Judiciary Committee sends Kavanaugh nomination to floor

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100 Replies to “Judiciary Committee sends Kavanaugh nomination to floor”

  1. If Mr. Kavanaugh is being compelled to undergo a 7th FBI probe, it is only fair that Ms, Ford be compelled to undergo a thorough psychological examination during the same period of time. Because her story simply does not add up to reality.

  2. Waste of time and tax payer money. FBI investigations never reach conclusions, Joe Biden said it himself. All they are gonna do is interview the same witnesses that have already been interviewed, again. Congratulations, Jeff Snowflake. Played right into the opposition's hands by giving them another week of delay.

  3. They're stalling. That's all this is. They will come up with more garbage during the week. Just gave into the Dems again. GOP is weak at best. Poor Grassley has to sit in the middle of all these traitors.

  4. Do you really think this will help heal all the fighting, or is this your way to start a bigger war , did you find some evidence, I did think so ,one more week to dig something up on this man and take him down…way to go ,I am a democrat and I can't believe how this is playing out ,you can't take the hate out of haters, but you can feed it…. something to think about

  5. Flake is a flake. All it took was 20 mins in a room with Dems & a 2 mins on an elevator with an actor and he buckles. He's a Senator of the United States? So glad he doesn't lead the country. What a punk

  6. Jeff Flake once again proves what a spineless moron he really is! Thank God he's leaving! Anybody with half a brain knows what's going on here, except of course feckless Jeff Flake! How many more Avanetti type allegations will pop up this week? Then guess what; the Dems will call for more investigations! Way to go Jeffrey you idiot!

  7. This dickhead thinks he is channeling John Mc Cain. He is a feckless coward who refuses to stand up for his constituents. Their votes have been wasted while he is in office. Arizona will be much better off without Flake holding any office. He would suck as a garbage collector.

  8. Why not 48hrs? Or even 24hrs?
    Who needs 7 days to interrogate 4 people who already told, under oath and facing perjury penality, that this 1982 party didnt happened?
    The goal was to delay until after the midterms. They will strech that FBI bs as much as they can then they will delay the floor vote as well. CHUCK GRASSLEY is allowing this to happen. He's too old and too weak for his responsabilities anymore. He's way over his head right now.

  9. This is a hoax what a bunch bs these woman are demacratic operatives it is treasonous this country has been taken over by communist party hiding as the dems

  10. Flake was ambushed by democratic protesters in elevator, you can see immages. They are mostly snowflakes. Since Flake is red like tomato, its posdible they blackmailing him, possibly they have a dirt on him. Most likely Flake is out in November.

  11. The women who were at the Elevator, let's hear their stories then. FBI investigate the two womens allegation who went to the ELEVATOR to SHAME Sen Flake. They want a full investigation so do we. These paid protestors by soros lets get HIM INVESTIGATED also. Enough of the corruption

  12. "Flake"…You know, that thing that comes off your front door frame…that you sweep up and discard in the trash. Exactly what needs to be done with this particular flake the next time he comes up for election.

  13. All the polls indicate that a majority of Republicans support Roe v Wade. Do Republican voters understand that Brett Kavanaugh, if confirmed to the Supreme Court, will swing the court to overturn Roe v Wade the next time it's challenged?

  14. PEOPLE if anyone see this spineless traitor flake, pls put a bullet to his head. So we can get a carbon copy of mccain off the planet

  15. IS senator Flake naive at his age or stupid? Arizona you deserve better representatives. We the Peoople understand the demoocrats game.. Vote in RED in November.

  16. The level of submission of many Republicans to the leftist cultural-marxist ideology (victimization, "oppressed" minorities, women are goddesses, feelings are more important than facts and logic) is appaling. In western Europe where I live, it's the same thing, but worse. The right wing no longer exists, except in Italy and in Switzerland, but even there, the right is soft.

  17. This attack on Cavannah reminds me of the movie Revenant when the VERY angry grizzly bear (Democrat party ) wanted to protect her cubs (Demo's act like babies !) and she pulverized that innocent Revenant guy (Lionardo Dicaprio ) ..BUT he lived and the REAL culprits in the show (Demo's again ) were brought to justice !!

  18. This man looks really embarressed and intimidated and just not a strong man but swayed by the Demoncrats…

  19. FBI investigation:

    FBI agent to the 4 witnesses Dr Ford claimed were present "Did you witness any sexual assault at the party Dr Ford claimed you were at?"
    The 4 witnesses to the FBI "No I don't know what she's talking about, we were never at such a party."

    End of investigation.

  20. A week? In five days the Democrats will dredge up another lying sack of sh!t. Flake is not going for reelection. McCain at least had the decency to drop dead.

  21. I don’t mind it, they will find nothing of-course and he will get voted in. There is new buzz that more witnesses are disputing Fords claim. In a week it will come to light and dems will fold, and avoid major backlash from voting no to a innocent man.

  22. Of all the info presented by Dr. Ford that cannot be verified, there is one vital info she gave that the FBI will have no trouble validating, as pictures, records and people exist who will be able to confirm this. The Safeway supermarket where she claims to have run into M. Judge a few months after the incident had one one door in 1982, and not 2. See link of pricture for yourself.

  23. Sorry Mr. Flake you are a turncoat….its obvious you would do a thumbs down if you could. In so doing you are saving your self so that it appears you want the FBI to come on board. The FBI has no jurisdiction and the case is over 3 decades old. No police reports, no blue dress, No bitten lips, no witnesses, No parents being notified. but this woman is gone over the top to topple a fine and honorable candidate….Got to see the forest for the trees.  her coaching has been going on for a long time….and her creaky voice gives us chills.

  24. I agree that Sen Flake WAS put into sad circumstance at the elevator…. and this woman showed her pain…. BUT that has nothing to do with the game the dems are playing in this Kavenaugh hearing…. There is no excuse for the dems attitudes and no excuse for the rep. cave-in to them…. NONE WHATSOEVER!!!! AND YES I AM ANGRY THROUGH ALL THIS….

  25. 'NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF DELAY' WHO ARE YOU KIDDING! Of course Feinstein agrees with Flake… this is what they have all been planning to get accomplished from the beginning…. has been clear as a bright sunshiny day…. SHAME SHAME FOR OUR JUDICIARY

  26. I hope people remember Jeff Flake the bottom feeder is on his way out. He does not have to worry about getting reflected He’s retiring people. Do you think for 1 second he’s not getting a ton of money on his way out the door from the Democratic Party or Deep State for this. I believe the encounter in the elevator with that woman was planned. that woman in the elevator supposedly is the reason this bottom feeder change his mind or somehow now has remorse of any kind I feel terrable for that lady even if it was planned because because it’s apparent she was a victim of assault. But Bret Kavanaugh did not assault her. The notion that this guys vote will diminish every sexual assault in this country is crazy. This is a Democratic liberal power play and they know every trick in the book.correct me if I’m wrong here but I believe Corry Booker been accused of sexual misconduct. Hes going to be in the same boat Kavanaugh is now and Corry Booker is on this committee passing out his judgment on this guy. This entire FBI investigation is BS. Joe Biden said it at Clarance Thomas railroad hearing. It’s all about delay so the dems can hope like hell they get the majority in the senate To vote their liberal judges in. What an embarrassment to this county. No proof. No facts. No evidence. No nothing. But this man is guilty until proven innocent. Lindsey was right. The American people better pray the Democratic Party does not gain another spec of power. Because this country we love will suffer for century’s to come. Enough already. Do you really think an FBI 1 week investigation is going to prove anything at all. It’s just another week the dems can delay this proses with their hypocrites in tow. Next week it will be something else. It’s not going to stop until the midterms. Republicans better vote and vote hard. If not the America we know and cherish is Doomed 💥

  27. FLAKE: Your a spineless gutless little weasel that does not belong on the Republic side of the isle, you are a career criminal Democrat and must be voted out when your time comes. Az seems to produce only criminals when it comes to the highest body in our government we just got rid of McCain a treasonous traitor now we need to get rid of you. Take your jellyfish demeanor and enter it at sea world. GUTLESS PIECE OF EXCREMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Really it‘s a circus. Lately from the republican side. A non partisan investigation after this allegations is common sense.

  29. WTF is up with Arizona? First we had McStain, now there's Flake, who is literally from Snowflake AZ. Is it a RINO breeding ground? The DIMocrats want to delay this until 2024, since they will lose in 2020. In the meantime, expect the Creepy Porn Lawyer to pay off more "victims" who will come forward with salacious stories.

  30. FBI are good people and I hope Trump fails to politicize them as a wing of his party. I hope Fox fails. We used to have good news. American has always been great. Trump is actively dumbing it down and he is hiring the swamp.

  31. Jeff Flake is the biggest coward I have ever seen. But, then after seeing the video of Feinstein threatening the Senator of Alaska then I felt she probably threatened Senator Susana whatever her last name is. I also found out that they have threatened Senator Hatch's wife. So the dirty Dems show their dirty dirty hands.

  32. She is a good Liar and I cannot believe you all are falling for all of this crap, Kavanaugh, Mother was a Judge ruled over a case over one of MS Fords family. It "s called revenge. What a good, good Liar Ms Ford is.

  33. Flake you are pathetic. Become present to what is going on in America! The senate is collapsing. Get a back bone ! You are finished. No body knows what is going on in the senate. The senate lacks law & order!! We may soon be a one party nation until we can get brains back on board for the PEOPLE!

  34. The Democrat's wouldn't act in a bi-partisan agreement if they were in the majority. . Republicans need to act like the majority and confirm Kavanaugh.

  35. Jesus Christ! We keep looking dumber and more backwards in Arizona to the rest of the country. And with all these people from California coming to our state…..

  36. Senator Flake with is human face, doesn't look at all like the old republican men who look all like Satan you can imagine they used to go with their parents hanging or burning some black men in the south.

  37. Bunch of child molesters from wealthy families want to jail us poor disabled pot smokers in severe pain with no pain management since the government health care takeover, with life in prison. But they're not all white fascists…sure.

  38. Flake proudly living up to his name. He is so a flake! Guess since he isn't running for re-election it is apparent who is offering him job security……would it be your bestie from the left? I wouldn't count on the American people ever again for job security!!! You just lost all respect from the American people sir.

  39. I just can't understand why Kavanugh" would so readily perjure himself unnecessarily. It will take only ONE FBI find to prove K's statements to be false. He could have taken an entirely different tactic of response. Its not a CRIME to drink but for him to COMPLETELY DENY his drinking was obviously an example of "unclear thinking". Clear thinking is a quality one should have for the position he is applying for. What a fool he is. He pulled the thread of his own unraveling, not Ford.

  40. Flake is playing along with the Democrats game, but unless another clean report from the FBI brings these smears to an end it will have been for naught. If the FBI comes up with nothing (again), any Democrat senator who had clamored for this latest FBI investigation yet does not vote in favor of Kavanaugh's confirmation is a dishonest partisan.

  41. Everyone who talks violence about our political process during these times, is playing right into putins hands , he is sitting in the Kremlin amazed at what his propaganda machine has accomplished , I find it simply outrageous that you trump morons are not thinking about what you are doing to our country , I was very stupid in the past to think the trump spectical would never happen in our Great USA , all I can say is , WOW

  42. Pathetic, just pathetic. What else can be said about how weak, feeble minded Jeff Flake caved to the those elevator lunatics.


  44. Jeff she’s been caught in several lies why is nothing said about that why are you treating judge Cavanagh is less than human that’s absolutely what you’re doing

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