Judiciary Cmte. Member: Impeachment Not About Politics, But The Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Judiciary Cmte. Member: Impeachment Not About Politics, But The Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. judas priest…. "breaking the"" law breaking the law"…. trumps new rally theme song woohoo fits perfectly….brahahaha

  2. Yeah, it’s not happening. Trump is a hack, however the senate does not care as long as they can serve their lobbyists.

  3. MSNBC: ENOUGH! … A MAJORITY of PPL DO NOT BUY THIS POLITICAL THEATER … And give us a break w/these OBVIOUS Socio-Political/personal-bias driven & skewed "professional" interpretations of The Constitution! … You are ALL losing/have-LOST any/all credibility … Some of us actually remember HS Civics & US History class (back when EDU actually did its job)

  4. When will the media accept responsibility for ALL of this? Your ratings are all you care about. If you truly cared you wouldn’t waste our time and subconscious with opinions! Try fact based news. Geee maybe because our news should be based on FACTS NOT OPINIONS. You are exactly what is wrong. Greed over morals. What is so wrong with moral intentions and motivations?

  5. I don't believe you. I will never trust you or your party. It is political. You helped strip the people of their right to have the dully elected president of their choice. I hope you all go down in flames.

  6. What it seems is the Dems continue to change what it’s about as often as Nancy takes a swig from her Vodka flask… I.e, 12 times per hour

  7. I'm glad the "us" that he's talking about is the majority of the "REAL AMERICA 🇺🇸 PEOPLE" in the United States and not the democrats in office.

  8. registered dem here: i pray i wake up December 7th 2019 and my fellow democrats wake up to the fact that they are on a path to total ruin. thru the decades the dems have been gaining control of msm, social media, entertainment industry, pop culture and academia all of which has joined in the socialist ideology which has been destined to fail.

    Censoring conservatives freedom of speech thru google.youtube twitter and msm, using the FBI for their dirty work and obvious double standard in their quest for power. Allowing mass immigration, open borders and the welfare state to gain votes has got to be the most sinister plot to the top. It appears the dems are the biggest manipulating cheaters and that is no way to live. This is no longer about Donald Trumps Presidency. This is about an abuse of our system for a massive power grab. They must not be allowed to continue. I will never vote for any left leaning person at any and every level of government for the rest of my life or until they change their wicked ways. I suggest to you all to do the same. At the next election just simply vote conservative and keep this constitution and it may save America .

  9. So your constitutional commity feels that Its your duty to impeach the president In a star chamber in the basement of the capital behind closed doors with 90 % of the house locked out from participating in the OFFICIAL process of impeachment when it is the sole responsability of the house who are standing in the hall way because the president was doing his job and at the same time 3 of your judicial commity members are out campaigning for his job .you are not going to get away with this and if all goes as anticipated your going to be eating a bolonge sandwich in jail for your Christmas dinner for your part of trying to make people think you were following the constitution but it's the same old ploy used over and over from you treasonus lying corrupt piece of unworthy to be an American lying piece of crud.you really deserve to be put on trial for this lying little speech that makes not one single piece of sense but to lie to the American people to try and hide your attempt to over throw the elected president of the united states .you deserve to go to jail .I mean it you deserve a prison sentence and I am going to do everything in my power to see you go to jail for your crime.

  10. MSNBC (Main Stream Nothing But Crap) is a joke. First they want to ELIMINATE and REPLACE the Constitution, which includes the First and Second Amendments–which they hate–but then when they are unhappy with Constitutionally ELECTED U.S. President Trump, they say it's about the Constitution, not politics. The left is nothing but PROJECTION, HYPOCRISY, AND PURE, UNADULTERATED BS!

  11. Show us proof, not hearsay or what you THINK… facts matter, you don't have any, and America knows it… suddenly wrapping yourself in the american flag does not make your story true….

  12. Defending the Constitution? Oh no, y'all are in no way protecting the Constitution.
    1st Amendment:
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof;" Democrats believe in forcing Christians to violate their conscience
    "or abridging the freedom of speech," Democrats believe in silencing opposing ideas
    "or of the press;" Democrats construe this to mean news media when it means the press as in ability to print. They want to prevent access to opposing views
    "or the right of the people peaceably to assemble," Democrats shout down and attempt to shutdown Conservative or Republican meetings
    "and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Democrats try to prevent Conservatives and Republican supporters from protesting things like the IRS being sent to attack charities under Obama.
    2nd Amendment:
    I really don't need to explain this one.
    4th Amendment:
    "The right of a people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated," Democrats are still fighting to obtain President Trumps's private tax records which are not required to be released to run for President and are not part of a criminal investigation.
    5th Amendment:
    "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury," Democrats are accusing and charging the President with a crime, bribery, and demanding he answer without due process of law.
    6th Amendment:
    "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed," Democrats are trying the President in the House which is a legislative body not enforcement and is not judiciary either.
    I shouldn't have to go on. The Democrats are ripping the Constitution to shreds to get rid of President Trump, Conservatives, and Republicans with the same methods used by the fascists of the 1930s in Italy first then in Germany. The proof is in the Doctrine of Fascism by Mussolini and Gentile and Mein Kampf by Hitler. Every step by the Party and every stance is found in those two works. Create fear, stoke hate, demonize opposition, control information, expand government control over the citizenry, the State is God (controls all things and the people live, work, and even breed to the benefit of the State), educate the youth, achieve one party rule, ban all other parties, etc. Same principles with a new coat of paint. I have read both works from front to back. I have seen the similarities to modern politics in both parties. The Democrat Party is almost in lockstep with these documents. The Republican Party has individuals that follow it but the party as a whole for now is full of individuals not monolith thought process. They still allow variance of ideas but there are people trying to change that from within. Fascists don't care which party they have to use to get the power as long as they get it. Democrat leaders seem to be willing accomplices though.


  14. Msnbc has done nothing but lie their way through this the whole time but they have no sources anymore because they have been cut off msnbc cnn cbs any mainstream media has no more credibility due to no sources whatsoever

  15. So where in the Constitution is the word Coup?….I can't find it. It doesn't matter if you like, or don't like this guy. When you have government officials use words Coup that all I can think of is another word..Treason.

  16. I find it very funny how Republicans or just Democrat haters only flood MSNBC comments when it pertains to the opinions of respectable Democrats. You hardly see that when the video is about evidence of Trump and his cohorts' (obvious) bad conduct.

  17. If anyone wants to turn the cheek and look the other way, might as be an communist or dictator state because that's what those entities do.

    – Truth

  18. Hey MSNBC are you going to continue to filter comments? I'm independent but does anyone notice that everyone commenting here is a sheep of the right?

  19. "It is about the constitution" LOL, Democrats are the #1 enemy of the US Constitution. They want to erase the 1st and 2nd amendments, They want to dismantle Senate Article 1 , (or turn it into a system that is not), they want to terminate Ele. Coll. vote.
    They want erase US citizenship by giving its rights and benefits to any and all foreign nationals, just by walking across the border, with no permission , ….

  20. When, if ever, has Pelosi been 'eloquent' and, more importantly what evidence? Sham accusations and, of course, sham reporting.

  21. MSNBC is a joke. They care nothing about actual news, and are only trying to trash the current President. Well I have some news for you MSNBC, Trump is going to win by a LANDSLIDE in 2020. Dems will lose control of the House. I know this because there are a LOT of people out there like me….people who didn't vote for Trump in 2016, but will definitely be voting for him in 2020. Trump hasn't lost any voters since 2016, he has only gained them. And the bitter, rage filled Democratic Party that is playing politics over losing the 2016 election instead of trying to build a bridge and govern with the duly elected President….well, it has only turned MILLIONS away from the Democratic Party. Hypocrites, every last one of them.

  22. Not a single person believes that. Only one making that argument are those who follow in line with the talking points. I wonder how many focus groups they had before they decided that was the excuse to give.

  23. I'm here just to check the up/down ratio. Just what I expected. Didn't even turn the video ON, the same Russia BS. Yah Trump them in a landslide.

  24. We Republicans are just laughing it up at you Democrat clowns. Not only is Trump not getting removed but is going to be reelected 🙂

  25. I wonder what they would say if Donald Trump was caught with a secret server and said he destroyed all his phones and deleted all his emails and when he was investigated by the FBI lied repeatedly or what would they say if Donald Trump weaponized the IRS or if he was caught shipping guns to Mexico or if Donald Trump was shipping plane loads of cash to Iran

  26. You are a sad little man Joe. Pelosi’s abuse of power is what should be investigated. Those three “legal scholars” have been proven to be nothing more than political hacks. And thanks MSNBC for promoting propaganda over truth and facts.

  27. Thank you Rep. Joe Neguse you made us proud with your questioning. Republicans are delusional and like to defend Corruption and lies that comes from this administration.

  28. 63 million Americans voted for this president 63 million. So he is saying 63 million American people are corrupt and are Russians.

  29. They are even twisting what the experts called in have told them…"there's not enough evidence to impeach this president! ".

  30. Destroying the planet with catastrophic assaults on our climate through rampant deregulation is a policy issue we must address in the next election. In order to have a fair election we must address the assault on our Democratic processes orchestrated by our corrupt, criminal, and traitorous president,

  31. The Judiciary witness Constitutional Law Democrat-I-did-not -vote-for-Trump Professor Turley state there is nothing that Trump did that is worthy of impeachment. No evidence.

  32. Not political my behind. As an independent, my message to democrats is you need to wake up. This is the wrong path forward for you. The Senate isn't going to impeach him and you are going to lose seats in the process. My message to republicans is settle down and quite acting like you have some moral high ground. You tried to the same thing with Obama in 2014,. The only real difference is you didn't keep pushing once you found out you couldn't make anything stick and didn't have the votes. That doesn't make republicans any better, just more reasonable at the time.

  33. I might buy the somber/solemn nonsense had they
    1)Not already tried to impeach him at least 3 times prior to this one
    2) Not started talking about impeaching him within 24 hours of him being elected in 2016
    3)Admitted that theyre worried that if they dont impeach him he will win reelection.
    So sorry Congressman millions of other Americans, myself included, arent buying your garbage about this not being about politics but rather the Constitution. These guys came into office because they promised to help address problems our country has and instead they have done absolutely nothing but investigate the President and make fools out of themselves with these hearings. When you have issued more subpoenas than legislation you know youre not doing anything to help the American people and you care more about power than us.

  34. It's amazing how these grown adults speak such blatant falsehoods. And they look so proud of themselves. Like a child that just peed in the toilet alone, for their 1st time. Most of it is on their stomach and legs anyway, but whatever.

  35. Republicans don't get it their brain dead, they weren't taught to be fair or just, they think this is a game, their abusive and loud and bullies, and there being laughed at. No one is afraid of these cranks.

  36. You’re not gaining any respect mslsd by continuing to lie. The impeachment is completely partisan. Democrats have been trying for three years and they were running out of time. But it gets better when the media gets exposed for its complete bias.

  37. Criminal judges, criminal police and criminal lawyers wouldn't still be walking free if the Democrats were about upholding the Constitution and keeping their oath

  38. Lots of republican trolls today, your crazy Faux is showing..whataboutisum..
    News Flash: #45 will be impeached in the House.
    News Flash: Migrant child who died in Border Custody, unresponsive for hours.
    News Flash: Michigan man who had never been to Iraq deported…..
    News Flash : Body of Michigan Man sent back to U.S.,…..
    News Flash: These were Human Beings and your being ….A*-H***

  39. Trump was defending the Constitution from domestic enemy Joe Biden. His son gets a $50,000/month job and the American people spent $5 billion for a welfare state of nazis.

  40. LOL!!!  Democrats have no solid evidence, just hearsay.  Basically Trump is guilty until proven innocent.   Where' that in the constitution?

  41. Republicans dont care about fair elections anymore, they aren't concerned at all because they think they're aren't going to be anymore fair elections.

  42. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Is anyone going to give the Senate a list of EVERY Illegal act he has committed but hasn't been charged and won't be because they are ranked in order of importance. Crimes against the American government including redirecting military money into his hotel accounts, refusing to distribute aid (Ukraine has not received anything), syphoning donations to the charity, and the list goes on.
    He should be assigned to solitary confinement. Microphones and camaras reinforce his negative behavior. He has us where he wants us, All talking about him. We are distracted. Look where Rudy is…

  43. Thank you for representing my district. Quoting Franklin, ours form of government is a republic "if you can keep it."

  44. The problem with trying to explain the gravity of this situation to
    trumps ignorant base is that they feel like “well we want him to
    win reelection anyway, so whatever he does to accomplish that is OK
    with us!” They don't seem to comprehend that when you get elected
    with outside help you then OWE THEM. We have already seen this with
    Russia. While Trump & Putin have together been able to
    successfully cover up their collusion from 2016 by successful
    obstruction, there is still someone who has the evidence of it.
    Putin. Therefore trump is compromised. If trump doesn't obey Putin's
    every order, there is someone with a whole lot more info than Mueller
    who can spill it & ruin trump at any moment. Trump knows this &
    complies. His every foreign policy decision reflects this. This is
    what Nancy Pelosi means by all roads with trump lead back to Putin.
    It is certainly difficult to educate cult followers, the definition
    of a cultist is that they allow a single person to define their
    reality. These cultists get their information from trump & trump
    only, his words, his tweets. He repeats his talking points over &
    over…hoax, witch hunt, perfect call….like mass advertising or
    group hypnosis, then teaches them how to change the subject whenever
    confronted with facts . They parrot his illogical arguments, his
    projection, his lies. Instead of discussing trumps corruption, call
    everyone else corrupt. He tells them “HE” is America. Anyone who
    doesn't love him, doesn't love America. So they cling to him to prove
    their love of America….meanwhile supporting a traitor who has sold
    out his country out to Russia.

  45. It is about politics because if was about the law these liars would have to give trump some basic procedure rights they got caught lying about the Muller now there sheepople are asking why they have not impeach if there is clear un contested direct evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors but watch the fake articles will be for procedure not what they and the fake news are accusing are crimes

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