your amp. To top it all off, the JL Audio TW5 subwoofers
are made in the United States of America at their Miramar Florida factory. This allows JL Audio to design and manufacture
the woofers in the same location, resulting in a higher quality product. Although the price on this woofer is much
higher than other shallow mounts, the build AND sound quality of this woofer can easily
justify the price if you are serious about your bass and want the best sound from a sub. For more info about the JL Audio TW5 and to
order yours, visit Sonic Electronix.com.

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100 Replies to “JL Audio TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer | Best Shallow Mount Sub Ever?”

  1. There are a ton of woofers that will work for you. Depends on what you want, your budget, knowledge, the music you listen to and more. Give us a call, we can work with you to find the best woofer for your situation 1-877-289-7664

  2. @SonicElectronixTV whats the difference between this sub and a non compact sub of the same diameter? Would the traditional sub have a higher bass output/intensity or are they the same? Please reply

  3. Excursion and motor force. A non-shallow woofer of this type would have greater excursion capabilities and a much larger magnet. You could get slightly deeper bass and a little more punch. This shallow woofer is hard to beat though.

  4. so for a 03 yukon with bose/no sub all i have to do is wire it to power/battery, then tap into the rear speaker wire and im good to go?

  5. If you have an amplifier with a speaker input then yes. Just power the amp, ground it, and tap into your rear speakers for the signal. This will allow you to add a subwoofer.

  6. Please, i need you help, before buying this Sub, i need know how much space i need After Depth?, example! this sub is 67mm depth, and whats size of top i need space??

  7. You have to put it in a custom fabricated enclosure designed to maximise output if you want to hear it outside of the car. It is a beast woofer for its size.

  8. Well then why bother putting the sub in the car if you want it just so everyone else can hear it?

  9. looks like the surround is too thick for how much excursion its getting.. im sure jl knows what they are doing but its as thick as a sxx or nvx vc

  10. i have a 98 single cab sierra, any suggestions on what kind of subwoofer i should get and where should i put it?

  11. I still struggle with the practicality or impractically of shallow mount subs.

    From what some manufacturers suggest, you might as well buy a decent 10" or 12" sub and mount them in the same enclosure. Unless you really have money to burn, i see better and more practical options than a shallow mount.

  12. Thinking about using 1 of these for my Home setup. Building some hertz hsk165.5xl bookshelf speakers and need a REALLY CLEAR slim sub. This looks like the one unless someone has any suggestions. (Yes I know there is probably a few better options then using car audio for the home but this is what I want to do)

  13. Put it this way, i can barely fit my audioline 12" Slimline subwoofer in my utility car, my passenger seat needs to be 1 click from fully forward and the seat on the perfect angle to fit. I will never fit a 12" full size subwoofer unless i put it next to the petrol tank in the utility part of the car, which has two holes ported to the cabin, which i may do in the future, but at the moment, i don't have the funds to do this, so i compensate.

  14. 3ohms 13.5inches? whats the pount of this retarded omhs and size not being able to use a second hand 12 inch box or not being able to wire two together down to 2ohms ? why not 2ohms to optimize output? i dont get it its retarded

  15. I must have the worst luck. I bought this sub along with the alpine 600 watt mono block to match the sub in rms amps and in ohms
    I love it till I took it to the car wash. The guy drove the car through the car wash I went to pay. I got the car back and drove off. I turn the radio a 1/4 way, I'm not a loud freak. Instantly a loud pop and distortion from the woofer. I bought this sub only three months ago.

  16. Could someone tell me how one of these compares to say a 10 inch or 8 inch? I don't know if it would be better to spend the money on these subs or deal with trying to make regular sized subs work. For comparison, let's talk equal RMS and Ohm subs.

  17. Love the vids, even for an experienced audio guy I am still picking up a few tid bits of information 😀 thanks, and I really LOVE the Tech N9ne on the vid!!! Massive props for that!!!!

  18. Now… Are the serial numbers still on all the equipment?? Because Sonic Electronics is not an authorized user of JL Audio.

  19. what counts even more on a quality sub, something that you did not show us is the sub box it self ? will this sub significantly minimize the size of the box ?

  20. I can say from previous purchases of Many Subwoofers, from Lanzar to Orion, MTX and many others! I have never came across a subwoofer that could compare with the original JL WO woofers! Price-wise, Sound Quality and Performance show JL stands as a High Quality product. I still have two 15 WO's 8 ohm each built in 2001 and they sound the same as the day I purchased them, they haven't even decayed, I ran them with two 12 WO's 8 ohm each in my old van and I would set off Bank alarms, had cops stop me to look in the back, woke up fire departments and EMT's and had them sit outside in pajamas to point out my vehicle! I only had a Clarion 380 watt 4 channel bridged to two channels, best combination I had for them and I even was approached outside a Audio store selling HCCA's to ask what I had because he said he thought he left the radio in the store on, they were moving out of the box! I even had to get liner from an RV Manufacturer thick 1/2" rubber to prevent the sides of my van from buckling! I only began interest when I read an article where they tested over 20 subs and the JL WO beat Alpine and many others with the highest spl on a 1000 watt amp, though they recommend 125-150 watts continuous power depending on the size. That was in the Mid 1990's!

  21. If this is the 13.5 in, I just got one in my car with the 600 W JL amp, I gotta say it was worth the $1,900.
    Thing bumps smooth af, great job JL Audio.

  22. it'd be nice if someone would do an all made in the USA car audio video with not only jl products but other as well 🙂

  23. Superbly designed! But it also costs 4 times as much as Pioneer's flat subs. Is the performance difference really worth the price difference tho?

  24. Subs in doors…..vibration will destroy your window switches. Not enough air space for magnet not to mention vibes will destroy window tracks.

  25. Does Anybody know how well this particular JL Sub Performs??? How hard does it hit? Given paired with the appropriate amp.

  26. I would say no… development from the ground up isn't preferred unless you don't intend to pass development costs onto the consumer. Using a patented design that is well tried and true….and improving on it is usually a more effective way to design. According to most business models anyway.

    Plus…the engineers and development team discovered their design results in a 13.5" woofer. Now I gotta get a custom box made too. Why?…just to tote the brand? No thanks. Subs are hidden anyway.

  27. What is the woofers peak power. on the website it says 600w rms is pretty much its highest recommendation and that's putting it in the risk/critical zone. Basing it off there graph chart.

  28. It's a nice looking driver but the 12" SI BM has 40% more xmax and similar power handling in a smaller box (.5). Plus it weighs 6lb less with a neo ring magnet motor and costs slightly more than half. The excursion advantage allows it to move more air than the larger JL.

  29. One question here. If the recommended power range is from 250W-600W RMS, how the sub performs under 250W? Does it mean you need to drive it within the suggested range to achieve the best sound quality?

  30. Enfia no cu, esse alto falante e 4 mil conto no mercado livre um EROS bate mais do q essa porra aí KKKKKKKKKK

  31. I have 2 of these mounted on the deck of my Chrysler 300m with a custom….and i do mean custom enclosure built off the deck….AWESOME sound….they cost…but when you hear it….you know what you paid for

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