Kubota RTV front mount snowblower Review – RTV-X1100

hey guys I’m mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel and today we’re going to take a look at a product from Kubota
it’s the V5296 it’s a front mount snowblower – mounted on a Kubota RTV
1100 cab model let’s take a closer look for this video today we’ll be using the
Kubota RTV X 1100 C it’s a cab unit with heat and air it has a bedliner and ATV
tires the option on this RTV is the K7731-99620 front halogen light set up on
the front we had the V5293 4 point hitch and power unit the V5299 PTO
driving K Connect and also the V5296 66 inch residential snowblower now
we’ll take a look underneath the RTV you can see the frame mount for the
snowblower it’s bolted to the underside of the RTV it’s not something that
you’re going to want to remove and you will lose a little bit of ground
clearance and we’ll take a measurement on that with the snowblower on the
ground we can see we have five inches of clearance underneath the machine and
inside the frame you can get a good look at the drive shaft this snowblower is
drive shaft driven on the front of the RTV you have your self-contained
hydraulic power unit when you decide you have a wing nut already removed both the
wing nuts on each side you’re going to lay this forward now you’ll be able to
see your fully contained hydraulic unit and that powers all your hydraulics on
your snowblower on the left side you have your hydraulic fittings going to
the hydraulic rotation and hydraulic flap on the snowblower right underneath
the power unit you have your K connect frame and you’ll use this mounting frame
with a broom and also a hydraulic angle blade looking down the front of the unit
you’ll see the drive shaft going into a heavy-duty cast-iron
gearbox see some yellow markings that’s so you can line the unit up easy when
you go to install the blower on each side of the mounting frame you have a
pull pin and pull this back and lock it into place when you go to disconnect the
blower you have a lever on the right side to push down that’ll move the drive
cog back out of the way so you can back away from the blower when you connect
the blower up I want to make sure your pins are fully engaged and lift up on
the handle and that will engage the COG for your drive we have a grease fitting
behind the blower it’s mounted between the gearcase
and the blower this blower has a steel replaceable cutting edge there is
replaceable shear bolts on each side and each auger the bearing on each side has
a grease fitting and their grease fittings and the augers this blower has
heavy-duty steel skid shoes that are adjustable total width of the blower is
67 inches the drift cutters are 31 inches high the chute in the fully
raised position is 46 inches high now we’ll take a look on the inside of the
RTV and on the driver’s side on the lower left-hand corner you’ll see a
throttle control you can push on the red button pull up on the throttle control
and turn the knob on the bottom clockwise and lock it into place this
will lock the rpms into a high rpm setting and you’ll need that to run your
blower the unit will then drive like a tractor so you can put it in forward you
can put it in reverse and when you step on the gas pedal it’s not going to
change the RPMs of the engine it’s just going to change the ground speed of the
unit I’ll show you how this throttle system works we’re going to get in start
the unit down along your left side we’ll go ahead
and pull up the throttle right now
now blowers off we’re gonna go ahead and raise it up we have the throttle the RTV up pretty
high we’re going to get shifted into gear
you step on the foot pedal you notice you pick up the speed of the unit and
not change the RPMs of the engine you need that for the snow blowing snow
blowers got to be turning a constant speed no matter how fast you’re going
inside the RTV when you want to go back to normal operations it’s go ahead and
push down on that throttle now you can drive your RTV just like normal just
step on that gas pedal now you hear the engine rpm pick up gets low or get back on the left-hand side of the steering
wheel you have a PTO switch this turns on the snow blower push in and twist to
the right that’ll turn the snow blower on turn it off push in and twist back to
the left on the left side of your PTO switch we have your electronic control
for the snow blower button up on the top raises the blower the middle button
lowers it and you can put pressure down on the blower with this button to put
the blower in the float push on the lower button and up on the front at the
same time and this will light up a little LED and that’ll put the blower
into float and take the pressure off the blower the two buttons on the left hand
side control your chute rotation and the two buttons on the right hand side will
control the hydraulic flap now we’re going to start the RTV up looking at our control push down on
the top button will raise your snowblower pushing on the middle button
it will lower it and if you push on it to put pressure down on the blower
and raise the RTV up grab if you’d like to put blower into float push down on
this button and hold the front button the LED light will light up now the
blower is in float there’s no pressure on your snowblower if you’d like to take
it out of float push on the middle button that turns the light off and the
blower is back out of float using the buttons on the left hand side and push
on the top button that’ll rotate it to the right
push on the lower left-hand button and I’ll rotate it to the left pushing the
button on the top right will lower the chute pushing the button on the lower
right will raise your chute deflector so now I’m going to show you how to
disconnect the snowblower and first what you want to do is remove your hydraulic
lines pull back on the hydraulic fitting and pull right off the coupler they are
color-coded so you know which way to put them back on and they have end caps to
slide right on the end of the coupler seeing keep your oil mess to a minimum
okay so we have our hydraulic lines disconnected we have our caps over
hydraulic fittings and we’re gonna reach down here at the pull pin pull that out
lock that into place it’s gonna go on the other side we’re gonna do the same
thing with the other pin that’s locked into place and now we’re going to push
down on our handle and that’s going to release the COG for our PTO so now we’re
going to reach inside the cab we’re going to start the unit up pressed down on the blower take a look outside want the frame to drop down out of here
pins already released everything looks pretty good we’re gonna go ahead and
lower a little bit more press our control you can see the units almost totally
disconnected it’s been lift up on the blower just a little bit just connect
really easy see if we can’t back away from it so I backed away from the snowblower I
did at the wiggle a little bit with the drift cutters didn’t take much to
disconnect it now we got a good look at the blower disconnected got the drive
cog inside the K connect to the drive cog and what the links look like that it
all connects to it’s pretty simple now I’m going to go ahead and lift up the K
connect so we can see how much ground clearance we’re going to have when we’re
not using the blower so I started the RTV back up lifted the hitch all the way
up and we have about six inches of ground clearance
underneath the hitch and about five five and a half inches of ground clearance
underneath your frame and I believe it’s going to be about the same underneath
the back also now with all the weight off it now we’re ready to connect the
blower and Kubota gives you a mirror that you can hang off the front of the
unit and pin it and angle it whatever way you want so that way you can see
down if there’s marks to line it up because while you’re in the cab of the
machine you’re not gonna be able to see the front of that frame system so let’s
go ahead and try that out we got our mirror up in the front I have an angled
that way we can get a reflection off what we’re trying to do I’m not gonna
lie this isn’t easy this looks like it’s gonna be a little tricky but at least we
have something to see where we’re gonna be at now we’ll give it a try and see if
we can connect it go ahead and lower it over them we are
looking at the reflection in that mirror doesn’t give you a whole lot of you but
at least it gives you something still check that out see how we made out while we were inside the cabin we were
looking at this mirror right here and that was given us an indication how
close we were and really we’re not too far off I think we can grab a hold of
blower now by hand and jockey it right into place and move the machine forward
to a ready to lock it in I’ve moved the blower a little closer by hand I didn’t
have another person to help me out I should have had a block and if I would
have put a little block right underneath here probably been able to drive the RTV
right into the connect I am connected up right now go ahead and raise it up okay
we got it raised up so we’re going to go ahead and release the pin just by
pulling that back like that slide the pin right in on this side here same thing release the
pin and went right in and then we’ll go ahead and watch the COG move by lifting
up on the handle you’re engaging the pto looks like we’re all set there so the
last thing we had to do is hook up our hydraulic hoses simple as snapping them
into place and then copy in the Machine and just testing everything out making
sure we have everything hooked up right the pins are in place hooking up the
drive shaft or the PTO shaft in this unit is just as simple as throwing that
lever so I got to tell you this is a really easy unit to hook up now we’re
going to go ahead and start up the RTV turn the PTO switch on push in turn to
the right the blower will be a little bit noisy so
you turn off the throttle push down on the button raise your throttle up now
your snowblower is on when you get off the seat of the RTV
and we’ll set up a snowblower turn it off push down on the button
lower your RPM and turn off the PTO switch so that’s my review of the V5296 front mount snow blower from Kubota want to thank you for watching my videos
please subscribe if you have any comments please leave them in the
comment section below sorry I didn’t get a chance to run this
blower in any snow it’s just now getting colder in the North East maybe we’ll be
able to do a follow-up video down the road on this blower I’m mark with the
TractorTread YouTube channel we’ll see you on the next one

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