Judiciary Committee Member: GOP Colleagues Acting “Increasingly Sheepish” | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Rep. Pinto’s House File 1605 is presented in committee

Rep. Pinto’s House File 1605 is presented in committee

Senate Committee Passes Batters’ Amendment to Remove Random Alcohol Testing

Senate Committee Passes Batters’ Amendment to Remove Random Alcohol Testing

Today, I'm standing outside the Supreme Court of Canada to talk about Bill C-46, the Trudeau Government's impaired driving legislation.

100 Replies to “Judiciary Committee Member: GOP Colleagues Acting “Increasingly Sheepish” | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. In Syria this week the ISIS threat was multiplied and revived by a Turkish incursion of Syria. The captitol of the Islamic Caliphate envisioned by Daesh in Ar Raqqa is nearly abandoned and in ruins. Kurds, who garrison the defeated city, having headed home to slow the Turks. Thousands of ISIS fighters now freed by Turks and their local cousins maybe heading there right now. So not ideal. We are withdrawing certain assets from the small combat theatre in Syria along the border, while maintaining absolute defense including shooting anyone within range of our helicopters and jets above our people. Rumors have it that… Russians always demonstrate in Syria to deflect from Ukraine, where they still arm people today, their terrorists! The new President of Ukraine is quite popular in the USA. A pragmatic young man in a tough job.

  2. What I wanna know will the tender for the orange Jump suits be put out soon?If anyone knows please let me know that might be a lucrative contract.

  3. Thanks for the 24/7 Trump bashing, the Dems need that support so they don't jump off the sinking ship…TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  4. Everyone is telling the truth..even the Whitehouse Chef said the Cheerios he gave them for breakfast was really Booty O's 🤫

  5. The stars are lining, Pence will be in cuffs before the year is up, Trump's fate will be stretched out to make him suffer for the lives he has ruined, believe it.

  6. Even donald's own father, Fred Trump, would tell people that donald is a doofus. What was true 45 years ago is still true today.

  7. thank God in time of chaos like this there are many patriotic americans who should be honored and the villains should pay

  8. Not bright guys…..but they have my trumpster family members convinced. ….All of Corporate Media has failed us all by refusing to cover the real issues of our times and you continue to do so. Failing to cover the cost of unlimited endless war and the cost of Climate Change has brought us to where we are right now. Last year all of you all together spent less than 2 hours on climate change in total. During your 24 / 7 news cycle . You are the problem / you are what is wrong today / your lack of covering real news because of corporate control why we are here today.

  9. IF Giuliani is trump's lawyer…where is a contract of retain? and receipts of payment? Because as sure as heck trump never pays a bill with his own money! find who paid Giuliani and you have killed two birds with one stone.
    if there is no contract, Giuliani is a rogue and he will be indicted like flynn.
    if the money came from foreign hands, trump is being bribed.
    so a gangster a pirate and a hidden treasure.

  10. The Giuliani bumbling crooks, the Three Amigos, the Orange Flamingos: where are the Looney Tunes and the Merrie Mofo’s ?

  11. Gone are the days when there was a good woman behind every man. Marie Yovanovitch stepped from behind and led the parade.

  12. Please sue Nancy Pelosi for overpowering the President of the United states. Please stop her medical care. Stop her retirement. She is the enemy of the people

  13. No matter what our people in government will protect us from people like trump and his minions so arrest them all and straighten out our Kurds situation, the isis terrorist are coming to s neighborhood near you thanks to Trump

  14. tRump must end his life in prison. This is veering towards big-time tReason. He and his rats were trying to undermine the Will if the People. Again. With foreign help. How much brighter does it have to glow for Republictilians Senators to see the light?

  15. ✓ To Angela MW:  That is untrue and misleading. "People" voted for Hillary. Let's not forget that tRump won the 2016 elections with the help of dirty politics and spying of a foreign power's (a crime under US law) military intelligence on an American citizen.

    tRump now does not believe he can win the 2020 elections. Otherwise, why look for help in Ukraine against Biden? (He also asked help from China on TV again, a deal Republican Senators chided as a joke, out of its absurditt.

    Not until China brings that information to him in exchange for something, right?


  16. This group is spouting off about Patriotism. At a distance, I see either people seeking vindication from a personal or professional slight, attempting to salvage their careers or avoid legal struggles that may end with imprisonment. Trump is recognizably stupid now as he has been since the 80's. The politicians are seeking job security that allows them lucrative side money, so the checks and balance deal has long been kicked to the curb. Mitch has taken it to a new level. "I don't do well on tests, but I am registered."

  17. These people in the media are idiots. Steve Bannon did not coin the term deep state. That's actually a thing in political science. It's nothing nefarious and helps you understand how the state remains relatively stable. Bannon took words like deep state and globalization and twisted them into a Libertarian alt-right conspiracy.

  18. Lewandowski, Gaetz and other buffoons will go down in HISTORY as TRAITORS TO THEIR COUNTRY. The PATRIOTS who are coming forward need America's SUPPORT and protection against Trumps HITMEN. Risking their LIVELIHOOD end with Trump as President THEIR very LIFE and those of their FAMILIES. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE STENCH COMING FROM THE WHITE HOUSE

  19. I loved the movie! Not only was it entertaining for it's humor (for Trump appointees, humor is a word for funny things,) More importantly, it must have given people like Rick Perry great inspiration (for Trump appointees, inspiration is a word for something that shows you could do something;) together, three stupid men who, for money, pretend to do something important, can actually be important if only they never learn anything.

    STOP ALL “For Profit” Activities!
    STOP ALL Financial Transaction Activities!
    STOP ALL “Rent Collection”!
    STOP ALL Municipal Transport Activities!
    STOP ALL Activities that are NOT Necessary to Human Survival!
    SUPPORT all Efforts to maintain access to Medical Necessities!
    START Volunteer Groups to guarantee Food Production & Distribution!
    START Social Programs to communicate the DESPERATE NEED TO
    willingly co-operate with all Group efforts to VIE for survival!
    Daniel J. Lavigne
    RE: STOP ALL Financial Transaction Activities!
    All Payments for all matters are Cancelled!
    Argument: If we fail to survive
    There shall be NO Payments!
    RE: START Social Programs to communicate the DESPERATE NEED TO
    willingly co-operate with all Group efforts to VIE for survival !
    Either we WORK together
    suffer – EXTINCTION – together!
    I warned ALL where we were headed – in 1985
    "Life’s Dusty Passing”
    Our Continuance – or – Our Extinction
    Is up to all of you.
    Ask President Obama
    and every person you know as a
    “Capable Thinker"
    to contribute their thoughts as to how
    we might ensure that we do our best!
    I urge all to heed the
    Necessary Leadership
    as offered by 
    Extinction Rebellion
    Greta Thunberg!
    May whatever drove
    our presence on Earth be with you!

  21. It appears that Trump set it up for Giuliani to be paid with Russian money to conduct US Foreign policy in Ukraine. Let that sink in!!!

  22. where are all those trump defenders now, guess they realized that they put their chips on orange when it was not really an option.

  23. MSNBC and the rest of the Liberals wishing for America and this President to fail so they can have a shot at being in power again…  TRUE BIASED FAKE NEWS

  24. If you had of told me that John Bolton would be behind the whistle blower against Trump I would never have believed it in a million years.
    Im begining to think it was Bolton who stopped Trump from pulling out of Syria.

  25. Donald Trump lives in a weird, disjointed, “People” magazine reality, and his “election” has resulted in global chaos, uncertainty, and mistrust. The United States has enjoyed the position of World’s Most Powerful Nation since at least the end of WWII, and now that image is beginning to crack. We are faced with a national emergency: we’ve put a clearly delusional madman in The White House, and he must be evicted immediately. To do anything less would be unpatriotic. This is OUR country, dammit!

  26. The more Dems realize that quid pro Joe has been burned, the worse the TDS gets. I heard that TDS actually became fatal today, for one victim. When are they going to wake up and smell the covefee ?

  27. We need an investigation of American educational institutions. If trump passed kindergarten the system is corrupt. If trump got a degree from a “ university “ it should be impeached along with trump. What a useless Putin tool.

  28. The main reason trump had this happen is because he is trying to out last any crimal charges he may have committed 3 yrs ago and need another 4 yrs to run out the statue of limitations

  29. Trump’s letter to the Turkish President demonstrates the man is barely literate. He is the laughing stock of the world!

  30. Mulvaney is next to go.Perry will testify along with Bolton and Sessions. Finally the truth about Manafort getting a pardon. See the aritcle I found is right.

  31. sounds like the Movie "No Way Out." 'Trumpee will be speaking russian any day now. The phone call is the polaroid picture

  32. The Deep State is a fallacy -a misinformation campaign designed to enable Trumps cronies and Russia to the disadvantage of US interests.

  33. Hilarious that ALL THREE men that Mulvaney put in charge of the Ukraine investigation are now GONE! ‘Only the best people.’ 😂🤣

  34. No no no no….No scapegoating. trump is the composer and the conductor of this corruption and HE needs to be held responsible for it.

  35. All this traitors actions was going on wall Mueller was investigating trump !!! HOW much did tRUMP the GOP and the NRA pay him?????

  36. The Executive Branch should resign . follow the lead of the Sec. of Energy
    The worst thing they are doing is setting a horrible example of how human beings should act for the coming generation Selfish Vain Ruthless liars cheaters all is fair in life as long as you win. In the long run these are the real losers in teh Grand Scheme God is watching as so the Society Loses MOrality and Character

  37. One day Trump says Perry made him do it, the next he says it didn't happen. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  38. Trump and the 'Three Amigos', (Sondland, Giuliani and Mick Mulvaney), these are not insightful people. These guys are second string, junior varsity at best.

  39. This is going No Where. It is designed to placate Pelosi radical left base. He hasn't been impeached, he isn't going to be impeached. Pelosi likes to throw the word around but it's a nothing burger. It will get stopped in the republican controlled senate if it even gets that far. What Pelosi is trying to do is get out in front of what's really going to happen and that is indictments when Attorney General Barr releases the report on the FISA corruption. Start the popcorn.god bless trump and god bless america✝️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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