Joanne needs someone to look after her dog, Rupert and Karen has the solution #stockportfrogs

Morning it’s Louise Barson of Louise Barson Art
and I’m here with the Stockport Frog that I created. This is my Charming Digital Prince
otherwise known as Kerm.IT So hope you’re enjoying the
Frog Trail. And, if you’ve been following Charming Digital Prince’s story on
Facebook you will have found out that he’s met a lovely lady called Joanne and they’ve
been on various dates and events around Stockport and he’s invited Joanne to go away for the weekend. So we were wondering what to do with Joanne’s dog. and as it happens I’ve been able to introduce Karen to the Prince. and so Karen’s just going to say what this lovely dog, Rupert is going to be doing whilst
they’ve gone away for the weekend. Hello Karen. Hi. so I’m Karen from Cheadle Pet Care We are a pet care service that looks after your dog, when you go away, in our home. It’s a home from home. They are part of our family whilst they are with us and they will have an enjoyable holiday. whilst you are away. Ah well that’s lovely. So it’s really
nice to know that Joanne’s lovely dog here is going to be well cared for while they are away. If you want to check out
my competition about the Prince it’s on Facebook and follow us for more updates about what my Charming Digital Prince gets up to around Stockport and who he meets. Bye.

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