Kids Win 50,000 Tickets from Epic Arcades! (Day 1930) |

Kids Win 50,000 Tickets from Epic Arcades! (Day 1930) |

– Everybody’s
got what they like. Egg sandwich, waffle
with chocolate chips, coffee. – [Clintus] It’s the
like perfect breakfast. Something for everybody. You made a waffle
and chocolate chips, Bryce made an egg sandwich, – I’m stealing your oatmeal. – [Clintus] You’re
stealing my oatmeal. And I got some eggs
with cheese and hot sauce. (bass notes) What is up, my clan, welcome to Thursday here
in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we’re here here on the island, this is the crazy looking place where there’s shops
and amusement parks, and rides and lights and
sounds all over the place, and we’re here all day to experience
every single one of them. You excited?
– Yeah. – I’m excited, you excited?
– Yep. – [Clintus] These
girls are excited. Tiffany’s super excited. Look at the cute
little purse she got. She’s ready to rock and roll. – [Sierra] It’s a backpack. – [Clintus] It’s comfy,
it’s like a backpack, but it’s a purse. it’s like a backpack,
but it’s a purse. – It’ll be super heavy by
the end of the day, I bet. – [Clintus] That’s right. – Everybody’ll start
putting stuff in there. – [Clintus] That’s right,
we’ll just make Mommy carry everything. So we just got on the island, there’s this giant ferris wheel, there’s Arcade City,
that’s our destination, there’s all kinds
of like, restaurants, and shops and look at that
cool water fountain over there, oh yeah. So we’re here today to
shoot a sponsored video for Face of Amusement,
they flew us out here, put us up in a hotel, and gave
us free reign on the park, so we’re gonna be walking around
and playing all the games, doing all the cool things, but you guys get a
sneak peek here on the vlog, because we’re daily
vloggers, that’s what we do, so this is what
we’re doing today, so we’re sharing it with you. The sponsored video will
be up sometime next week, so as soon as that’s live,
I’ll let you guys know, I’ll have it in the cards here, if you’re watching
this after the fact, it’ll be in the
cards right here, but until then,
let’s have some fun. All right, so
this is Arcade City, and as you can see, we’re
surrounded by lights and sounds and so many arcade games. Like even ones
we’ve never seen before. The world’s largest Pac-man, there’s so many prizes to win, there’s prizes hanging from
the ceiling, look, look, ah. Alright, so the kids wanna
try to win a big bouncy ball, we won’t be
able to take it home, they wanna try and win one ’cause it’s their
favorite game, claw machines. Who’s up first, who’s up first? Sierra’s up first, ladies first. – Good. – [Clintus] Drop
it like it’s hot, ohh. Don’t shake, don’t
shake, don’t shake. Oh, it bounced off the wall, ah. – [Sierra] So close. – [Clintus] Try again,
try again. Oh, that’s a good
one, that went in deep. As long as it doesn’t let it go. Oh, it totally got it,
didn’t even let go of it. – Yeah, that’s a woo!
– Woo. – [Clintus] First
win of the day. – [Game] Yeah, yeah. – [Clintus] Now I gotta
carry it all day. (laughs) Pull, pull, pull. There we go. – [Tiffany] Woo. – [Man] Got it?
– [Clintus] We got it. Nice job, dude. First prize of the day. Who’s the mallard? – [Sierra] Press the duck. – [Clintus] You
the goose or the hen? You’re the hen. Oh. (laughs) It sounds so violent. Alright, Bryce is gonna
try to win a fidget spinner, since he forgot his at home,
he’s been playing with mine. – [Game] Thank you. – You’re welcome. – [Clintus] Thank you. You goin’ for the blue one? Alright. Oh.
– Oh. – [Clintus] It looked
like it was good. So you need to go
closer, a little more. (whistle blows) – [Bryce] I haven’t
played basketball in forever. – [Game] Player number one. – [Tiffany] Woo, Bryce. Ooh. – [Clintus] Ooh, ah. – [Bryce] Sierra. – Woohoo.
– Oh, oh, ho, ho. – [Bryce] How
many tickets is that? – [Sierra] I don’t know,
I’ll check. – [Clintus] I don’t
know, it says it on there. 25 tickets won. – Oh, okay, I get it, okay. – [Clintus] Did you
get a fidget spinner, dude? – Yeah. – [Clintus] That’s
awesome, what’s it say? UK, oh, that’s Kentucky,
University of Kentucky. – Not the exact
one I wanted, but. – [Tiffany] Excited face, like, – [Clintus] Eh. Got a teal one. – Yep, now we both have one. – [Clintus] Perfect. – Maybe cleaned up two.
– Baby blue. – Oh, yeah. The outline’s in blue. See, the outline’s
will all be whatever. – Alright, so we spent a
couple hours in Arcade City, but we’re gonna
walk around a little bit, we’re gonna head
over to the 7D experience, what is 7D, seven dimensions? – [Bryce] It’s
like a shooting company. – Seven dimensions, apparently, I thought there was only four
dimensions, now there’s seven. So we’re gonna head over
to the 7D, experience that, and then find a place for lunch. Alright guys, so our
next destination is 7D, dark side adventure,
three different rides, we’ve got this guy
right here, Gigamon, we’re gonna be fighting him, and of course we
got classic zombies, and then this
thing is kinda cool, it’s like robot cowboys,
I don’t know, anyways, we’re gonna team up, all of us in here, in a ride,
3D glasses, with a gun, trying to take ’em out. Check this out. What do you think, Bryce? Who’s gonna take the top spot? Who’s gonna take the top spot? Is it gonna be you?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] You think
it’s gonna be you? – It’s gonna be one of us.
– [Clintus] Between one of us? Not the girls?
– No. – [Clintus] You
don’t have any faith in the girls gettin’ top spot? – Oh, oh, absolutely. – [Clintus] Absolutely?
– [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Clintus] Alright,
so here it is. – [Bryce] I wanna
sit in the middle. – [Clintus] I think we’re gonna
get the ride to ourselves. This is cool. Oh yeah, okay. You guys ready? You gotta buckle up. Safety first. The vlogger won. Clintus the
vlogger, I’m vloggin’. (laughing) – [Bryce] I beat you, ha. – [Clintus] I won while
vlogging, that’s how good I am. (laughing) Alright, so it’s lunch time, and there’s a lot of
different things to choose from. – This place is cool. – A lot of
places to choose from. But we know that Dick’s is a good place. Dick’s Last Resort
is a fun, fun place. And so we’ve only been
to one couple of times, and we don’t
have any in Phoenix. At least, we don’t
have any nearby us. So we’re decided to go to
Dick’s, because, well, it’s fun. (laughing) Sexy men, hot women. Which one’s yours? (laughing) – [Tiffany] Uh-oh. (Clintus laughs) – Let me see. I play with Barbies. – [Clintus] Sierra’s says I
got the fever from the Bieber. And Bryce’s says I
still play with Barbies. – Oh, a girl over
there had this one. – [Clintus] Yeah,
but you’re a boy. (laughing) That’s the best part. – [Sierra] I live my life one– (laughing) – [Man 2] Yes, brilliant. – [Sierra] What’ve we got? Golden girl gone wild. – Oh, yes. – [Clintus] And
you were so worried. Alright so we’re here
at our next destination, Big Top Arcade, more arcade
games, more fun, more prizes. – Yes, I got another one. (laughing) And this one’s pay from trade in for that Captain America one. – [Clintus] Captain America one? – Um, that one up there. Thank you. Look at that. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s awesome. Aw. – I’ve gotten this four times.
– [Clintus] Jackpot four times? – So when you guys were
recording, I never get it. Then when you guys
walk away, I get it. (laughing) And when you’re not recording. – [Clintus] You won another
thousand, it’s the fourth one? – It’s four.
– [Clintus] Fourth one? – And Mommy got one, so
it’s 5000 off this game. – [Clintus] Wow. Oh! You didn’t even have a reaction. – It’s because I’ve
gotten it so many times. (laughing) Woohoo. That’s six times,
and you got it once, that’s seven, I wanna
get 10000 off of it. – [Clintus] 10 jackpots? Can we get 10 jackpots? Alright, we’re at our
fourth and final destination, Rockin’ Raceway. – I turned off the light. Ah. – Woo! – [Clintus] Oh, ho, ho, ho. Do you know the line?
Do you know the line? – What? – [Clintus] Do
you know the line? Hand it to Sierra,
see what she says. – Okay. – [Clintus] Donald, Daisy Duck. – I wish that was a unicorn. – [Clintus] Yeah,
but it’s from Minions. Hand it to Sierra,
see what she says. Bryce, Bryce, what’s that from? – Oh, Minions. – [Clintus] What’re
you supposed to say? – It’s so fluffy. (laughing) – Well, there’s a cup. – Um, swim of the week. It’s so fluffy. – [Clintus] Oh, ho, ho. – Look, this one fell by itself. – [Clintus] Yeah? – [Sierra] What’d you win? – No. – [Clintus] Yeah, dude. (laughing) – So much tickets, woo. (engines rev) (laughing) – I can’t drive right. – [Clintus] How was that? – It was awesome. – On that turn I crashed,
so there was someone that bumped into me and
made me smash into the wall, and then it
almost made me swerve and then someone hit me on the– – Did you see my
turn, I was like err. – I caught up with you.
– I was afraid my seat belt was gonna come out. – Hah. We are back. – That was a long day.
– Yes. – It was a lot of fun, though. – It was a ton of fun. – We went to four
different locations, three of them
were different arcades, the last one havin’
the go-kart track. – Mhmmm. And the 7D was awesome,
the 7D was really fun. – Yeah, really fun day.
– It was fun. – Yeah. So now we’re back
at the hotel room, we’re gonna
chill for a little bit, and then kids
should we show the– – Kids are playing with
their new, their prizes. They got a lot of prizes.
– It was great. – We won a lot of tickets. We won a lot of tickets. – [Tiffany] Here’s
our view right now. There’s one of the prizes. – Penalty, no, no, no. – [Clintus] He’s a football
player and a cheerleader, all in one. – [Tiffany] All right,
this is all the prizes? – Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] You guys got today? – [Bryce] There’s
more over here. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
look at all this. – We got some games, we got
some cool thing for our room, we got some balls, we got some – Fidget spinners.
– Candy, helicopter things,
helicopter, pool stuff, – Tabletop basketball. – Here’s the problem, though. We packed very lightly,
we don’t have big suitcases. So we have to figure out how
we’re gonna get this back. Maybe tomorrow, if we can
stop by a Ross, or something? I don’t know what
they have up here. – [Clintus] Buy
another suitcase? – Yeah, like a duffel bag? Like something we
can still use again. – There you go.
– I don’t know, what do you think?
– It’s a good idea. – [Tiffany] I mean,
that’s a lot. There’s no way, I was tight. – I agree, I agree. And there’s some
really cool stuff in here, – [Tiffany] Yeah.
– That we wanna take back, like party pong, I know
the kids were excited about disco light–
– [Tiffany] Scattergories. – and the groovy lamp. – Yeah, this is
more for you and I– – [Clintus] Yeah. – [Tiffany] and then
this is all like, the kids. (water splashes)
– [Tiffany] Woo. (laughing) – [Clintus] I think
that was fast. – [Bryce] Go, Sierra, go. (water splashes) – [Tiffany] Woo. (laughs) – [Clintus] You go
sideways, you’re like. – I know, at the beginning,
it was really slow, and at the end– – Do it. (Sierra screams) (Clintus laughs) – [Tiffany] I don’t
know if that was fun. – That hurts. – Alright guys, we’re
here at Mellow Mushroom, and we got some crazy pizzas. This is the holy shitake pie, and this is the
loaded potato pie, that’s what Sierra wanted, looks good, right? – Yeah. – [Clintus] It’s like
a loaded baked potato. It’s got potatoes,
bacon, onions, cheese, ranch and sour cream. This has got three
different kinds of mushrooms, two different
kinds of cheese, oh baby. How is it, guys? – Uh-huh. – Awesome. – [Clintus] Awesome? (laughs) It’s got some spicy
buffalo ranch on there, didn’t catch
that the first time. Mine’s got garlic,
which is amazing. Oh my gosh, you guys. What’s up? – Hi. – We’re back in the hotel room. It’s late, I’m tired. My belly’s full of pizza. That was really good dinner. – Yeah. – We’re gonna call it a night. Tomorrow, get to
wake up at a nice time, no rush. – Yay.
– Pack everything up. Then we head to the airport, then we have
another not quite as long, not quite as long day of flying, but we gain three hours, so it’ll feel later to us, even though it’ll be earlier when we get back to
Phoenix, which is nice, but I’m looking
forward to going back home. ‘Cause we’ve been gone,
I’ve been gone, you guys, I literally was gone for
11 days, came home for a day and a half, and
then we left again. So I feel like I haven’t
been home in forever. So I’m looking
forward to going back home. And then there’s
only like three weeks left and then you go back to school. So only three more weeks of summer.
– No. – Three more weeks
of summer, crazy, crazy. But they start new schools,
so it’s pretty exciting. – Yeah. – It’s pretty exciting. So next week we’re go
actually go to their schools and register them
and get the whole thing kicked off and started,
so look forward to that. Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed it, we’ll see you guys tomorrow for another fantastic
travel day back to Phoenix. – [Both] Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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