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23 Replies to “Kurt Metzger – White Precious – Jaywalking Ticket”

  1. You laugh because you think you thats all you can do, You cant fight city hall.


    Vote libertarian in the next election. Libertarians hate govt and hate cops. Just like you.

  2. West coast… so weird about crossing the street.  They'll stand at an empty intersection waiting for the little sign that says they can cross.

  3. A certain portion of oinkers put their hooves down and disliked this video. So I guess someone thoroughly enjoys Hitler's work.

  4. My grandfather went to Germany to help Jewish people, freeing them from camps. And in return these Jews call Americans Nazis. Another thing to point out is Jewish Americans are for open borders. All 3rd world immigrants welcome in their opinion. But in Israel they don't let ANY immigrants in especially 3rd world immigrants.

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